"Considering the extent of human degradation, I am convinced that it is necessary to effect a total regeneration and, if I may so express myself, of creating a new people.--L.E. Pellettier

A fire has been ignited in my soul ...

I believe many of the major problems in the world today can be broken down to flawed liberal logic and ideology, irrational guilt and envy, and violent peoples acting on primitive instinct. Every day across this country liberal extremists attempt to suppress conservative free speech, use the education system to brainwash our children, provoke racial conflict, fight to protect violent criminals, demonize police and our military veterans, instigate public violence and destruction over irrational issues, on and on ...

I realized a long time ago I did not think like these people, I did not have the same philosophical beliefs as these people, I did not have the same standards or outlook on life as these people, or the same principles (if they can be said to have any principles at all), but I had assumed they were nothing more than an illogical and harmless minority at the fringe of modern politics. I was mistaken. Now more than five decades into life I can clearly see the danger they pose, not just to me, but to our country and its citizens. What is likely to come as the biggest surprise to most readers will be my reaction. Despite the election of a conservative President I don't believe it's possible to take our country back without maximum violence and reprisal against the people who have brought us to the edge, but even with what little wisdom I have attained in my short life my heart tells me this is not the proper path, since that path would negatively affect the good people of this nation as severely as it would affect the guilty. The simple fact is I abhor violence, and I believe I have created a peaceful, more effective, and non-violent alternative.

I'd like to begin by getting the most obvious conversation with most readers out of the way. I am 'Dreamer', you are the 'Reader'.

Dreamer: "Okay, I've never been more angry and I can't take it anymore. The deluded now outnumber the intelligent people and they are doing irreparable damage to our country. It's time for drastic change."

Reader: "Change, huh? Like what?"

Dreamer: "Like starting our own freakin' country."

Reader (smirking): "You want to start your own country?"

Dreamer: "Yes, all we need are a bunch of other people who think just like you and I do."

Reader: "Fanatic lunatic dreamers?"

Dreamer: "Yes, actually. We'll need a large base of like-minded people willing to upend their lives, and a small percentage of those people capable of rising to the greatest challenge of their lives."

Reader: "To build a new country? From scratch? And where would this 'new country' be located? In Texas?"

Dreamer: "It doesn't matter where. It's not about where to build our new nation. It's about how, and whether or not there are enough people like you, who just get it. It's not about hating the United States, or wishing to live somewhere more hospitable or prettier or cheaper. It's about principle. It's about escaping the poison continuing to destroy our nation, and the world. It's about grouping myself with good and lawful people of strong moral character who take responsibility for their own actions, for their own existence, for their own safety and welfare, for their own survival. It's about kind hearts, and gentle behavior, and honorable intentions, and being worthy human beings. It's about building a country not from scratch, but from people of substance."

Reader: "People of substance? Good luck with that. Oh, and with all due respect, you can't just go out and build your own country. It's impossible!"

Dreamer: "And that's precisely why we will be special."

There, you got it out of the way. You had your say, your initial response, and I'm sure you would agree in a personal conversation with me most readers will have said something similar. The initial apprehension of most readers will focus on a few prime areas. This is sure to be my favorite:

"You can't just build your own country."

I've always had a problem with people, my wife included, telling me what I can't do, what others can't do, what the world can't do. Was one of your first thoughts that people can't just go out and build their own country from scratch? It's a natural response. You are stuck in a personal paradigm, likely struggling with your own perceived limitations. It's my job to get you out of that paradigm. Admittedly, this is a crazy dream. 'Crazy', in that most people don't just wake up one day and say, "Let's start our own country." But think a moment on some crazy statements from the past:

"If you rub these two sticks together fast enough they will catch fire."

"I'm going to sail off on the ocean in that direction, and not only won't I fall off the edge, but when you see me next I'll be approaching you from this way, behind you."

"Put your ear to this device and you'll be able hear your mother talking from the other side of the world."

"When you shine this flashlight into the night sky the speed of that beam of light will be traveling 186,000 miles per second."

"See the moon up there? We've built a rocket that will actually let a couple guys drive a car across it's surface."

"See that dark spot at the center of that galaxy? That's a solid mass of material so dense even light can't escape it's gravity."

"I'm telling you, man, there are particles even smaller than grains of sand!"

"See this little remote control car? We're going to drive it around on the surface of Mars."

Seemingly crazy statements do not indicate a task is impossible to accomplish. I felt it important to free your mind of your initial thoughts so I can demonstrate to you just how possible this 'crazy dream' might really be. Here's my first question for you ... If mankind already had the technology to plan a trip to space for the first human colonization project on another world, and I could prove to you it was safe, and easy, and possible, would you consider packing your bags and leaving our unraveling world to become part of a new civilization?

Whatever your answer, hold that thought ......

I Too Have a Dream