Building a Nation ...

"Just because you don't take an interest in politics, doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."--Pericles, 430BC

Are you happy with your country and feel we, as a people, are on an upward trajectory which will make our species proud? Are you content with our political leaders, satisfied with our souring relations with other countries, content to see our status as the number one nation in the world slowly deteriorating into mediocrity? Are you okay with the deceptive media, and the protests, and the riots, and the violence? Do you support the attacks on police, the disrespect toward our veterans, the reverse-racism, the suppression of conservative free speech, the continual lowering of American standards, the overburdened welfare system, the endless entitlements coming out of taxpayer pockets? Do you feel your children are safe in school, getting an above-average education, able to rise above the political ideology being pressed on them day after day by liberal educators? Do you feel safe in your home, safe on the streets, safe when you visit the local grocery store? Do you feel your world is just as it ought to be?

No, me neither ... I too have a dream ...

I am an American citizen with, admittedly, an unusual dream; to initiate the next evolution of mankind. As silly as it may sound at this moment, in one sentence, I propose we, conservative Americans, create not just a new nation on planet Earth, but a new people.

Global Map

The Altera Project, now three years in the design-phase, is a plan to demonstrate how this enormous objective can be accomplished in our modern world by individuals, even without the help, if necessary, of any current world government. This project is about good people banding together not to fix our current America, but to initiate the evolution of our current nation into something better; a higher standard, a greater set of personal morals and ethics, stronger values, and the return of honorable and noble behavior. It's about building a new nation exclusively upon people of like mind, and character, and culture, and spirit.

Is it even possible for a new nation to rise up from nothing in today's world? If you're willing to take a few moments out of your busy life to check out how we can accomplish such a crazy endeavor, you can make that decision.

The Immediate Challenge

The absolute single largest obstacle we face in making this dream a reality is in the perception each of us has of our own limitations. People don't just go out and create their own countries, right? We've all seen 'micronations' in the news, where individuals have declared sovereignty as a new country in the middle of Utah, or on an oil platform in the ocean, or by laying claim to Antarctica. The media loves to mock these people and poke fun at their attempts to separate themselves from the unraveling world.

This project is not designed to create another 'micronation'. The plan is to gather the most capable, the most knowledgeable, the most hardworking, the most connected conservatives in the world and bring them together to leverage their individual strengths in creating the next real nation on Earth. It will not be the largest, it will not be the richest, it will not be the most powerful, but it will one day be the safest, the most secure, the most desirable location in the entire world. We, as a group, need only lend our collective skills and talents to once again prove to the world ...

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."--Napoleon Hill

I ask only that you give the idea some thought and examine the information presented here before assuming the possible is impossible. Give yourself a chance to believe, then help me prove to the world there are still people of the human race who will never accept anything resembling mediocrity. It may just be the most important decision you ever make for the future benefit of you and the ones you love.


Where we stand today ...

The design stage, the blueprint for this project, took more than three years to prepare, and was completed in April 2017 with the opening of this website, which gives a summarized version of the overall plan. This began the viability stage of our project, which will determine whether or not our movement has enough mass appeal to people like you to warrant going forward before spending even one dollar of supporter money.

The level of Subscribers to our 'Building a Nation' Newsletter, which will be $29 per year, is the means by which we will establish project viability. Perhaps you don't have time to read about the actual plan now, but would like to support our movement in establishing initial viability. Be sure to subscribe below before running off.

*** After clicking, the Subscribe box may take a moment to appear, please be patient. If you wish to pay with a credit card or bank draft look for the silver button/bar below the Paypal log-in button/bar.

I have set a baseline of viability I refer to as 'critical mass', a point once reached in actual Subscribers where I believe we have seen enough early support to demonstrate the appeal of the project. What is the number at which we reach critical mass for the project? As I've said elsewhere, I can make a case for a few thousand people, but I'd like to see a minimum of 10k Subscribers to be comfortable in knowing once we begin to roll we just can't fail. Don't wait until later to show your support through a Newsletter subscription. We need to be aware of your interest right now, as it might determine whether or not we have any future at all. Then hang on for the ride.

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