Making Cash Donations

There are currently two ways to financially support the Altera Project, through a subscription to the Newsletter, and through direct cash donations. Though the Newsletter itself is the primary means by which we can tell how many supporters we currently have, the level of cash donations to our project will more accurately demonstrate actual commitment to the project by those subscribers (or even non-subscribers who would like to see us proceed forward).

*** After clicking, the donation screen may take a moment to appear, please be patient.

It may seem counter-intuitive to make a cash donation to a project which has not yet become a formal movement, but the importance of these early contributions to our success can not be overstated. In order for this movement to go forward it will be critical to know we have the required financial support to get it fully off the ground. This can not be done with Newsletter subscriptions alone. If we do indeed go forward we'll want to hit the ground running, and there is much to do. Having to stop and spend the next stage of the process raising money will cause unnecessary delays which can be eliminated right now.

All cash donations made on this website will be kept in an untouched account until the project officially goes forward (which is legally required of me until we file an official 'non-profit' entity), at which time these donations will become the basis for our nation's official coffers. If it needs to be said, if the project fails to go forward for any reason all cash donations will be refunded in full to the people who made them. For the suspicious among you, who may think this is some type of scam, I would first urge you to examine this website in detail, or read the book download. It will quickly become evident this project is not a hoax, but the real deal. Also be advised I've run a legitimate software business from for eight years now. If that's still not enough to ease your mind, then also be advised your contribution is protected by both our financial service (Paypal), and your bank or credit card company, depending on how you made the contribution. While I certainly understand a little caution on your behalf, your early contributions do not have to be large in order to accomplish the intention, which is to demonstrate our supporters understand that in the end this will be all about money (and trust). Contribute no more than what you're comfortable with, but if possible contribute something, so I know you'll be out there when we really need you later.

Now click that donate button and let's get this thing rolling!