Once this project formed in my mind I went to the real world to seek examples of successful nation-building from history. There I discovered Lee Kuan Yew, the architect behind Singapore's meteoric rise from third world nation to one of the most advanced in the world. The greatest concept I learned from Mr. Yew was the importance of people owning their own homes. Ironically, Mr. Yew considered himself a socialist, and though I didn't agree with all of his views and philosophies, I cannot recall feeling a deeper sense of respect for a single man as when I read his auto-biography From Third World To First (Harper-Collins). Lee Kuan Yew, and the many capable people with whom he surrounded himself at that time, inspired me to believe I, with the same type of capable men and women surrounding me, could accomplish my own dream in creating the next great nation on Earth. I read Mr. Yew's book in 2014, he died in March of 2015, and I can think of no other person more qualified to receive the dedication of this project in 2017. I want the world to know, a little bit of Lew Kuan Yew will always exist in the future nation of Altera.


I'd also like to acknowledge my wife, who had no idea why I suddenly appeared to become distracted from all things domestic for the last three years. Despite living most of that time "in a shed" (the incomplete remodel of our home) she remained without ill will, and without prodding contempt, as I tapped away at my computer day after day, pondered silently for hours on end, and spent more time in quiet solitude than any husband should do if he desired to kept his marriage on fertile ground. She did so knowing I was working on 'something', but without ever questioning my actions, my intentions, my motivations, and most importantly, without creating a stressful and undue impediment to my aspirations.