Our 'Building a Nation' Newsletter

The first step in our 'Building a Nation' campaign is in creating a dedicated newsletter. For this project to effectively go forward we will first need to determine the viability of the project. Are enough people interested in pushing the idea forward to establish an actual movement? I refer to this minimal level of interest as 'critical mass'. Once we have reached critical mass the project will take root as an official entity. Our 'Building a Nation' Newsletter is the means by which we will establish project viability, and whether or not participation in the idea is great enough to warrant going forward.

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The newsletter is $29 per year and will begin the moment we reach critical mass. The price point for the newsletter was intentional. Enough to display interest, but not enough to financially injure even the poorest among us. Also understand, our newsletter will not be the typical 'Sunday Social' of fluff and flowery articles. Ours will be both intensely informative on where we stand and where we're headed, and be fully interactive, allowing subscribers to give direct input, vote, et cetera, on subjects of the day. People who obtain a newsletter subscription will be classed as 'Subscribers', our earliest formal supporters.

Subscribers will have access to our coming private website, our private member forums, our confidential social media areas, et cetera, where we will be hashing out issues, putting out calls for help, posting articles by our people, giving updates on our progress, sharing important information with our supporters, recruiting volunteer workers, and most importantly, organizing our efforts and posting 'think tank' issues, problems, questions, input requests, scenarios, etc., to get our supporter's collective input on the vast number of issues which must be discussed, debated, and solved. The list goes on and on.

What is the number at which we reach critical mass? I can make a case for a few thousand people, but I'd like to see a minimum of 10k subscribers to be comfortable in knowing once we begin to roll we just can't fail. It may sound like a lot, but in order for a project of this magnitude to succeed we will need a large number of dedicated people. Signing up for a newsletter is not actual commitment to the project. Of perhaps 10k subscribers, through each one is contributing to our financial future, we can't be sure of the true level of dedication until we're firmly off the ground. The last thing I wish to do is waste even one dollar of other people's money unless we're going to take this thing all the way.

On that note, in case it needs to be said, every dollar paid for Newsletter signups, as well as every dollar donated to our coffers, will be returned in full should The Altera Project fail to reach critical mass.

The only question that remains is how long a test period should be implemented before the final decision is made. I initially thought perhaps (3) months would be a reasonable length of time to get a fair gauge, but since it's taking me time to get this engine running (working alone) I've come to consider what I believe is a better metric; the number of visitors passing through our website. Once that number reaches a certain level we will know if support is strong enough to go forward by the number of Subscribers derived from those visitors. I don't want to commit to any specific time period until I have a chance to gauge the early response to the website being posted. If we start slow, but begin picking up momentum near the end of that period, I would be remiss to shut it down. It's one of those things to which we will adapt to as more information is acquired.

Don't wait until later to show your interest through a newsletter subscription. We need to be aware of your interest right now, as it might determine whether or not we have any future at all.

*** After clicking, the Subscribe box may take a moment to appear, please be patient. If you wish to pay with a credit card or bank draft look for the silver button/bar below the Paypal log-in button/bar.