Conclusions ...

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do."–Mark Twain

The vision is not too complicated right? Like everyone else, I am an imperfect being. I don't have all the answers. I don't know everything there is to know. I don't have the perfect plan. All I have is an idea for a world I personally believe will be immensely better than the world we live in today. If it's not good enough for you, or not appealing to you, then you may go your own way. If your mind says you've come to the right place, if I've found another of my future people, then all the better. For the liberals and naysayer defeatists who will imply I'm somehow arrogant because I "want to fix everything", I say, yes, it's true, I do want to fix everything. Everything. And my question for you is, "Why wouldn't you?" If you're on the wire, straddling the fence, then perhaps you need to ask yourself a few final questions ...

Do you feel like a scapegoat for the actions of other people? Are you offended to be assumed a racist despite there not being a racist bone in your body? Are you passively watching from the sidelines as your own culture is being destroyed to the benefit of all other cultures? Do you sit home and grumble each day as you read or watch the news? Are you tired of the damaging effects of political correctness, the progressive education system rearing your children, the absolute unbridled levels of unvetted foreigners flooding into your country, and the reverse racism. the street violence on behalf of predators? Isn't there a very obvious problem which must be soon addressed when our young people's heroes and icons are no more than bejeweled thugs and societal vermin? Are you fed up watching the United States (or your own country) waddle in its own self-defeating ways? Do you feel under-appreciated as an American? Have you ever felt destined for something much greater? Have you ever said to yourself, "It could be so much better"?

Well, I couldn't agree more, and what exactly have you or I done to make that happen? Until now, nothing. Guess what? You now have an option to both give your input as to what would make for a better world, and to be a part of building that better world. If you pass on this opportunity you will have no one else to blame except yourself. Don't live in regret. There's already enough of that in most of our lives. Come join us and do your part in both making a better world for yourself and in moving our species forward.

Is the dream a little too 'out there' for you

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who usually do."--Unknown

It doesn't bother me the majority of people exposed to this project will think I'm crazy, or delusional, or living in some kind of fantasy. It doesn't bother me the majority Earth's inhabitants will assume I will fail. It doesn't bother me I will be attacked and vilified and labeled by my liberal detractors. It's those people I'm looking to escape anyway. The people who follow me down this path will be those who think just like me, including their self-confidence and resolve. That's the whole idea. It will bother me if those people, my people, can not suspend their disbelief just long enough to give us a chance.

In the end, if I'm sitting all alone on some open patch of dirt in another part of the world, you may all feel free to laugh about it and mock me on social media. On the other hand, if I'm not sitting there alone, recall today, this moment, as you read this book/website, and the opportunity you missed due to your closed mind, self-doubt, and lack of action in forcing positive change in your own world.

Are you already happy, and comfortable, and fulfilled in life ...

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." --John D. Rockefeller

There will be those of you who already have a good life in a good neighborhood, where you are rarely affected by crime or the turbulence of real life. You may disdain what you see in the news each day, but currently live a happy, comfortable life, already comfortably retired or with a good job and would hesitate to walk away from it all. I can only say, I don't really blame you. The human lifespan is short, and making moves like this take time and money and effort and desire. My wife and I currently have this benefit. So why would I throw this quiet solitude away to embark on such a crazy mission? Two reasons. Both the American government and the global media still affect me, and lately, they are affecting me in all the wrong ways. This project is about more than people who wish to force a change in their lives, it is about creating and building something new, something better, something which transcends day-to-day life, and it will likely appeal to those special people more on principle than on need. For me personally, it may be my calling in life, and if it is, I certainly don't want to miss it. I ask only that you consider a few things before dismissing us out of hand:

There will also be those readers who say, "Why would I trade a nearly perfect physical location in the United States, with all of its different types of weather, and terrain, and environment, for the unknowns of some small, squalid piece of land, even if those crazies can find one?" It's a fair question. For me personally, it doesn't' matter. As I've already said, I view it as akin to landing on a foreign planet. I'm fairly certain my first complaint upon landing on a new world would not be, "But it's not like where I lived in the United States." No, it won't be, but it will be ours to civilize as we please.

If you're not interested in change, or feel you're too old to make a move, no worries. Maybe the future, or our success, or your latest neighbors, will change your mind. If so, I'll look forward to meeting you somewhere down the line.

Support does not equal commitment

You should not feel that getting involved with the Altera Project now obligates you in any way to a long term commitment. This project will take years to bring the dream to fruition. You do not have to commit to uprooting your life and moving to a new country, or feel committed just because you sign up for a newsletter, or give your input in our forums, or on social media. Your involvement now does one important thing for us, in helping our movement get a foothold, and one important thing for you, by giving you perhaps the most important option you will ever have in your life. Become involved now, not because you're ready to move out of your current country, but because you want to express interest, or see us succeed, or help us out, or see if this is even possible, or have some input in things, or lend your advice and experience to our cause, or to help build a future option for you and your family; then make your decision later on whether or not we're worthy to have you as a citizen. Regarding your actual presence, when your time comes, if the end product is not all I have promised, then stay here in your current world. It really is that easy. Your assistance now helps us immensely, but signing up for a newsletter, or making a cash contribution, or lending a hand in helping us get things done, does not equal a permanent commitment by you or yours, and your final decision will always be your own.

A message to non-Americans of similar culture

I've watched the world deteriorate for as long as I can remember. In the three years since I began this project that deterioration has accelerated to such an extent the dangers posed to you and me have spread all over the planet. I initially meant to address my fellow Americans, to save ourselves from what America is quickly becoming, but when I see what's now happening today all across Europe and the world, I feel it necessary to reach out to people like me around the entire world. I believe these people, like many Americans now, are getting a first hand look at the same dangers we have all over America in their own respective countries and will seek a drastic answer before those changes affect their own lives. I'm no longer speaking only to my fellow Americans. I no longer consider this an American-only project. This is a global person-of-substance project. If you maintain a similar culture and personal philosophy to that which I have detailed throughout this book/website, and you would actually feel insulted to be called a progressive, liberal, communist, or socialist, then you have an open invitation as well.

You've read my words. You know my mind. I don't care if your skin color is different than mine. I don't care if your eyes appear different than mine. I don't care if you came from a different planet. If you're one of us, your invitation is open.

We don't yet know where our final locale will be located, but there's a chance it will be located near your current country, and your local assistance and knowledge will become even more valuable.

Note: Spreading the word on our project is key to finding our new brothers and sisters. The vast majority of our early readers will be Americans. If you live in another country you can assist us in spreading the word in your country, to people like you, using email, or blogging, or social media, or any other avenue. Be sure to viral out an email to everyone in your own country (or world) you believe would be interested in and beneficial to our new world. They are all welcome.

Establishing our village on high ground (metaphorically speaking)

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."-- Thomas Jefferson

To be clear, this project is not about getting a bunch of people together who enjoy a challenge, then deciding what is best for us in terms of rules and laws and philosophy, because that would leave us right where we are at today, with a bunch of well-intentioned people deeply contaminated by less well-intentioned people. The bickering, and the disagreement, and the taking sides, and the opposing doctrines, and the finger-pointing, and the politics, and the 'push for change', and the illogical reasoning, and the deception--the cancer--will not have been removed from our new world. This project is designed to cut through the garbage and the confusion to eliminate the growing pains and instantly reach for the answer. Instead of relying on a group of random people finding that perpetually evasive middle ground, it establishes high ground, then allows up only those people in agreement with the philosophy and standards which determine the actual height of that high ground.

Neither will Altera model itself after any other country, even those nations regarded as the most advanced in the world--that would be like trying to imitate the cool kids at school. Altera will be the cool kids. Once established, the other countries of the world will imitate us.

A last word on tolerance of violence

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."--George Orwell

When I began writing this book/website I realized I would appear offensive or overly-aggressive to any naturally passive person, especially those choosing to ignore the dangers of the world around them. I'm okay with that, since it's those people, the herd, who are supporting what's happening in the world today by their lack of attention and fear of conflict. That said, it's important to me my readers understand, despite this air of philosophical rigidity in my views on violence, I am a genuinely gentle and peaceful man, this gentleness bolstered and supported by the criminal violence I have witnessed firsthand in my life. I realize it's difficult to perceive this gentleness when I speak about violent crime, because I believe so strongly in meeting criminal violence not just with equal force, but with overwhelming opposing force. If a people truly wishes to protect itself from future violent acts by people who have already demonstrated a propensity for serious violence, a complete absence of human compassion, and a distinct lack of respect for human life, it's ridiculous for any logical person not handicapped by irrational guilt, or a liberal agenda to protect criminals, to treat violent predators with anything less than maximum aggression. If you strongly disagree with this simple premise, then this project is not likely for you. While I appreciate your right to look passively upon the world, if you are to be Alteran, the time of 'looking the other way' to avoid acknowledging and confronting mankind's primitive behavior is over.

If in the end I personally have anything to say about it this type of behavior will not be tolerated in Altera, in any form, and unlike the media-deceived American public, the blame will find it's rightful place. I can not emphasize this strongly enough. People who take pleasure in hurting animals, or the serious physical assault of other human beings at any level, will be banished from our new nation so quickly they'll think God himself took them from this world.

Are you a future Alteran?

Prepare yourself. If you think you're in ... put your plan into action now, the moment we go critical, and certainly by the time we obtain the piece of land we will call our new home. Minimize your rent, upgrade your house for eventual sale, stop eating out, work overtime, put every dollar away in savings. This gives you options! If in time you change you're mind, or determine this project is not for you after all, you'll have a bulging bank account to do with as you wish. If you do follow through to become an Alteran citizen you'll have money to invest as you wish--for a home, for a business, to hold you over as you seek a job, whatever. To be clear, though we all need to financially contribute what we can to the project, I'm not suggesting here you save your money then give it to Altera. I'm suggesting you save your money for yourself, in order to give you options down the line. And nearly every one of those options will not only benefit you, but will benefit Altera as well. There is no downside.

Stop reading for a moment and lift your head from the book. Whether you are currently in the Americas, or Europe, or Asia, or Scandinavia, or Australia, or wherever, think of yourself for just a moment ... as an Alteran. Feels pretty good, right? If you've actually read this far this is quite possibly your future. Run with it!

Can you learn to believe ...

In the first few days of June 2015, as I once again grumbled about the daily news and pecked at my computer keyboard perhaps a little harder than usual, my wife once again commented how I was letting the world get to me and causing myself too much mental and physical stress. I advised point blank that I may be the only one willing to do something about it, but maybe worse, I may be the only one capable of doing something about it at this point in time. She looked right into my eyes, my wife of thirty four years, and said, "Honey, it's global. I know you think you can do something about it, but you can't." I could barely even speak.

I finally choked out, "It's like you've never even met me."

Though it's likely my wife was simply telling me she wasn't interested in discussing any more negative thoughts on this particular morning, I was deeply hurt by this complete lack of ... I don't know ... respect? ... esteem? ... confidence? Bear in mind, she had no idea what I had been tirelessly working on for the previous eighteen months. In any case, I retreated to my make-shift sun-room office and stared out the window for several hours. Aside from the personal disappointment of knowing my wife had so little confidence in me she didn't even bother faking support in the idea that things could be better in the world than they are today, another thing hit me like a rock. If my own wife had such doubts about the state of the world today and a complete lack of confidence in me personally being capable of doing anything about it even if I chose to try, how would a nation of current strangers ever get on board with my ideas? Was this all a futile dream of fantasy? Was it all a colossal waste of my time and effort? I believe the answer is a resounding no. Why? Because people with true intelligence, especially those who think like me, and see the world for what it truly is, will know in their heart as they read my words, and my ideas, I am the real thing. And it's precisely those people who I am seeking, because they too will be the real thing.

Spreading the word

Do you get it, but maybe active involvement is not for you? Perhaps because you're too old for such drastic change, or you don't want to bother with such a major event, or your too comfortable in your current life, or you don't feel endangered living in a small town or out in the suburbs, no worries. I get that as well. Perhaps I can convince you to at least help us to spread the word. Do you have friends or family members who think along these lines? Do you know law enforcement officers, or military vets, or hunters, or recreational shooters, or business owners, or Republican voters, or hardcore patriots, to whom my words might appeal? Maybe you can drop them an email--you need write nothing more in it than our web page address. Or perhaps you could 'like' our Facebook page, or Tweet our message, or just give them a verbal heads up. They can do the rest themselves. We appreciate any help you can provide.

On the subject of donations ...

Unlike organizations like the Red Cross, where up to 90% of donations go to 'administrative staff', which I believe is ridiculous, with Altera, 100% of donations to our treasury and likely everything I personally own above normal subsistence, will go directly to the establishment of our new nation. That's the entire basis of our project's conceptual foundation. In using the power of our people in volunteering their time and work ethic, with a few exceptions where we have no choice, we eliminate those 'administrative' costs. I've always been frugal with my own personal assets, and I'll be frugal with every dollar spent on behalf of Altera. That's the second concept in our foundational plan, the less we put out on any one expenditure the more we will have for the next expenditure. We can't keep building if we run out of money. If we can't keep building we can't succeed as a new nation. If the entire project fails to succeed then it will have all been for nothing, and that is clearly unacceptable.

Subscribe to the Newsletter as soon as possible

Not only does this help us financially in the early days, but more importantly in the long run, it allows us to get a proper measure of prospective citizen excitement. I've set a 'going critical' level of 10k interested members before we go forward at full steam. If on one hand we don't achieve even this minimal level of interest the project may never leave the ground. It would be a shame if this occurred due solely to potentially interested people not bothering to demonstrate their interest. If on the other hand, we generate enough interest to go critical, but not much more, then we will still go forward, but will likely do so with lesser requirements in terms of the size of our eventual homeland. This would be the desirable path for several reasons:

If I'm made aware we have serious interest, say somewhere in the neighborhood of 32k early subscribers (the number of citizens in the world's smallest nation), then, knowing we will have mass appeal for some time as we search for our people, we will strive from the beginning to obtain that ideally-sized piece of land. If it turns out interest in the project is not as I anticipate, but we still meet our 'going critical' goal of 10k subscribers, then without any indication of serious future interest by prospective citizens there is little reason not to reduce the size of our requirements, not only making it easier on a benefactor nation to get behind us, but also giving us far more potentially rich locale options.

The bottom line ... if we have high interest we will reach for the stars in terms of the size and accommodations of our locale. If not, we will settle on something much smaller, but of higher quality. Without the need to accommodate hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people, it seems only wise to reach for the prettiest star possible, even if it is smaller in size. Neither of these possible eventualities is my primary concern; I will be just as excited about either scenario, as they each present different sets of challenges and rewards. My primary concern in regard to our choice of locale is that 'our people' will put off showing even minimal interest in the project to save a few bucks, or to be sure I'm not a quack, or to see if we are for real, and then trickle in later. Under this potentially disastrous scenario our nation-builders will not have a full understanding of our true population potential, may settle for a smaller piece of land, and will one day be forced to turn prospective quality citizens away due to a lack of adequate space. I used the country of Israel in my initial example, where 2k square miles contains approximately eight million people. Imagine now if we only have say, 10k serious members, and were to settle for a small locale of say, just a couple hundred square miles. A homeland which could have accommodated perhaps eight million new colonists, may now only accommodate 10% of that level. When you finally see what I see happening in America, when people of like culture around the world see what we're building in Altera and become interested, when time has passed and space has grown scarce, you may have missed your opportunity to be recognized. That hurts us all, so get off your bum.

I believe we go critical at 10k members

I'm speaking in terms as measured by signups for our Newsletter, and I don't believe there's any stopping us at say, 60k members. As I sat watching a Dallas Cowboys football game the television announcers said the game was attended by 79,704 people. I froze the TV screen on a view of the fan-filled stadium and thought to myself, "We can do that. We can absolutely do that."

My commitment to this project ...

If we can indeed reach 10k Subscribers in a reasonable amount of time (meaning the dream is not just my own), I will take that to mean our project has widespread appeal and our supporters will continue to grow. After doing all that is necessary to convince the wife we will not go hungry and how I am just the guy to make it happen (sarcasm), I will drop everything else in my life and pursue the dream with all that I am for the next two decades of my remaining life.

And finally ...

As this project grew larger a kind of apprehensive fear tried to overwhelm me into thinking the project might just be too large for any one man to initiate. After years of planning and preparation, the fear is gone. In creating hundreds of pages of text for this book/website, and another several thousand pages in notes, graphs, and diagrams, two things have become apparent to me before I even release it to the public which weren't so readily apparent when I typed the first words.

When America was born from the conflict with England a group of very special men and women, and thousands of their avid supporters, took it upon themselves to dedicate what was left of their lives to the creation of a new and special world for their ancestors. Those men and women were led by our Founding Fathers, and their sacrifice was nearly three centuries ago. I'm seeking precisely the same people of substance to do it all again, here, now, in modern times. A special group of people willing to step outside the comfort of their lives, to sacrifice themselves to creating something even better, to wholly dedicate themselves to the creation of the next evolution of America and mankind. Men and women who will band together to create a place of light in the darkness currently consuming our world. Like the first generation of America's forefathers and nation-builders, it will be also necessary for the first generation of Alterans to make the difficult decisions, to put in the hard work, to make the deep sacrifices, but our ancestors will be the beneficiaries of our dedication and resolve, and as a reward our names will live on in their history forever. Without someone taking the lead and embracing those initial sacrifices there will be no evolution of American civilization, no moral advancement in the mentality of mankind. We will die knowing we could have made a major difference and chose not to, leaving our descendants to suffer the inequities of where our country and world are headed today.

Perhaps most sad of all, we will have been the right people, at the right time, in the right place, and failed to engage our opportunity to improve the world for our children, and their children. As human beings, we will have failed to fulfill our natural obligations for improving upon our species. We will have failed in our opportunity to be any more special than the individuals of the herd who meekly follow their destiny into oblivion.

Until today, any person who speaks of starting their own sovereign country is openly mocked by their fellow citizens on social media, by the mainstream media, by politicians, all the world over. If this project garners the interest of enough likeminded people to get it off the ground, I urge you to mock me. This will not only expose you as unfit to join our new world, it will expose you as part of the problem with mankind in not being able to think outside your own little box. When you see that shiny new nation rising up in the distance be sure to remind your descendants of your past wisdom in explaining to them why they must continue to live in the cesspool you helped to create and sustain.

Okay, that's it, that's all I have. You've seen my vision, you've heard my words. If you've read the entire plan I must congratulate you on making it through 340+ pages. I don' t believe another thousand pages can say it any more clearly. The idea has been illustrated, the plan presented, the filters erected, the invitation extended. The next move will be yours.

It looks like introductions may finally be in order ...

My name is Scott Eckert, and I am the first human being on Earth to make a formal commitment to the new nation of Altera. My mind and body have been damaged and broken through fate and age, but I believe I personally need only provide the spark to a fire which will surprise the world. By initiating this project I have made the call to my future brothers and sisters all around the planet. I believe it is now only a matter of time before more good, and honorable, and virtuous, and capable men and women will join me to ensure this project's success. The first critical step in our journey is to find one another, to create our own nation within a nation. The next step is in going forth to create a new future for the evolution of mankind. Even as I type these last words I am the only person in existence who knows what's coming. I am Scott, and it's time to act. Will you help me stun the world?

If so, let our journey together begin ...

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