I Too Have A Dream ...

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible."--T. E. Lawrence

The United States is not even close to being the perfect answer as a global entity. Neither is it, unless you're fortunate enough to live outside the large cities, a harmonious and peaceful place to call your home, where your neighbors are friends and acquaintances, and not the next bunch of thugs who will break down your door in the middle of the night to assault your wife, or ransack your home, or murder your family. Living in the United States is a little like owning a beautiful home in a bad neighborhood. You may love your home, but in some parts of the country the people who live around you can make your life a living hell. Maybe worse, we have recently become a culture of violence, where violence is not only epidemic across the nation, but this violence is being accepted as normal. How is this okay to good people? The liberal media loves to talk about what is right and fair in regard to criminals, or minorities, or immigrants, or the poor. Is it right and fair that you're a good, peaceful, hard-working, and productive citizen yet you, your family, and your friends must still fear and suffer the violent and life-altering actions of those around you? My simple answer for the gentle and good-hearted people of our country, those who wish to live a peaceful and safe life, free from worries of violent and often fatal confrontations in their lives, and enjoying the fruits of their personal accomplishments without the fear or anxiety caused by the bad people around them, is to build it all again, from scratch.

I dream of the next evolutionary step on the journey that began in Great Britain nearly three centuries ago. where trustworthy, hardworking, like-minded people live alongside trustworthy, hardworking, like-minded people of similar culture, ethics, philosophy and ideals. A new nation where all the human garbage, all the rebel rousers, the predators, the under-miners of freedom, the communists, the socialists, the liberals, the progressives, and all the critics of law enforcement, the military, patriotism and exceptionalism live far, far away, smoldering in a cauldron of their own making. I believe America is about to break up into two distinct pieces. That part which possesses Americans of foresight, honor, character, and a sense of personal responsibility will separate to maintain the upward mobility of the world's greatest nation. And that half which possesses the greed, prejudice, violence, corruption, deception, and self-delusion will remain behind to assure the continued downward spiral of a doomed nation.

Our United States were originally born of fire, of war, of tyranny, of unacceptable taxation and lack of representation from across the ocean. Early Americans were forced to deal with an entirely different set of circumstances than we have today. They had different needs, different concerns, different problems and different desires. They focused on making long term decisions to prevent that same governmental oppression from returning to their country in the coming centuries. Unfortunately, they were oblivious to the repercussions of other, smaller actions, and how those seemingly petty actions would affect future citizens centuries after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I do not blame them. Our forefathers had other things to worry about at that time than local crime, allowing freed slaves to remain in this country, the far-reaching consequences of a liberal media who spend more time politicking their destructive ideology than publishing actual news, et cetera. That means our forefathers left those festering issues for us to deal with today.

Maybe worse, those same forefathers unknowingly brought with them a cancer from England. That cancer was liberal ideology, embedded in the DNA of many of their passengers. Establishing a foothold in America like a slowly spreading disease it festered beneath the surface as Americans dealt with other more pressing concerns and issues facing a young country, until it spread into the insidious undermining force it is today. A once nearly invisible force which smartly concealed and transformed itself through the twentieth century purging of communism to survive and become the sinister, but seemingly benign, institution it is today, most recently called socialism, progressivism, and liberalism. This book is not about that disease, as it would take an entire text to shed the proper light on it, but it's important people know where the underlying problem in this country began, and how it affects us today, so we don't make the same mistake in establishing the next evolution of the greatest country on Earth.

We will do everything better ...

"It is a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it."--W. Somerset Maugham

We will do everything better in Altera. It's important that I begin and end with this simple sentence. I believe wholeheartedly in American 'exceptionalism', and I believe every country on Earth should be striving for the same level of accomplishment and prestige in their own nation. How can any intelligent person argue the benefits of mediocrity? Why wouldn't any intelligent society strive to be the most advanced, the most civilized, the most safe, the most productive the world has ever seen? Why wouldn't these same intelligent people strive to evolve away from their current levels of greed, and destructive behavior, and primitive thinking? Just the fact I have to ask the question demonstrates the condition of our modern world.

I believe we can guarantee the desire for 'exceptionalism' the forefathers of America so valued is not forever lost with the eventual demise of this America. While our new country, Altera, a nation born from nothing more than thin air, must begin it's quest for greatness from the bottom of the world's hundreds of existing civilizations, that rise, from obscurity to greatness, will be swift and inevitable. Yes, we will be smaller, and yes, we will have less resources, and yes, we will begin as poor as a baby sprung fresh from the womb, but just the act of coming into existence will already be much further than most people in the world will believe is possible. And we will come into existence. We will create something new, and wonderful, and beautiful. I know this because as Americans we have greatness in our blood. As the ancestors of the intelligent and hardworking people who originally built the United Kingdom, then America, two of the greatest empires the world has ever seen, forming our shiny new foundation, how can we possibly fail?

Someone must take the first step ...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."--Lao-tzu

Imagine being able to restart it all, to reboot, from scratch, from nothing, with no restrictions whatsoever. Imagine being able to fix all the mistakes we've made as a government, as a nation, as a people. No past civil wars, no history of slavery or massacring native peoples, no constant bickering between opposing political parties, no welfare, no homeless, no slums, no hunger, no racism, no bulging prisons from coast to coast. Imagine being able to start anew with a fresh Constitution, a new form of leadership, real leaders as opposed to politicians, new laws, honest and hardworking citizens, neighbors you can trust and respect, a fresh start. Most importantly, imagine being able to start all over with only those people with the same morals, and character, and honor, and work ethic as you. People who demand a higher quality of life and happiness and are willing to work for it in our short time on Earth. People who are willing to not only dream it, but to make it a reality. Imagine all that for just a moment.

Imagine not having to lock your doors at night, or take account of who is standing behind you at the bank machine. Imagine not worrying about being raped or robbed or assaulted as you walk in the park after dark, or your car being stolen at gun point when you stop at a red light, or being killed for being where 'you're not supposed to be' because you accidentally drove through a 'bad neighborhood'. Imagine there being no such thing as a 'bad neighborhood'. Imagine walking the streets at night without having to worry about the next dark alley, or who is approaching from behind, or the group of hooded 'teens' waiting just ahead for you're arrival. Imagine not fearing for your elderly mother or father who live alone across town, or knowing for certain the noise you just heard outside your window is a cat or dog or wild animal, not a human animal. Imagine no actual need for bolted doors, and burglar alarms, and self-defense classes, and security cameras, and concealed-carry permits, and fear of your neighbors. Imagine all that for just a moment.

Why wouldn't you strive to obtain those simple goals if you had the opportunity, not just for yourself, but for your children, and your children's children. It just doesn't make sense for intelligent, logical people to accept anything less in their short lives, yet here we are.

Creating the ideal 'Village' from scratch

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."--Edgar Allan Poe

I look around the United States and all I can think is, "Being a nation made up of generally good people should not be this difficult." I'm flabbergasted by the actions of people all across this nation (and the world). Brutal, vicious, callous, cruel, lawless, idiotic, reckless, irresponsible, thoughtless, irrational, ideological, senseless, on and on, all having one thing in common; they completely lack in judgment and compassion. It's like our world is made up of good people trying to navigate a vast savannah of rabid animals without being eaten. Our citizens and our visiting tourists are robbed, and assaulted, and kidnapped, and raped, and murdered, day after day, year after year, and it gets worse with every passing moment. It just doesn't make sense for good and intelligent human beings to live in this manner, decade after decade, century after century. And there's the wash. We, as a group, as a species, are not good and intelligent human beings. We are primitive animals, a large majority of us unworthy to even call ourselves truly civilized. I weary of these people, and it's time for change.

It begins with the people ...

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."--Walt Disney

Since 'people' are the problem, then 'people' must be the answer. Good people versus bad people. For reasons of politics, or greed, or liberal opposition, or political correctness, or denial, or herd mentality, or self-interest, America has now failed for nearly three centuries to take the bad out of the good. In fact, I think all readers would agree, we have accepted our current circumstances as inevitable, and it's getting worse with every passing year. It's time we, good people who believe it's possible to fill a new nation with only truly benevolent people, change tactics. If we can't take the bad out of the good, then I propose we take the good out of the bad. The greatest strength of this new approach is we don't need the cooperation of the bad people, or the instigators, or America's enemies, in order to build our new nation of good. Neither do we need the cooperation or permission of liberals or socialists or progressives or 'intellectuals' and 'scholars' and 'academics' (code words for the 'Intelligentsia' of the liberal world). We don't need the cooperation or permission of power-hungry politicians, or biased judges, or racist 'civil rights' leaders, or activists, or union management, or protesters, or the mainstream media, or self-interest groups, or even our fellow American citizens who in all their infinite wisdom are happy with where the country is today and where it is heading tomorrow. We don't need the cooperation or involvement of any of them. If you don't already clearly understand what I'm proposing in terms of establishing the citizens of our new nation it's important we take a moment to make sure you, the reader, gets this simple, yet immensely powerful concept.

The Grand Filter

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."--Roy Disney

England began their settling of the American colonies by calling for its citizens to take up the challenge. What they did not do was take the opportunity to consider or demand any specific level of quality in who answered that call. In fact, in all likelihood they padded their new colonists with undesirables as well, just to get them out of England. The reason for this is because England was simply expanding British influence, not looking to create a better England. Let me be clear, I'm not suggesting here that we expand American interests by creating a sister colony of relocated Americans; that's not even close to enough. I'm suggesting we take the next step in further advancing the country that was born from England, but this time we take the opportunity to improve our population as we make the transition in evolving to the next level.

Imagine for a moment placing a hundred random people on an island to form their own new nation with a functioning government. Each of the new peoples in this nation would inevitably bring along with them the same personal outlooks, the same level of ethics, the same prejudices, the same level of greed, the same excesses, the same ideology, the same broken logic, the same criminal desires, the same lack of character, the same irrational guilt, the same deceptive approach to life we see in the world today. The moment their leaders tried to improve this island nation over the old one they would face the same hurdles we do today, the same arguments, the same opposing forces, because it's the very same mixture of good and bad they had in their original nation. People of opposing races or ideology would begin bickering, then arguing, then fighting, then warring. Nothing in their world will have changed except their geographic location. The experiment will have accomplished nothing more than biting off a piece of current civilization and relocating them elsewhere, replanting the same damaged seeds, and taking the disease with them. The question then becomes, if you are to start again, how do you make sure your new world is not contaminated by the same problems as the old world? How do you remove the cancer? The answer is with filters.

Let's try to improve our experimental example. Imagine now putting out the call for your new island nation to only people who are similar to yourself. For example, you might be looking for patriotic and law abiding citizens, business-oriented men and women, hard working blue-collar folks, people not 'terrified' by the mere presence of guns, people self-confident enough to openly express their opinions, and all of whom respect law enforcement and the military. From this pool of people we now choose a hundred random names and again move to create our little fictitious island nation. Have we improved our new society? Without a doubt. Each new citizen can now be surrounded by people who have the same general outlook on life as they have. The citizens of this new nation will not have to argue over spending billions of dollars to feed the poor in other countries before feeding the poor in their own country. They won't rally for criminal rights while the families of criminal victims are left without wives, and husbands, and sons and daughters. They won't suck their welfare system dry, if they require the existence of one at all. They won't treat their police or military veterans like some necessary evil. They won't assemble in destructive protests, riot on behalf of violent criminals, or publicly burn or stomp on their nation's flag. Though its leaders may still argue over laws, and how to go about running the country, life will be easier, it will be less complicated, and it will be safer. Life would be good. But ... our fictitious island nation can do even better. Much better.

Since we have no need for tens or hundreds of millions of people we can pare down our potential pool of citizen candidates even further right from the start. We do this by establishing a more detailed set of parameters, filters, for determining our future neighbors. In the example above we used general philosophical filters such as 'patriotic', and 'law abiding', and 'hard working', and 'pro-law enforcement'. Why stop there? We're constructing a brand new nation from nothing. We have no rigid existing rules, no currently squabbling citizens, no opposing viewpoints, no politically-correct stumbling blocks, no liberal system of laws, no racial or financial inequality with which to be concerned, no Constitution to amend or overturn. Neither do we have under-miners, or rebel-rousers, or protesters, or pot-stirrers, or pro-criminal activists, or racial instigators. We have literally no barriers to creating the ultimate conditions for our particular mindset. This presents the opportunity to add even more parameters to the search for the people with whom we wish to live and prosper.

We can guarantee our citizens agree with one another on a very specific set of foundational laws (our Constitution), be of high integrity, be ethical, be of strong moral fiber with true substance of character. We can assure they already generally agree with one another on all major political issues, on how we will present ourselves to the international community, deal with global relations, feel about tampering in the politics of other countries, et cetera. By making it clear up front we will not accept corrupt and power-sharing political systems, or power-seeking politicians, or gun control, or unfettered immigration, or any type of 'affirmative action' which gives any one race preference over another, or court systems which use their power to stall implementation of politically sensitive laws with which they disagree (such as the death penalty), et cetera, we instantly remove from contention for citizenship those people who disagree with our base standards and ideals. The idea, as demonstrated by the below graphic, is to search throughout all of America (and the culturally similar world), eliminating from our midst those of obviously opposing ideology, those who consider themselves staunchly 'liberal' by definition. From the remaining pool of conservative-leaning human beings we will then identify those people who generally see the world as we do. From this final overlaying group of special individuals the future nation of Altera will be born.

USA Map Overlay

These are filters. Together they create one large filter, where each of these additional parameters becomes one more guarantee the people all around your new nation will be of one like mind, not some frothy soup of extraordinary opposing ethics, standards, politics, racism, prejudices, and forces. We will not have to wonder which political party will be wasting the next four years of our country's existence, or what our schools are secretly teaching our children, or whether the government will try to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens while at the same time allowing thugs to run loose burning our cities, looting our businesses, and assaulting our citizens. We won't have to wonder if our police officers will be persecuted for shooting a suspect who attacked them, or if our returning military soldiers will be respected, welcomed back into society, and receive proper medical care. We won't have to put up with the media tampering in politics, deceiving the public, or subtly manipulating weak minds. By making a public list of these intended adjustments to the way our new society will function, as I'm doing in this book, each new citizen is assured of being likeminded from the very start. Diversity of philosophy in a racially and religiously diverse population is not a healthy thing, as America (and now Europe) is currently witnessing first hand. In such a primitive species as the human race it can only end in violence and bloodshed, as is being proven every day all over the planet. Why would any logical adult allow some ideological zealot to convince them otherwise when so much visual and physical evidence to the contrary exists all around us?

Does it bother you that I alone am creating the filters for our new world, and these filters might be too rigid in identifying our potential future population? Here's a question; if you had designed this project and were writing this book would you instead make the politically correct move to call on all good people from all nations and all races and all creeds? Would you wish to build your new nation on middle ground where the most possible people would be happy? Would you bring to your new world familiar constructs the media has convinced you are worthwhile; concepts such as Freedom of the Press, Free Speech, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Assembly? Would you not sweat the small stuff, knowing in your heart you are all good people and in the end you can work out your remaining differences in public debate's, and open assemblies, and public gatherings? You're missing the entire point!

The concept here is to align yourself not just with good people, but with people who agree en masse on how to properly run your new village. People who think and view the world alike. People with the same character, and morals, and ethics, and standards, and philosophy, and sense of personal responsibility. If you don't agree, or just don't get it, or you don't think like me, or you don't agree with the way we will establish our new world, then walk away. If our village is not for you, then it's not for you. That's your freedom of choice at work. This isn't a revolution. This isn't a new government oppressing your rights as an individual. You're not being forced to go where you fear to tread. You're not being forced to live under a philosophy or laws with which you disagree. If you don't like my tone, or you don't like my finger-pointing, or you think I sound like a tyrant for imposing so many filters, then stop reading. That's the entire point. If it's not for you, then it's not for you. Literally.

Altera's pool of potential citizens begins at more than seven billion, the total number of people on planet Earth. Every additional standard or filter imposed not only reduces this available pool of new citizens, but it also further guarantees our own people to be much more closely related to one another, not in skin color or religious beliefs, but in mind, and spirit, and culture, and personal philosophy. It guarantees we will live and walk among people who generally agree in how we think, in how we view life, and security, and prosperity, and right and wrong.

Do you see the concept? Since it's impossible to remove the cancer from our current nation, we will simply start our new nation without the cancer. No other new nation in history has taken the time to make sure they invite only quality people in to make up their new citizenry. Even newer nations of fiercely cultured people of like mind or peoples bound by firm religious beliefs such as Israel and Palestine have immense, self-defeating political divides festering decade after decade within their respective nations and governments. By the time any new nation realizes their mistake it's already too late. Even in advanced nations, such as the United States, crime has already run rampant, prisons are so full violent criminals must be released to the streets, the quality of our citizen's character has already been diluted, standards have been lowered to ridiculous levels, children are being raised without discipline and being taught ideology that boggles the logical mind. If that isn't bad enough, American children are being encouraged to be lazy, to be average, to lack completive spirit, to be just like everyone else. Politics has been invaded by weak and corrupt leaders. Irrational, prejudiced, and unrealistic thinkers are running the country at all levels of government. The enemies of our way of life are already too deeply embedded. The deceptions and constraints and limitations and laws and confusion have run rampant. Once a large nation has reached this stage there is no turning back, particularly when that nation is preoccupied with perceived racism and 'human rights' abuses everywhere they look.

Truly good people don't need to crusade for basic human rights. It's unspoken. Truly good people don't need to state their desire for global peace, or to feed the hungry, or to house the homeless, or to protect the weak. It's unspoken. Truly good people don't need to be told racism is wrong, or theft is wrong, or hypocrisy is wrong, or hurting others is wrong. It's unspoken. The fact so large a portion of American citizens must be told what is right and wrong is not only embarrassing to me as an American citizen, it's downright absurd for a nation who claims to be the most advanced in the world. America has chosen the wrong path, and is being led down that path by the wrong people, supported by even worse people. The evidence is everywhere, and yet we allow it to continue. Why?

Every time I argue in this book against a current law or procedure or say 'I believe...' I'm erecting another filter for prospective Alteran citizens. If I say something with which you disagree enough that we are no longer philosophically compatible, then you may go your own way. No worries. Perhaps you can start your own nation and design your own schedule of filters to enlist people who think just like you.

Is this all too much for you? Just because we're discussing a scale of magnitude greater than what might seem possible it is no different than making personal choices in your everyday life. Would you intentionally buy a home in a 'bad neighborhood'? Would you send your children to a dangerous school if you had any other choice? Would you choose a mate you did not find attractive? Would you employ someone who was just fired from his last job for assaulting his boss? Would you hire an irresponsible babysitter? Have you ever considered why not? The answer is standards; or filters.

The higher the standards for a new society the less people who will qualify or be interested in becoming part of that society. This is a good thing. This is the whole idea. Wouldn't you rather live in a nation of 100k compatible people, than a festering cesspool of 300 million? We, a future Altera, have the opportunity to remove the fear, and the crime, and the paranoia, and the absurd ideology, and the historic mistakes, and the racism, and the irrational guilt, and the broken logic, and the stagnation, and the poison. We have the opportunity to remove the cancer. Why wouldn't we take advantage of that opportunity?

Now let's go construct a village like it should be built ...

My Vision