The entire plan as a .PDF download

I had initially intended to write the entire design only in book form and present it as a free download, but have come to realize the need for laying it out in detail on this website. For those of you who would rather read the plan on your phone or Kindle, print it out in hardcopy, or keep a copy on your computer for offline reading, I have posted the .pdf file below. This is not a commercial product and there are no costs attached. Click the book graphic below to start your download.

Book Cover Graphic

The downloaded file can be read on any computer or smartphone with a PDF Reader (such as Adobe Acrobat). If you computer does not have a PDF reader you can get Adobe Acrobat for free here: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Reading the .PDF file with an Amazon Kindle.

Note: You can read the .pdf file on Kindle Fire just like a regular computer if you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader sited above.

If you have any difficulty downloading the .pdf file please send me an email at Mail@AlteraProject.Org to let me know there's an issue. Thanks!

If you finish the book and are good to go, or at any point while reading experience an, "Oh, hell yeah," moment, then you are one of the people I'm seeking. Your next step is to sign up for The Altera Project Newsletter, the gauge by which we will determine early interest. I hope to see you get as excited by this project as I am.