Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you who happen upon our website will want some quick and easy answers to some very obvious questions, You will likely find them here. For the rest of you, those interested enough to hear what I have to say, or read the book, there are always questions left unanswered, particularly in such an enormous project. If after exploring the website (or reading the book) you have unanswered questions look here for the answers. If you're still left wondering about any facet of The Altera Project feel free to email with your specific questions. Your questions will not only be answered, but we'll add it to the FAQ for the benefit of future visitors.

Are you guys serious? Is this for real?

It is indeed the real deal. As I wrote the book and designed the plan I kept using phrases like “If this thing goes forward” and “If we get enough participation”, but after three years of dedicated work those ‘ifs’ are gone. I am going to do this, with one group of people or another. I have come too far, believe too much, and have too much faith my people are out there and in need of an option, that there is just no way I can not push forward. Failure, giving up, getting frustrated with the lack of belief in others, accepting the task is impossible, are just no longer part of my thought process. It will be done, and we will be successful. The only question now is whether or not you will be part of it.

Are you creating one of those ‘micronations’, where people buy passports, and hold citizenship, and vote, and get together for beers on the weekends?

No. With all due respect to the leaders of those entities, ‘Micronations’ are typically tongue-in-cheek affairs, typically started by people who are unhappy with their government, but don’t possess the drive, the support, the skill set, or the desire to go all the way alone. Their populations usually number in the dozens, and if they have any land at all, it’s an acre or two over which they claim sovereignty to the local government (ie. United States). Typically, micronations are ignored by actual local government as harmless fun.

The goal with Altera is to create a real, internationally accepted nation, eventually taking its place on the world stage. While we must begin the process with a few dozen people (before it’s possible to have thousands) the intention is to eventually recruit tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or even millions of new citizens as the world sees we are for real. The country of Monaco, a real nation by any standard, is made up of 32k citizens. I believe when the Alteran idea takes root, and we reach that level of members, it will become difficult for anyone in the world to continue calling us a ‘micronation’, whether we yet have our own land or not.

Do you claim to be a sovereign nation?

No. Even if we create enough excitement to build our serious supporters to hundreds of thousands, or even more, I don’t believe any legitimate claim of national sovereignty occurs until we have an actual piece of land to call our own. Not part of another country, not in Antarctica, not on the moon, but here, on this planet, and recognized by the international community as belonging to Alterans.

Does this new country of Altera have it’s own land?

No. Acquiring the land necessary will obviously be one of toughest aspects of this project, but I already have many ideas in hand on how we’re going to go about it, and when my own ideas are enhanced by the collective wisdom of our supporters I just see no reason why this is not possible in a world of such vast open land reserves. The fact is, even with serious interest, we won’t need that much land, perhaps two thousand square miles (about the size of Israel’s populated areas). Two thousand square miles is an area about forty five miles long by forty five miles wide. Many people drive further than that every day to go to work. If we can’t achieve that small task we don’t deserve to call ourselves a nation. And don’t worry, that task, obtaining our future land, will be on me, and me alone.

Do you have a location in mind for this new country of yours?

Unfortunately, you don’t just go out and purchase a piece of land large enough to build a true nation, even if you have the money. Consider the United States—if we were to purchase say, all of Los Angeles County. What are the odds the United States is going to allow us to annex that part of the U.S. to form a new nation? The answer is zero.

This part of our challenge is more a political issue than a real estate transaction. Do I have some particular locations around the world in mind as potential locales for our country? Of course. Remember, this project has been in the works for years now. I have had a lot of time to stare at a globe and plot our potential future. Since our land search will likely involve a lot of international politics it would not be appropriate to talk about specific locations here. That time will come, but there’s little point in making a big deal out of it until we actually have the potential to populate those lands.

How can you start a country, or be taken seriously, when you don’t even have a piece of land to claim?

You touched on the two most difficult aspects of this Project in one question:

1) Obtaining a piece of land to call our own

2) By human nature alone, we will not be taken seriously, even in concept, by the vast majority of the world, making it extremely difficult to get the Project off the ground.

Do you see the problem? Without a piece of land out there somewhere in the world most people cannot conceive of creating our own nation, but we can not obtain a true nation-size piece of land if we can not show the world thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of people willing and serious enough to get involved with even the idea of a new nation.

Here’s the thing—without the people necessary to create our nation there is little point, and little leverage, in attempting to acquire our future locale. Maybe more importantly, we must have some idea of the level of interest in our future nation if we are to reach for a potential locale which can satisfy our future needs. For example, if we have only 10k potential Alteran citizens, I’m confident we can obtain a sufficient plot of land, perhaps a few hundred square miles, but … what if we then, once people see we are for real, have a million people applying for citizenship?

We need a couple of things to happen before a location for our new nation even becomes an issue. First, we must find our people, and in great quantity. This is about spreading the word of our existence on social media and through word-of-mouth. Second, we must establish enough serious support for the project (physically and financially) to know once we commit we just can’t fail.

In the end, I believe it will be less difficult to obtain a physical locale, and to raise the tens of millions of dollars necessary for our initial construction, than it will be to convince prospective citizens we can actually do this. On the upside, though getting a foothold will be slow and tedious, once rolling, once we actually begin showing the world we will make this happen, I see thousands and thousands of people jumping onboard.

You know even if it's possible you can’t just do something like this without a lot of money, right?

Right. There is no question the next most serious task after finding the right people will be in raising the money necessary to go forward. That’s the bad news. The good news is, I believe once we find the right people, money will become a secondary issue. Money can be found anywhere, even those liberals who will sneer at us from the sidelines, as they are typically too greedy to pass up on lucrative financial opportunities. We will fill our coffers with donations, by borrowing on what will soon become golden credit, by giving business investors excellent terms, by building financial assets here in the United States before we even have a land to call our own, et cetera. In building an entirely new nation we will have all kinds of leverage you can’t even imagine. Examine this website in detail, or read the book, to get the idea.

If building a new country from scratch were that easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

The success of this project will be about commitment by a group of very special people, whether that group is a few thousand, or hundreds of thousands. I expect a little early apprehension, jokes about the concept, naysayers, mocking, yotti yotti. Feel free to get it out of your system.

Once we get past that point, once we bring together the people with a serious interest in making this dream a reality, it will take serious commitment, and I believe we will see that. Not in upending our lives, but in dedicating to the success of the project, and I believe we will in time see that at serious levels. Once people accept that I am real, once people accept this is indeed possible, once people realize they are just the right people to help me make this happen—watch out. Once we’re over those silly (and frustrating) hurdles of self-doubt—I believe good people all across the world will jump on board in droves and we cannot possibly fail.

Is this about creating some type of separatist movement?

Technically, yes, but it's not about race or skin color. The intention is to physically, and permanently, separate ourselves from the cancer; the violent human animals, the sexual predators, the habitual criminals, the religious fanatics, the racists of all skin colors, and maybe most importantly the liberal cancer who supports them all. To become Alteran is not about how you look, it's about what is in your heart. Race is irrelevant. Religion is irrelevant. Sexuality is irrelevant. This is about creating a new ‘culture’ of honor, and ethics, and high standards, and freedom, and character, and morality, and lawfulness, and the re-establishment of personal responsibility. It’s about creating a culture of good over evil, right over wrong, and giving priority to peaceful people over society’s predators. If you fit into the description you may be one of us. If you take issue with any point above, you are certainly not one of us. You need read no further.

The Altera Project Book Cover/LinkPlace link to 'Not for you' here

Understand, Altera will have one distinct capability of which most nations are unwilling to take advantage (due to politics, etc.), and that tool is banishment. If the cancer creeps into our new nation, whether in the form of socialism, violence, racism, religious fanaticism, etc., we will simply identify and remove it from our midst. Any citizen who exhibits such behavior will simply no longer be allowed to live in our village. Bang, just like that. This is why I don’t fear corruption of our new world by individuals of any particular race, or any particular religion, or any particular group. If someone threatens our security, our citizens, our way of life, in any manner, they will simply no longer be allowed to live among us, regardless of their appearance or philosophy. Why this isn’t already the case in the U.S. and the rest of the world is beyond me. Why would any logical human being champion violent predators or obvious racists over peaceful, productive citizens?

It seems you’re talking about creating a country exclusively for conservatives. Is this true?

Liberals have created their own idea of the perfect world in the United States. You’ve been seeing the repercussions of that perfect liberal world all around you for the last eight years. It began with protests and full-blown riots in the streets in defense of violent and criminally guilty people, vilifying police, supported by both our former president (Obama) and the entire media, and has recently, since Trump's election, transitioned into a new phase with relentless media attacks on the new democratically elected President of the United States, and maybe worse, physical attacks on anyone who disagree with these people all across our universities and nations. I not only disagree with their mentality, their philosophy, their politics, and their broken vision of right and wrong, I believe they are damaging what once was a great country to such an extent it can no longer be reversed. Not by Trump, not by anyone. Why would we invite in the same people destroying America to destroy our new world?

I have had many liberal-minded friends through my life who were good people and never did any harm to our country. It's not about being strictly conservative, or Republican, or a Patriot, or Pro-America. It's about being strictly good and kind and gentle. If that's you, and you don't consider yourself any type of liberal or racial activist, then we will likely have no issue, just as I have no issue with a person choosing any type of religion as long as that religion does not adversely affect the people around them, The bottom line is simple, I’m intent on creating a nation of high quality human beings who don't accept perpetual excuses, or mediocrity, or rationalization, or entitlement as a way of life. But more importantly, people who live by notions of right and wrong, people who see the world and its human inhabitants for what they truly are, people who live in reality, people who understand the weaknesses of mankind and don’t make excuses for them, but strive to improve them. People who don’t agree that it’s okay to assault another human being because you felt ‘disrespected’, or burn businesses, riot, and assault innocent bystanders due to the perceived actions of police. People who understand and respect law enforcement, People who understand and respect our military troops. People who believe every citizen should be treated equally, and under the same set of laws and standards. People who don’t put up with racism, regardless of what color one’s skin might be. I could go on and on, but what’s the point? Liberals fail in nearly every one of those categories above.

Perhaps the worse example you're seeing in the country today are the high volume of group assaults of pro-trump people all across the nation just because they're wearing clothing with Trump's name or slogans on them. These animals, always in large groups, learned a terrible lesson under Obama's presidency. They learned they can go out and literally destroy the property and lives of innocent people with whom they don't agree without any repercussions, and even worse, have the complete support (or intentional cover up) of the media to these actions. Perhaps worse than these animals themselves are the people who support them, or cover up their actions, or rally to keep them from going to jail for their violence. Why would you willingly invite caustic or destructive people to be part of something new and beautiful if you had any other choice? Would you invite your worst neighbors today to move in next door the next time you purchase a new home? Of course not. Neither will we. If you find fault in that, or you are somehow 'offended' by the answer to this question, that I could even suggest such a thing as barring damaging people from our new village, then this project is definitely not for you, no matter what your personal philosophy.

You have to admit the entire concept sounds a little crazy, yes?

It’s funny, for more than three years now, I have been sitting in a makeshift home office hashing out every detail which I can conceive on my own. In the first year I would use phrases that typically began with the word 'If' ... “If we can make this happen …”, and “If the Project goes forward …”. In year two, as it became more clear we can do this if we set out hearts to it. I stopped using those phrases in front of every idea or concept or project I put to paper. In the third year there was no longer any question, to such an extent I began devising new concepts for not just how to initially establish our new nation, but devising more advanced topics like designing our first university, creating our own research and development community, building innovative tourist attractions, and how to arrange for our citizens to financially benefit from nearly every thing we do. I have completely redesigned the way our world will function and I’m so far into it, and so confident the overall picture will be successful, I can actually see our city as if viewing it through the eyes of a seer.

I am so far past the doubting stage I sometimes feel like a crazy scientist sitting in my dark room surrounded by globes, and maps, and stacks of notebooks, and charts, and calculations, who has made some new discovery, but can’t convince anyone else it’s real. In the end, my first real world lesson was this—I must start all over again in taking our future people through the discovery process in order for them to see this whole thing is not only possible, but will in the end be no less than awesome, for everyone involved. Give me 10k dedicated believers and in a few short years I’ll show you not only the newest nation in the world, but the safest and coolest nation on the planet.

Do I need to join you if I just want to help out?

No, I’d be happy to put you to work. There are so many things to do from start to finish it would be crazy to turn down any offer of assistance. If you can help any way contact me at Mail@AlteraProject.Org, or DM me on Twitter @AlteraProject.

If you get the people and the support. how long do you believe it will take to make the dream a reality?

If enough people join me to reach what I have set as ‘critical mass’ (10k supporters) then we will officially kick off. From that point in time I believe we can be standing on our own soil within 3-5 years time. That means no one, even our serious members, will have to make any serious decisions in their lives for a long while. This should give our people, while providing early support, a chance to truly embrace the idea, ponder a potential move, and observe our progress, before ever having to commit to something so inconvenient as actually moving to another location. I want to stress that support of our movement is not commitment. Just because you help us get the idea off the ground you are not committing to doing anything crazy, like uprooting your entire life. If in the end, after you see what we’re creating, and where we’re creating it, you no longer feel the need to change your life, then you don’t have to change your life. No commitments.

Why so long? Three years seems like a long time, but it’s really a blink of an eye. Every older person out there knows what I mean. I’m suggesting we can step onto the soil of a brand new nation on Earth in less time that it would take you to complete a full college education. Unfortunately, everything we must do will take time. The early organization, fundraising, advanced preparations, etc., themselves will take a good year just to really get rolling. We can’t really nail down how long it will take us to locate, negotiate, and finalize an agreement for a piece of land. Logistics for construction in another part of the world will be difficult enough, imagine also trying to plan for transport of what I hope will be tens of thousands of new citizens. And all this is without even considering the construction of our first city itself. The road will be long, it will be difficult, but it will be extremely rewarding.

I see all the problems in the United States, and I hate it, but I also like living in the U.S.. Can’t we just fix this country?

No. I don’t have space here to explain why the U.S. can no longer be fixed, as we’ve passed the point of no return. I knew that was the case when I asked myself a simple question, "What would you do if you were President?" There was no answer which could patch the problems, greatly improve our nation, or heal the rifts we're seeing today. Our path has only one destination, and with or without our new president, I don't believe we're capable of avoiding our inevitable fate.

I get that you enjoy living in the United States. I like it as well. For me, it’s a matter of principle. Though Trump's election has created a sense of euphoria among conservatives I believe this will be a temporary effect. The cuts are already too deep, the damage too severe. With a very powerful media firmly against him Trump will only be able to do so much, and then he'll be gone, while the true cancer remains. Maybe worse, this country, and half of our citizens unbelievably biased and hypocritical view of the world, no longer represents who I am as a citizen. For you, it may be something as simple as guaranteeing the safety of your family. Here’s a question for you: When it finally gets so bad that you decide you must do something for the fate of your family, where will you go? Every large city in the U.S. is now so dangerous you must keep your head on a swivel just visiting the grocery store. If you drive a nice car you must watch everyone around you when you stop at a red light. If you have a nice home you must make sure it is secured against not just burglary, but home invasion, in every way imaginable. Every small town in the country is now being quietly implanted with released felons, relocated welfare recipients, and newly arrived immigrants, who bring with them lower standards, higher crime levels, different culture, different religions. In nearly every corner of the country you can no longer just pick up and move to a ‘better’ location. So what then are your options? Another country? What nation in the world these days can guarantee your safety to a reasonable level? What nation around the world, similar in culture to your own, is not being invaded by immigrants, or overrun by ISIS, or being destroyed from the inside by socialist and liberal leaders? Stop a moment and consider that question.

May I make a suggestion? Though you currently have no need to make a move to another country, like Altera, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to support the idea of a country like Altera? Perhaps helping it come into existence, if nothing else, for the sole reason to give you and your family a real option should you one day find you no longer really ‘like' the United States. What little would it take for you to support us now, and through doing so, perhaps guarantee your own future?

Where do you have on mind for this new nation?

In the three years since I began this project I have identified nearly two dozen potential locations around the world, each of them providing a different set of challenges, both politically and environmentally, but all of them exciting in potential. For various reasons I can’t discuss the details, or the specific locations in public. That will be a job for our search teams and our diplomats when the time comes.

Okay, so I buy in to the concept. Now what’s the plan to make this happen?

Ideally, you should:

* Sign up for the Newsletter.

* Read the book, or peruse the entire website, so you have a clear understanding of the base concepts of the plan.

* Make a cash donation to our coffers, whatever is comfortable. Make further donations as time goes by, particularly as you see us make significant progress.

* If you would like to donate your time, or work, or expertise, or experience in any way possible email us with how you can help. You can't imagine all the help we will need right from the beginning. I had to stop and learn web programming and design just to bring you the words you're reading right now. From Internet research from the comfort of your own home, to physically offering your services in actual labor, we need everyone. Every moment of help contributed by our supporters, in every area imaginable, allows our actual nation-builders to focus that much more time on the big things.

* Get involved! Once we go critical, and as our official membership grows we will organize our people using websites, conferencing software, discussion forums, a newsletter, social media conversations, and software we will custom write for just this purpose. Make yourself heard, I want every one of our members to have some say in how and where we go.

* Spread the word. Spread the word. Spread the word.

-'Like' our Facebook page. Ask your family and friends what they think, promote conversations, ask for opinions, point them to our website,, post a direct link to the book download.

-Follow us on Twitter, and retweet anything we put out there to your followers. More importantly, initiate conversations with your people, find out what they think, what they suggest, any advice they might give to help us, then forward that information directly to our email boxes. We'll read it all.

-Email your friends and family with nothing more than our website address. If you're embarrassed, just ask them with they think. If they check us out and go their own way, at least you tried. If they join our movement, then show them this list of what to do next with their own friends and family..

-As we progress, post photos on all of social media tagging Altera. We'll give you some ideas in the newsletter.,

-Talk to people you meet, "Hey. have you heard about this Altera thing? America 2.0. Check it out at

-Post a link on your website or social media page, directly to both our main website page, and the downloadable book.

-Print below your email signature so it goes out with every email you send. Let their curiosity do the work for you. Print the same thing at the bottom of every email you send out showing cute animals, or crazy stunts, or adorable pet pictures. Get your entire group at once. I'll even do the work for you--just highlight and 'copy' the line below into your emails. If your people click it, they shoudl automatically be taken to our website. Giving it a try now!

-If you are a member of any discussion groups or forums be sure to spread the word of our Project whenever possible, giving out our web address, our Twitter handle (@AlteraProject), et cetera, in any manner you can without being a pest. Like the email suggestion above, one idea is to put 'www.AlteraPproject.Org' in your message signature. That alone will incite the curious to check us out.

-On and on ... if you have ideas to add to this list, by all means send me an email!

You know you can’t just go out and create a new nation, right?

And that's why we will be special.