My Vision Of Our New Nation

"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well."--Philip Dormer Stanhope

The City Landscape

How do I perceive a future Altera? Whether large or small, in essence, I envision a shiny, futuristic city with futuristic architecture, taking advantage of all of today's cutting edge technology in everything from energy preservation, green landscaping, and efficient construction to lightning-fast communications, safe and rapid mass-transportation, and computer created efficiency designed directly into everything in between. Instead of miles of dull, lifeless concrete, billboards and tangled clumps of power lines hanging between miles of wooden poles, I see a city full of water features, and trees, and grass, and statues, and art, and parks, and beauty. I see ultra-clean drinking water, the use of as much green energy as possible (solar, wind, waves, tidal, thermal, and ocean currents), and new waste and sewage technologies with as little impact on the environment as possible. I see sparkling high-rise buildings housing business corporations, luxury condominiums for our business people, small local farms directly accessible by our citizens, and large vertical farms (built inside artificial structures) producing vegetables and fruits all year round.

I see a nationwide fiber-optic Internet network, a nationwide 'Intranet' to connect our government and citizens directly to one another (for example, to vote in real time on issues of the day), citywide public WiFi to publicly serve both citizens and tourists, a high percentage of vehicles cruising our streets on silent electricity, and sprawling, alluring, and attractive restaurants and shopping areas dotting the entire city. I see easy, safe, and ultra-modern public transportation options people will enjoy riding, not fear to ride. I see our flag being proudly flown over fire and police departments using the latest technology and future innovations to such a degree they will be worthy tourist attractions. I see fast, efficient hospitals using advanced and futuristic technology and logistics that will put the slogging, confused, anxiety filled visits to hospitals in the United States and elsewhere to shame. I see an education system built the new Alteran Way, from preschool to university, with a completely redesigned structure which teaches children real substance and how to excel in the real world, that doesn't pamper them with over-protective nonsense, that is absent of liberal, progressive, and socialist ideology, and one that lifts up the slower learning children to match the majority instead of holding back the majority so no one child gets their feelings hurt or 'left behind'. I see major sport's programs, Alteran Ironmen and Crossfit Trainers, World Class and Olympic athletes, adventure racing teams, and national sport's teams from Little League World Series contenders to World Cup Soccer. And having the spirit of American patriotism in our underlying DNA I see immense national pride. I'm already feeling it myself and as I write these words, though I am currently a nation of only one.

I believe every Alteran citizen should be provided the opportunity, at some level, to buy a home of their own if they desire. I generally envision micro-condos, and small affordable lofts and studios, for our college-age students and less financially capable, sprawling townhouse-style settings for our working young people, high-rise condominiums for our corporate professionals, and good old American housing suburbs for families who don't wish to live in or directly adjacent to a large city. Of course, as a family or individual you may live anywhere you wish. In the end, it will be our eventual locale that dictates our limitations, or our potential, and a more detailed discussion will have to wait until we know the precise location and environment.

Tourism will be key

Aside from the revenue created by citizen income taxes, most nations require businesses, and industry, and the physical presence in their land of natural mineral resources and raw materials, in order to create an active local economy. As a nation, almost certainly located on a small plot of land (comparatively speaking), we will not likely have vast natural resources, or minerals, or oil, or industrial might. This means we need to find other ways to expand our economy and increase citizen and government income opportunities. Success in this area will depend not on bemoaning our weaknesses, but in leveraging our strengths. In addition to leveraging our natural gifts (our minds, our fortitude, our creativity, our advanced thinking), we can also leverage the newness, and uniqueness, and exceptional high quality of our new nation by promoting tourism for people not living there to come and experience it first hand.

Looking around the world you can see the greatest cities to visit on the planet are all cities with high levels of tourism, with exciting sights, attractions, people, and pleasant sounds. They are built around tourism; their infrastructure, their local businesses, their sightseeing retinues. Tourism is their life blood. I believe Altera, just by virtue of removing the crime and violence from our new nation, will present an opportunity to seize on the ever shrinking number of safe destinations for people to vacation throughout the world. By simply providing both safety and security to our visitors we can assure our own future economic prosperity, and we don't need vast swaths of land, or minerals, or metals, or oil to make it happen.

My wife and I lived in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii for eighteen months, a tourist city if ever their was one. The primary lesson I learned from that experience is there's nothing sinister about happy, smiling people wearing sunglasses, and flip-flops, and donning cameras around their neck. Tourists don't mill around behind you at the ATM, follow you home to see where you live, or break into your car while you're at work or dinner. At worst they laugh and sing too loud when they're drinking, or they hoot and holler as they speed by on an ATV. They don't ask you what you're doing in their neighborhood, they instead ask where they can find a private beach, or campsite, or the best place to picnic, or surf, or sail, or dive. They don't point a gun in your face and demand the keys to your vehicle while you're pumping gas, they instead offer to buy you a beer for recommending the best place to get a nice dinner. Some of the best people I've ever known were met while on vacation in their respective countries.

I believe our capital city will be so modern, so renowned, so safe, and of such unusual character and influence people will come from all over the world just to say they have been there. By drawing tourists from around the world I believe we can not only create a more healthy fiscal foundation for our fledgling nation (ie. income, businesses, jobs), but will also increase our own citizen's exposure to opposing cultures from around the world. This is much different than say open immigration, allowing just anyone from anywhere to move in and call our country their home; a policy with which I vehemently disagree. Tourists do not come as immigrants or refugees, to escape their war torn lands, to take advantage of welfare systems, to ask for handouts, to press their form of religion on you, to claim entitlements, to steal and pillage our society and our citizens. Tourists will come to relax, and to safely enjoy what we have to offer. They will arrive happy, they will patronize our businesses, our attractions, our parks, our landmarks, and they will leave happy, as new friends of our people.

I see in Altera the usual amusement parks and theaters and art galleries and museums. I see soon-to-be-created landmarks in every tourist photograph and famous the world over. I see ski resorts, and aquariums, and dinosaur exhibits, and wildlife parks, perhaps populated exclusively with animals rescued from the dilapidated zoos of other nations. I see bike paths, and hiking trails, and camping, and hunting. I see four-wheeling and off-road motorcycle parks. I see sports fishing, and fly fishing, and surf fishing, and spear fishing. I see ocean piers, and sunset sailboat cruises, and wading through tide pools. I see sky diving, and scuba diving, and cliff diving, and base jumping. I see festivals, and parades, and perpetual Renaissance Faires. I see zip lines, and bungee jumping, and human slingshots. I see famous hotels, and fine restaurants, and street vendors selling lobster, shrimp, and crab cups. I see taverns, and pubs, and Bed and Breakfast Inns dotting the countryside from border to border. I see wineries, and vineyards, and micro-breweries, and orchards so pretty you'll stop and stare in amazement.

While our locale's environment will certainly limit us from a few things on that short list, it will also likely open us to other options. Where a country is too cold to have snorkeling they will instead have skiing. Where a country is too warm for skiing, they will have surfing. Where a country is too rocky for surfing they will have scuba, and deep-sea fishing, and submarine rides. We will adapt however we must to the conditions and environment of our new home, just as we would adapt after landing on another planet. We will not only fill our country with amusements and attractions already popular with the rest of the world, but in an extreme concept I call 'reality tourism', we'll create other attractions the world has not yet even seen. Do you think nation-building is my only skill? We can survive anywhere, and anywhere we must survive will become in demand to the rest of the nations of the world.

And finally, for every single amusement or attraction meant to draw North Americans, or Canadians, or Europeans, or Scandinavians, or Australians, or South Americans, or Asians, guess who else will benefit from those same amenities? Our people. Our citizens, our families, our friends, our visiting relatives. Every single new option constructed in or around our country meant for pleasure, or relaxation, or recreation will increase the number of options for you and your family and your friends to increase your own personal satisfaction and quality of life. Like all things Alteran, everyone wins.


"When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all."--Paul Simon (from the song Kodachrome)

Altera will raise intelligent children of true substance. Men and women who will be the next leaders of the free world, the next great scientists and researchers and technologists, the next business owners, the next corporate heads, the next men and women into space. We will raise children who take on leadership roles from very young, who respect their parents, and teachers, and elders. We'll educate them to understand their importance to the future of our nation and the world. We will raise the highest quality children the planet has ever seen.

Like our nation, the new educational system for Alteran children, teens, and young adults, will be designed from scratch, from the bottom up, addressing every negative characteristic which has crept into the United States education system over the last three centuries. We will do so without hesitation or fear, using our intelligence, and reason, and simple logic to do what is real, and right, and ethical, and effective, and good. I believe it's critical to design our educational system not to focus on a specific ideology, or to teach entitlements, or to encourage reliance on government, or to make people happy, or to be politically correct, but to educate our young people on fact and in the ways of the real world. It will be designed to help them excel, to match reality, to learn universal values, to build character and substance, to open their eyes, to tell the truth about our national history and global history whether we like it or not, to modernize our processes, and to emphasize our specific philosophy on life, liberty and the Alteran way.

The problem early on will arise with the need to build a University college program, where university facilities are very expensive. I initially figured it would be very difficult to attract college-age families to our new university in such a primitive and fledgling nation. We will have several immediate hurdles ...

The immediate answer was the most obvious. We could recommend our future college students obtain their college education here in the United States before making their move to Altera. Our own college would come in time, once we had a working city and a working population. There's no sense in trying to do too much at once, right? After simmering on this for while I had a complete change of heart. I think it's important future Alteran parents can be confident we intend to place a high value on higher education and implement it in Altera as soon as is possible. It's my personal belief that educated adults will be needed for the birth of our nation, and educated children will be needed to assure our nation's future. I now believe the presence of a high quality University in Altera, and the attendance of our university by as many Alteran young adults as possible, is so important to our future legacy we should make every attempt to build a working university right into our early infrastructure, despite the cost. I also believe this is so important that every Alteran citizen should adopt precisely this same philosophy, all of us, whether we have children who will attend that college or not.

With that in mind, I turned my attention to this issue with the same vigor and logic I used in designing the blueprint for our new nation. Here are my conclusions.

How can we build a quality University when all of our money is already going into building a country? See the Let's Talk Money section, where I will break down the financial concepts we will use to not only finance the building of our new nation, but to also build our first and likely only necessary college university. A jewel the world will one day envy.


I do not believe religion has any place in government. I do not believe religion has any place in the work place. I do not believe religion has any place in the educational system. I do not believe religion has any place being embedded into an entire culture. That said, I do believe people are entitled to believe anything they wish as long as:

This is a village, designed for very specific people with a very specific philosophy. To equally protect everyone who lives in this village it is necessary we establish rules to protect the majority, and those rules will be written according to our philosophy, common sense, logic, and the good of the whole, 'personal' or 'civil' or 'individual' or 'politically correct' rights be damned. If you'd like to vigorously maintain all the individual rights provided to you by your god or Mother Nature or liberals, then go live somewhere else.

I believe religion in the world today should be a simple thing. It's your natural right to believe what you wish, and in most cases it's not a bad idea to keep your beliefs to yourself. It is not your 'civil right' to impose your religion upon others in any way. Not at work, not through governmental leadership, not by spreading your culture, and certainly not in the education systems. I believe religion is a subject that should generally be kept behind closed doors, and shared only among those of similar beliefs. If you or your religion do not allow you to function under these basic parameters then it is best you avoid becoming involved in Altera. Not because I don't believe your religion to be the real thing, or because I don't believe you have a right to believe what you will, but because your beliefs don't allow you to live in true harmony with the world around you and that is contrary to what we will be building in our village.

Our Media

Our news media will exhibit one very distinct attribute you do not find anywhere else in the world today. It will deliver actual news without attempting to manipulate readers to any type of politics or ideology. There will be no efforts to save the world from itself, to help ideologically compatible politicians get elected, to smear the reputations of politicians or leaders with whom they do not agree, to incite civil unrest, to attack rich people, to make excuses for or cast a favorable light on crime or poverty or welfare or violence, to push entitlements, to champion individual rights over the good of the whole, to espouse political ideals, to prop up the nation's government even if it's damaging our country and its citizens, to encourage mediocrity, to protect specific races or religions from scorn when they are clearly deserved of scorn, or to run 'opinion' editorials which are clearly meant to instigate or incite violence of any kind.

Neither will our media work under the misguided premise of 'the people have a right to know', or haphazardly share state secrets with 'the people' or foreign governments, or publish unverifiable information from 'anonymous sources' without legal repercussions. Our 'journalists' will be held to the same high level of standards as government leaders, police officers, and educators, when it comes to damaging the nation or it's people with their words and actions. The world's current media should lose their mind over these statements and will scream 'state control' and 'freedom of the press', but there can be no basis for claims of government bias or control when there will be no news-media involved politics of any kind in our nation. Ours will be a news organization to report actual news. If anyone wishes to espouse political ideology, or present political 'opinions', it will be done in the open, under 'political' publications clearly stating their intent, so the weak-minded aren't so easily deceived. To present only pure news is not about suppressing political opinion, it is critical to ensure our nation's leaders, citizens, and businesses will be accurately informed to the truth of what's happening in Altera and around the world.

The world's media, all of them, have lost all credibility for telling the truth, for reporting without bias, for issuing accurate information, on and on, particularly where they feel the need to extend their political views into the daily 'news'. Properly presented 'news' should be about information--not politics, or ideology, or suppression of information with which you disagree, or brainwashing, or deception. The global media is a powerful and ferocious tool which has been abused for too long to the entire world's detriment. Since the world's governments do not seem interested in fixing their own cancer we're going to provide the world an alternative in Altera.


Healthcare systems around the world fail both the government and the people of a country for many reasons, centered around abuse, greed, socialist ideology, and a lack of education in the people.

This 'system' is about as unhealthy and prone to corruption and greed and abuse as you could possibly create. The liberal answer in the U.S., in order to benefit what they love to call 'the middle class' (because 'lower class' is offensive), is to throw money at it, someone else's money, as opposed to fixing the system. Unfortunately, liberal minds, when they scream for equal healthcare for all, actually mean the poor, illegal immigrants, the homeless, and minorities, and it doesn't matter to them what it costs taxpayers--working people, or the country's national debt, as long as it doesn't come out of their personal bank accounts.

Our Young People ...

One of the primary tenets of Alteran citizens will be the innate ability for our citizens to take care of themselves, particularly medically-educated future generations. It is just not acceptable for the nation's average young person to be schooled in virtually unusable skills such as speaking Latin and performing Calculus, but not in basic medical concepts which will serve every human being on the planet over their entire lifetime. It's crazy how many people don't even realize they can use the Internet to solve most simple, and many complicated, medical issues without even leaving their home. While I'm not suggesting everyone try to act as their own doctor, I am suggesting people put aside their fear and have a little confidence in their ability to reason and evaluate.

Example: One day as I worked on the computer I suddenly experienced what I thought was a large 'floater' in my aging eyes, only this 'floater' did not float. It just remained stationary, large, worrisome, actually preventing me from being able to focus on my computer screen. To save you a long story, it then began to grow, and flash, and glisten at the edges. Now in a near panic I closed the eye (my left) and opened my right. It was still visible in my other eye. This means it can not be a 'floater', as they occur only in one eye. A moment later, sensing my alarm, my wife suggested I close both eyes to rest them. I did, and the object was not only still visible to my closed eyes, but it was growing in size. I said something to my wife on the order of, "Hey, if I die, it's been a good life." I was aware that since I could still see it with my eyes closed it was not an issue of the eyes themselves, but more likely an issue of the brain. An aneurysm? Both of us now concerned, we went to the Internet. Less than five minutes later, as I squinted to read Internet search results, the object continued to grow larger and a serious migraine headache overtook me. My wife began reading a passage from a medical site on potential eye conditions, which included similar details on how a patient would see an object that appeared as a floater, how it would sparkle and flash, but most importantly, how it would grow larger, then suddenly result in a migraine headache. This was precisely my symptoms! Maybe most important of all we learned the condition, known as an 'Ocular Migraine', is not serious, there is no treatment, and the symptoms would pass within ten to thirty minutes. Five minutes later the flashing object was gone, thirty minutes later the migraine had subsided. The information on this medical website was spot on. After a total of maybe ten to fifteen minutes of research, using nothing except comparative analysis, deductive reasoning, and common sense, we concluded I likely have this hereditary condition known as 'Ocular Migraines'. That fifteen minutes saved us both the stress of knowing I wasn't about to die, and who knows how many medical-related tests and expenses, beginning with a $6,000 visit to the emergency room. You must trust me--this was a frightening experience, even to a guy whose next major surgery will be his eleventh under anesthesia. I can guarantee you most people would have gone directly to the hospital, or at a minimum, scheduled to see an eye doctor the following day.

Why do I tell you this story? This is perhaps the half-dozenth time my wife and I have avoided unnecessary medical treatment in the last few years (kidney stones, gallbladder attacks, acid reflux, etc.). Imagine for a moment the amount of pressure that could be taken off the healthcare system if everyone approached their medical issues as we do, independently, until a doctor is actually necessary. The effect would be immense.

Likewise, it also never ceases to amaze me how many adults don't know how to read the side of medicine packaging to compare ingredients, enabling them to buy precisely the same drugs in generic form (versus name brand), at half the price. Or how many people are completely unaware of the effectiveness of modern over-the-counter medications, and which ones to use for which ailments (ie. cold vs. flu vs. diarrhea vs. constipation vs. gas, etc.). No home in the United States, nay, the world, should be without both Nyquil (cold medicine for night-time use) and Dayquil (cold medicine for day-time use). They are literally miraculous medicines in giving you comfort during an uncomfortable cold. I was astounded to find neither my mother, nearly ninety years old, nor my wife's parents, both nearing eighty years old, were familiar with these basic medicines or their benefits. Why every young person in the world is not made aware of these simple, effective remedies just leaves me shaking my head.

I believe a person's knowledge of things like medical care should grow naturally with age and experience. Intelligent people should not only be taught basic medical knowledge in school, but should be improving their own knowledge at any opportunity through life, such as when they personally get sick. It's a simple matter of paying attention to what was wrong with you, and how it was made better. Theoretically, a logical person should be able to handle their own diagnoses and treatment the next time they experience an identical medical issue. Why it doesn't work like this in such a large portion of people in the world is beyond me. I have seen my own relatives, thanks to 100% medical coverage in their retirement, make one run after another to the local emergency room for a cough, or pain, or some other ailment that generally turns out to be nothing more than heartburn, or gas, or cramps, or stomach flu, or a sinus cold. This type of activity will over-tax any medical system, and is why you and I wait for hours to gain proper pain medication when we actually have a kidney stone, or a gallbladder attack. It's also the basis for why healthcare is so expensive for the rest of us.

Teaching our young people basic medical knowledge and evaluation as part of their normal school curriculum, and increasing that knowledge as they grow older, will be a basic tenet of the Alteran Education System. Our citizens, at all adult ages, should be able to easily and confidently diagnose and treat their own minor ailments. Short of major surgeries I have not had need for a basic medical doctor in nearly three decades. It's not because I don't get sick. It's because over the course of my life I have taken the time to gain the proper medical knowledge, and I'm confident enough to apply that understanding to my own health and welfare. You should have this same capability, as should your maturing children. How do you think our forefathers survived? It was not by overworking the local doctor or making continuous runs to the town hospital. There is great personal fulfillment in knowing you can take care of yourself and your family in times of a medical emergency. After a single decade of existence most Alteran adults will be more well-informed in basic medical knowledge than the lowest rung of medical doctors in the U.S. and world today. You watch and see.

Our system ...

I believe all working citizens should be responsible for paying a reasonable amount of medical insurance from their regular paychecks to finance our healthcare system. I don't believe it's necessary that amount be 50-60-70-80-90%, or more, as you see in some socialist countries today (this is so way over the top it can only be due to bad money-management by the government or the medical system). For the benefit of the village (not because it is 'fair') the amount a person should have to pay should be determined by a formula that considers the following:

I believe national healthcare for all citizens is an important capability for any well run nation. After doing some research I can see there's just no reason this can not be made a reality. Admittedly, I have run only cursory scans and done minimal research in the area of healthcare in America (and a few other countries) because I'm busy elsewhere in this project, but once we put a magnifying glass on the hurdles and query the input of both our own medical people and our more intelligent future citizens I can guarantee you we will make this happen, and we will make it happen more cost effectively, and more efficiently, than any other country in the world today.

Our Retirement Security (Social Security)

I believe every person not physically or mentally handicapped should be responsible for creating their own retirement security as their life unfolds. If a man or woman does all he or she can through life, works hard, gives all they have to give, and has made a good faith effort to not be a blight on the community, but still come up short, then the community should step in to make up the shortfall. I consider 'Retirement Security' to be the Alteran answer to not allowing our elderly to fall victim to age, infirmity, and societal disaster. It would be a program designed to make sure those of our elderly who don't secure their own future are never forced to live on the streets, and despite all citizens paying a small amount into the program would not be utilized for anyone except the needy when they reach an age where they can no longer physically or mentally provide for themselves.

I believe everyone of working age should make some type of automatic contribution to this important retirement program all through their lives, just enough to keep the program efficient and financially healthy. When it comes time for Alteran citizens to retire those people who have become financially secure in life (those who made xx dollars in their life-time, or have xx dollars in personal assets, or xx dollars in the bank, or receive a retirement pension of more than xx dollars), which should be most Alterans, will not be eligible for security retirement, allowing those funds to remain in our retiree coffers for folks truly in need. Think about it, there's just little reason for sending a check for say $700 month to a guy who already has a $5k monthly retirement annuity, when there are people to whom $700 would mean much more in regard to their living standard and subsistence needs.

That said, I believe retirement 'security' for people who must have it provided to them means basic necessities such as quality shelter from nature and the elements, clean water, consistent availability of quality food, necessary medical support and treatment, the availability of support staff where needed, and protection against the dregs of the human race. I do not believe people who haven't arranged for their own retirement somehow deserve to be handed two-story homes, new cars, personal medical attendants, and thousands of tax payer dollars a month to spend on anything they wish (ie. vacations, luxury items, alcohol, tobacco, gambling), etc., when many average working citizens can't even afford those levels of accommodations for themselves. Quality older citizens do indeed deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, particularly if they have made their contribution to the village through the course of their lives (ie. being productive, paying taxes, etc.), but in regard to retirement security for people who must be supported by the country it should be considered just that, a guarantee you will not be tossed out in the cold to survive on your own, not a free monthly pass to luxury and vice items at the expense of current taxpayers.

When considering what would be a fair level of support for our non-self-supporting elderly I always consider myself as an example (and you should too). What would I require under these circumstances, knowing I am asking for the support of my fellow citizens in an area where I have failed to arranged support for myself? Without getting into too much detail I would be ecstatic to be provided say:

That's all I would require for a safe and comfortable life into my golden years, and it would be much more than I should expect from people who don't even know me (my current tax paying fellow citizens). Ideally, since it will be less expensive for taxpayers and government to provide the physical essentials (as opposed to a cash check for a living wage), I see our non-self-supporting retirees provided with living accommodations in specially designed retirement communities, much like paid retirement communities today, where all their needs can be efficiently met at one location, but without the need for family members to financially support them from month to month. The only real freedom they will lose is in being given limited options on where to live. A small price to pay for having others provide security and quality care for you until your life comes to an end. The idea is not to provide only the minimal needs to our needy, but to conserve what funds we have for those truly in need, resulting in zero homeless and zero hungry, as opposed to allowing anyone to take financial advantage of the system (ie. in the United States), resulting in the system collapsing under its own weight when it is overtaxed by those who are not truly in need, but rather lazy, greedy, and self-centered. Unlike liberals, I believe in helping the truly needy, not in supporting the truly lazy alike just because I can't handle the conflict of identifying the difference between the two.

Liberals and socialists will read this section and think I'm being overly harsh against people who can't fend for themselves in their old age. They will write I want to put people away into some type of concentration camps (retirement communities). This is their game. To the contrary, that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm simply saying if a mentally and physically healthy person chooses to go through life spending all their money in the moment, ie. on expensive trips or in partying night and day, in buying new cars every few years, etc., without a simple thought of providing for their own future security, then at retirement age suddenly expect taxpayers to pay for their new home, and their new car, and their future vacations, and their lottery tickets, and their gambling junkets, and their booze, and their alcohol, and their security, and their medical care, and also hand them a fat monthly check, they have completely missed the point of becoming an Alteran citizen. In calling on the good graces of others who technically owe them nothing, they must accept some limitations. It's a conscious decision they have made in life, and there will be repercussions for that decision, as there are for every other personal decision we each make in life. That said, though these types of folks will have shown a lack of good money-management they will still likely have contributed to the economy of the nation most of their lives and deserve to be treated as honorable citizen retirees. Had we been talking about people who had ridden upon a welfare system their entire life, contributing nothing to the village, but only taking, that would have been another discussion, and it would have ended with the word 'banishment'.

The bottom line is a proper village will look after it's elderly, it's infirm, it's mentally ill, and it's physically disabled, ensuring these folks have proper food, shelter and security into their old age, but those people must be worthy of our attention. They must have already made every good faith attempt possible to ensure their own future. I have no problem supporting worthy or truly incapable people. I have a major problem supporting lazy and parasitic people, and you should too, otherwise, what happens when the majority of citizens must be supported? Who exactly will be footing those bills?

Our Welfare System ...

I don't believe in a welfare system for anyone other than the elderly poor, and physically or mentally handicapped citizens. An exception would be in times of extreme unemployment, where jobs are truly scarce and unemployment income protections are not sufficient to cover the normally working population. I believe in these times government leaders must enact temporary measures to protect its citizens and get them through the hard times, but once the hard times have been survived, these temporary government programs should fade back into oblivion. Not because I don't feel good people need support in tough times, but because the human mind will always find ways to continue taking advantage of free support if that free support remains continuously available. This not only damages the financial health of the village, also facing the same tough times, but more importantly, it slowly degrades the quality of your nation's citizens; much like we're seeing in America and the world today.

Furthermore, I do not believe people being supported by taxpayers in any way should be provided, or expect to be provided, gambling, luxury or vice items such as liquor, tobacco, and lottery tickets. In fact, I believe when someone supported by taxpayers is identified to be using taxpayer provided funds or assets to purchase these types of luxury items, abusing the good faith of those working citizens who financially support them, those people should be banished from the support system. I further believe the liberal socialists who come out of the woodwork claiming this is somehow cruel treatment, or claiming welfare recipients should be allowed to spend their money however they wish in order to 'maintain their personal dignity', should be put on the same boat with them and shipped to another country with more socialist views.

In the end, it all comes back to what will be a basic Alteran tenet, mentally and physically healthy human beings should be responsible for themselves. They should not become some perpetual blight on a nation's economy. It's not fair to the people who must support them, and it's counter-intuitive in a country who will stand for personal accountability. If that's not an acceptable doctrine to you, or worse, somehow 'offends' you, then you are not meant to be an Alteran citizen and the problem is no longer yours.

Law Enforcement

Since we will likely be a small fledgling country I envision a police force where officers communicate and act toward citizens as if they are family--village family, all members of the same tribe. A city where officers who provide your personal security are admired, and respected, and embraced by citizens as the protectors they are; not feared, or viewed by the public as a necessary evil. A nation where we, the villagers, perceive ourselves to be equal partners in law enforcement in a blanket philosophy of teamwork conducive to a safe and peaceful village for everyone. Where society does not make excuses for violent criminals, or castigate police for defending themselves, or where law enforcement management does not sacrifice line staff, the people actually risking their lives in day to day duty, to defend their own political aspirations, reputations and position. I envision citizens who are proud to be Alteran police officers, and officers who are proud to be Alteran citizens.

Here's a simple truth ... within a short time of our birth our police force will be the most advanced in the world. We will take modern law enforcement philosophy and apply futuristic everything without fear of failing, or looking silly, or being politically correct, or appearing racist, or fear of violating every 'civil right' conceivable by liberal society. Our actions will be based on necessity, on human nature, on officer safety, and on the safety and prosperity of our village, not on flawed ideology or preconceived notions, and certainly not in fear of media claims of a 'police state'.

Our officers will carry the most advanced and sophisticated weapons and equipment in the world, not to look tough, or to scare people, but to protect themselves against real-life dangers and criminal violence. They will not only receive the most advanced training available, use the most advanced tactics, and have at their disposal the most advanced technology, but will also hold themselves to the highest standards in the world. Because we will accept nothing less.

Using new and advanced techniques Altera will also develop and maintain the most advanced police investigators on the entire planet, not just for Alteran benefit, but for the good of mankind, assisting any law enforcement entity or nation in the world who requests our help in solving their own crime problems. I will wager today, after designing our new investigative process, our investigators of tomorrow will be so thorough, so efficient, so effective, they will be downright scary to the human predators of the world. The Scotland Yard of the future. Why? Because in Altera, we will do everything better.

Privileges versus 'Rights'

Thousands of years ago the original intention of the 'village' concept was to allow individual people to come together in groups for mutual benefit and safety. The first villages were not created to serve an individual in any other manner. They were formed for the good of the group. The village was not responsible to you. You were responsible to the village. The village did not need you. You needed the village. Since you need the village, since you are the beneficiary of all good things the village provides, it is illogical to presume the village must adapt to your particular selfish, individual needs.

In a properly run village you may have some say in how the village is run, but you do not get to direct the village toward your own personal ideology as an individual. This is what has happened in the United States. Liberals (it is always liberals) demand so many different individual 'human rights' and 'racial rights' and 'civil rights' and 'natural rights' and 'god-given rights' and 'protest rights' and 'demonstration rights' and 'assembly rights' and 'speech rights' and 'media rights' and 'dignity rights' and 'constitutional rights' (when it serves them), and every other kind of 'right', you can barely walk down the street without offending someone. It has become so bad the media does not even bother making a distinction between 'peaceful assembly' and full blown rioting, having us believe that assaulting innocent bystanders, and attacking police, and burning businesses, and destroying homes and vehicles is all somehow okay in the quest for 'social change' or legal 'justice'. It's absurd. Maybe more insulting is in how they try to convince readers and viewers this full blown rioting is as the result of only a 'few small bands' of brigands and thugs. Notice they rarely show you clear video of the actual rioting, nor detailed photographic evidence of the aftermath of these 'peaceful gatherings'. This is because you would swear you were in a war-torn African nation.

As if this isn't bad enough, this 'trusted institution' (the press/media) then subtlety coerce these 'rights' into biased laws that apply to different individual citizens differently, and what began as a simple system of village rules and laws has over the centuries devolved into a cluttered mess of demonized law enforcement, racial chaos, civil disobedience, destructive demonstrations, riots, and mob assaults. Day after day we are witnessing an epidemic of violence that tears at the very fabric of our nation. Who is right and who is wrong under these circumstances? No one knows for sure because the rules don't apply equally to all. This is a terribly flawed system.

In Altera, the only natural or 'god-given' rights you will have as an individual are in areas that do not directly affect the village, or your fellow citizens. Natural rights such as maintaining personal dignity, the right to live peacefully, the right to freedom of movement, and thought, and expression. Maybe most important in our context is your freedom of choice. That is, if you don't like the way we do things in our village you may freely choose to live in another village. There is no need for intelligent people to write down a list of those natural rights which should be afforded to all good people. We already know them. They are common sense, built around the simple concepts of right and wrong.

I believe every other 'right' when living in a village should rather be given as a privilege provided by the village as a whole. If you prove to be irresponsible in regard to any specific privilege then that privilege will be taken away from you. For example, you may have the privilege to drive a motor vehicle. If you drive that vehicle recklessly, you run from the police, you drive while drunk, you will lose your driving privileges. You may have the privilege to drink in public (ie. in a bar). While I have no qualms with anyone who wishes to drink themselves to death in the privacy of their own homes, once you exit your home your reckless behavior can affect the lives of other citizens around you. If you drink publicly and act responsibly, you may continue to drink publicly. If you drink publicly and turn into a jackass, or drive drunk, or pick fights with other bar patrons, you will lose your privilege to drink in public. You may have the privilege to own firearms. If you commit crimes, or prove reckless or irresponsible in your handling of firearms, you will lose the privilege to own and possess them. You may have the privilege of expressing free speech. If you use that privilege to preach or incite violence, or to encourage unlawful acts, or to fan racial conflict, or to harm others, you will lose the privilege to speak publicly. The list of citizen privileges in Altera will go on and on, but they all revolve around a single simple premise. If you are incapable of acting responsibly in your new world, in consideration of all those around you, then you will lose the privileges the village has bestowed upon you. If those lost privileges begin to display your complete lack of respect for your nation, or your fellow citizens, you will lose the ultimate privilege--as you will no longer be welcome to reside in our village.

Alteran citizens will voluntarily enter into an unspoken contract with the nation that says you not only agree with the way we have chosen to run our village, but give your personal guarantee to act in good faith in living within the rules and laws of our village. From there, you live by the privileges granted to you by the village in exchange for providing you safety, security, and all the other opportunities provided by a strong village. While I personally believe privileges should be earned in life, at a citizen level, it will be more in line with our attitude on personal freedoms to provide our citizens with privileges from the start until they have proven themselves unworthy. If you are unwilling or incapable of moderating your behavior within our accepted parameters you will no longer deserve the protection and security provided by our particular village, and you will be asked to leave. There are no legal arguments, no civil suits, no court appointments, no public defenders, no powerful friends in high places, no high priced lawyers pleading your case, no red tape, no stalling, no use of 'racism' as a defense for your actions, no blaming your upbringing, or your lack of luxuries as a child, and certainly no blaming your poverty level for your criminal or violent behavior. The Alteran philosophy will be a simple one--since our personal actions are our own; conscious, deliberate, and without compulsion, every Alteran citizen will be held responsible for those actions when they result in unlawful, unethical, anti-social, or destructive behavior. How is this not already the standard philosophy all over the world?

Privilege-versus-rights is not about oppression of your 'civil rights', it's about personal responsibility. It's about right and wrong. Liberals in the United States have twisted the concept of the village into so many distorted pieces they've convinced people that society somehow owes them something due to their inherent 'civil rights' as an individual human being. Guess what, folks, that wasn't the intention of the original village, and it won't be the intention in Altera. If you don't like these simple common sense rules of personal responsibility then you are likely a self-centered person who has no respect for others around you, and you have no place in our new nation. No one is asking you to be a saint, I only ask that you be responsible for the sake of your fellow man. If you are incapable of such civilized behavior, I will say one more time, go live somewhere else.

On the word 'Government' ...

"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."--Ronald Reagan

Government in the United States and around the world has a bad name. Not only have corrupt politicians ruined it's name, but the media has engrained in people how all governments who don't agree with the media's own ideology are inherently evil. The world's media has created terms and phrases just for these circumstances, so the moment some idea with which they disagree pops up they can just go to their established terms. Terms and phrases like 'dictatorship', and 'tyranny', and 'oppression of the press', and 'police state', and 'military establishment', and 'state-run news', which they have over time intentionally turned into negative connotations in the minds of people everywhere. So much so, in some cases, a simple and innocent statement such as, "I think we can improve our Constitution," is met with immediate suspicion of nefarious intentions. Why? Decades of brainwashing you through your basic daily 'news'.

Government has a bad name because the media wants government to have a bad name. That makes the media the next perceived protector of all that is right and good in the world. It doesn't matter you have never elected any person in the media to decide what's right and wrong for you, or that most of the garbage spewed from these people comes from unseen editors in back rooms who never put their name on their deceptive propaganda. All that matters is they maintain their grip on power in this country, and convince you they can be trusted with your future, with their grip on influencing politics, with their grip on manipulating the people. They know if they scream nasty words like 'dictatorship' and 'tyranny' and 'freedom of the press' weak-minded people will only recall what has been ingrained into them over centuries and their innate paranoia will set in before they even finish reading the end of the sentence. 'Government' does not have to be a bad word. Altera will prove that in short time.

Alteran Government ...

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."--U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

Like our prospective Constitution it naturally begins with me, but will ultimately end with a general consensus by all future Alterans as to the details of how our government is constructed, how it performs, and it's ultimate powers. To get us started, I envision a small government, with a single qualified man or woman at the top lording over the entire country. A leader with nearly unlimited power and control over every aspect of government, business, and citizenship below his or her position. That person will be the Alteran Prime Citizen (the 'First Citizen').

Paranoid yet? What bothered you most? The 'lording over' statement, or the 'unlimited power' statement? It's ridiculous how Hollywood and the news media have convinced the vast majority of Americans of the dangers of a single person making decisions that affect an entire country, yet we spent eight years watching a democratic President illegally bypassing Congress to release group after group of violent felons from prison. That means he was doing precisely what he wanted to do, without legal support from Congress, despite the established constitutional rules of 'democracy' in the United States that make it illegal (under threat of tyranny). Perhaps worse, the liberal media only complains of such things when their liberal candidate is not in office, displaying utter hypocrisy in their alleged 'protection' of the American public against tyranny and dictatorship. Notice how now, with a Republican in office, the media is losing its mind on use of those same executive orders which were expressed throughout the previous president's eight years in office. The media has also already pulled out the terms 'dictator' and 'tyrant' for use against Donald Trump, before he's even really made any serious moves, almost humorous when you consider the actions of the last president.

Don't buy into this deceptive hype, or the negative connotations the press has built into the word 'dictator'. Every Native-American Indian chief in existence was a dictator. How many Indian chief tyrants are you aware of through all of history? Like liberals and their blaming of guns for human violence, their paranoia of a single powerful leader exists not because the single-leader system is flawed, but because this system makes it much easier for their damaging ideology to be directly targeted and eradicated. It's much easier to subtly infiltrate large Senates, and Parliaments, and Legislatures, and Politburos, and other governing bodies than it is to convert a single intelligent, honorable man or woman to their flawed ideology. Modern politics and political leaders aside, not trusting any particular leader due solely to the potential for abuse by that leader is beyond irrational paranoia. It has been a liberal rallying cry since ancient times, and resulted in the invasion of Rome on numerous occasions. Rome, the America of its day, taken down by a liberal Senate. Sound familiar?

On the subject of fools, I am not one. Despite my bold statement above I do realize if one thing can not be trusted in this world it is man's basic human nature, his greed, and many men's violent pursuit of power. You can see this all through history and all around the world today. While there is no question one supreme leader is the superior structure, and liberal paranoia will not keep Altera from taking advantage of this superior structure, that leader must be held accountable to one very specific entity, and that entity is the people (or, since 'the people' is the rallying cry of liberals and communists, I prefer to say 'The Village').

It is restricting and self-defeating to elect a leader into the most powerful position in a nation, or even on Earth, as with the President of the United States, and not be able to immediately remove him or her when that person proves traitorous, biased, corrupt, criminal, dangerous, destructive, or ineffective. In our new world, using modern technology to create a real-time voting system where citizens can vote directly from their homes at any time day or night, the Prime Citizen will be at the continued mercy of The Village. When a designated level of the voting population believes a Prime is corrupt, or no longer an effective leader, or a danger to the nation, they can take him/her out, very nearly in real time. No stalling, no politics, no television propaganda campaign to maintain power, no time for bribes or power-brokering among fellow political leaders, no media blitz to save their candidate, and no open election four years from now.

Example: Imagine if the German people, now in the throes of a national disaster as the result of the sudden and unexpected action of their leader opening their entire continent to unfettered immigration, had the power to instantly say, "Whoa, wait a minute." The moment citizens saw the repercussions of her actions and overwhelmingly disagreed with her new policies they could have instantly removed her from office, before the invasion of their land (and consequently all of Europe) actually occurred. Even now, she continues to stand defiant against the majority's wishes even after formal voting has shown the entire country is turning against her. Is this 'democracy' at work?

In our new world, if a majority of the village are unhappy, or wish to respond to some drastic move by their leadership (as we're seeing in Germany), it's over, and a new Prime steps in. You will never see this in the 'true democracy' that is the United States, because it would mean government leaders having to give up both control and their most potent weapons; deception, power-broking, brainwashing, propaganda, and time (to stall).

Understand, this 'power of the people' is not an effective construct due to 'the people' being special, or because 'the people' should have some type of sovereign glory that exceeds the importance of the village or even the Prime Citizen of the nation. It is not because 'the people' are what's important in our village above all else, or because 'the people' are the ones with the intelligence, or the wherewithal, or possess the individual 'rights' which qualify them to determine the fate of our village. Exactly none of those things will be true in our nation. In Altera, though freedom will be the basis for all we are, the well-being of our village will always take priority over any individual citizen, including the Prime Citizen. That means never will the rights of an individual citizen supercede what is good for the majority of the village. Giving our village citizens the power to remove the top leader in the nation is not about giving citizens power. It is about using numbers (math) to guarantee protection of our village against human nature. What gives strength to having our citizens determine the fate of the Prime Citizen lies exclusively in the fact that citizens, en masse, are the only entity in the village who we can be sure is not wholly corrupted by political, ideological, or professional bias. The reason for this is something I call 'mass balancing'.

Other high-level government administrators such as senators, military leaders, top law enforcement officials, judges, are all positions of power which can be influenced by more power, or greed, or personal bias, and it takes only a few officials in key positions to generate corruption of that power. Citizens, as a group, while not always the best at making decisions on who should govern (due to various reasons we don't have room to discuss here), are the best source when deciding who definitely should not govern, because they are the people directly affected by top leadership's actions. When a senator, a law enforcement or judicial power, points a finger at an acting Prime we can't be sure of their personal or professional motivation. Are they acting for the good of our village, on behalf of themselves, or worst of all, on behalf of an unknown third party? There is no real way to know. The average citizen is not seeking power when they point a finger at a damaging leader, and even the few who may be acting in self-interest are clearly neutralized, through 'balancing', by the thousands who are not.

The precise opposite occurs with corrupt government leaders, who are not naturally neutralized (balanced out) by non-corrupt leaders. When corrupt leaders act there is no vote, no seeking of opposing opinions by non-corrupt leaders, no 'balancing' of the damaging actions by honorable opposing leaders because in most cases citizens (and honest leaders) won't even be aware it's happening. When tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, or millions of citizens decide by majority a village leader is unworthy the reason will be singular--that leader is unworthy. Unless the majority of your citizens are inherently corrupt, potential corruption in that decision is a non-factor. Like the human body expelling a foreign object this is the power of the village, acting as a single organism to ensure it's own well-being.

Not only do I believe the leader of a country should answer directly to the village, I also believe if the ultimate leader of a nation is forcibly removed by an overwhelming majority of the people, that leader will have proven themselves unworthy to such an extent they are no longer qualified to be a citizen of the village and should also be immediately banished from the village. This is the equivalent to the U.S. President being removed from office and forced to move outside the United States. When a leader proves to be corrupt, or biased, or irrational, or delusional, or oppressive, or dangerous to it's citizens, or destructive to his or her nation, just as citizens are held to higher standards, that violation of the nation's highest level of power should have immediate consequences. It begins with banishment. The power of the village itself.

Feel better about all those statements of 'lording over' and 'unlimited power'? The 'lording over' was actually just my intentional way of saying don't let paranoia and current perceptions (you likely obtained from the press, television shows, liberal journalists and educators) get in the way of your reasoning when deciding what is good or bad for our future nation. Do you think an Indian tribe with a single Chief 'lording over' his people was a bad system? It was tried and true for Native-Americans for their entire existence until a certain 'democracy' came along and eradicated them. Do you think Native-Americans should rather have created a dozen 'committees' to examine their needs, or new 'ministries' dedicated to redesigning their system, or some type of native 'Politburo' who voted on everything that needed to be done to feed and clothe the tribe? Don't be naive', and more importantly don't allow liberals to continue manipulating your view of the world to their own sinister perception. Have faith in your own logic, your gut instincts. If you disagree with my arguments employ your own freedom of choice to continue down your current path. There is no force, no deception. no coercion here.

The Prime Citizen's entire purpose will be to oversee the country, to maintain the underlying ethics and standards and philosophy on which the nation was born, to maintain the integrity of our Constitution, to act for the protection of Altera, to protect Alteran citizens everywhere, to make the difficult decisions for our new nation, and specifically to enact the following critical duties:

There will be no voting for political leaders in Altera, no politics, no popularity contests, no campaigns of lies and false promises, no influence by wealth or power or fame, no taking turns by opposing parties in running the country, no deal-making between political entities. This is not a game. We will identify our top leaders through their service to our nation, their service in the Senate, through their leadership qualities, through their lifelong actions, not on flowery words, or popularity, or powerful friends, or flashy commercials, or because they look good in a nice suit, or by passing money and handouts around to weak-minded citizens. This is how you find quality leadership and keep it in all the right places. With such rarity of effective leaders the world around, why would any logical people go to great lengths to find effective leaders, then discard them to make room for someone else with whom you have no idea of their actual qualifications until it's too late? Perhaps worse, why would you leave ineffective or dangerous leaders in positions of power for year after year without any way to remove them? This is nothing less than irrational logic leveraged by paranoia, the power-mongers, and those weak in real leadership ability who insist on demanding their turn at the helm.

In support of the Prime Citizen and the nation of Altera will be two very specific entities in charge of the nation's day-to-day affairs. The main body of our national leadership will begin with The Alteran Senate. This panel of citizen representatives will be drawn from all walks of Alteran citizens and act as the nation's equivalent to the U.S. Congress. Alteran citizen Senators will not 'represent the people', as in the United States, which is the equivalent of putting your government and it's citizens on two opposing sides. Our citizen Senators will be 'representative of the people'. The entire Senate will be representatives of our people, not to one another, but to the outside world. There will be no need to establish secondary factions within our country to represent oppressed groups or classes. No such oppressed groups or classes will exist in Altera. Once officially citizens Alterans will be Alterans, regardless of their religion, their physical appearance, how they make their living, or what arguments they bring to the Senate.

In the interest of small government, I envision perhaps (24) members in our first Senate (assuming we have a large enough population), growing larger as our population swells, but never growing so large they buckle under their own weight (as we see in the United States today). They will be the primary governing body and legislature of Altera. The acting Senate will be responsible for running Altera's day to day business as a nation. They will:

I have developed another new concept (I have termed 'The Electorate') in regard to how we will determine our senatorial leaders into the future, but it is so dissimilar from anything the world has seen until now, I will have to further develop and polish the concept in order to make a concise argument to our people on the merits of this new system. Human nature dictates people do not like change, and this will be a big one, but I believe it will be worthy of the secrecy surrounding it, and if properly implemented might even change the course of other governments throughout the world. Bear with me for now, as I can only accomplish so much at one time.

In summary, once Altera becomes a functioning nation 'The Electorate' will automatically nominate our future senators directly from our citizenship using no form of favoritism, and with no need for political campaigning, or political posturing, or money-leveraging. There will be no input by persons currently possessing senatorial seats, no influence by persons purely seeking power, no room for corruption, no billions of wasted dollars in campaign donations, and very little input or control from either the Prime Citizen or the Guardian Council (see below). Those nominated citizens, whoever they are, once advised they have been selected will then have the choice as to whether or not to answer their nation's call. The exception will be the first Alteran Senate, where senatorial positions will likely be filled by those men and women who have risen to the top, as nation-builders, and proven themselves most worthy during the initial creation of our new nation.

Note: If your first thought to that last sentence was, "And who decides who they will be?" this project is not for you. Again, you're base thinking is paranoid, liberal, and defeatist. Your mind performs with suspicion, and leads every conversation with a question or a challenge. This project is not for you.

From the most effective leaders of our Senate, having demonstrated their leadership qualities in day-to-day service to our nation, we will establish a 'Guardian Council'. The Guardians of Altera will be a powerful council consisting of permanently seated senators, who oversee the entire nation. This council will be the smartest and wisest and most experienced of our people discovered through time. Our 'Elders' if you will. They will:

Like the Prime Citizen, the Guardian Council will also have immense power to instantly act for the good of the nation, to avoid red tape and political maneuvering, to do what is right and necessary to protect Alteran citizens and keep Altera moving forward under the spirit of the Alteran Constitution. This council will answer only to the Prime Citizen above them. Members of the council will be assigned directly by the Prime after exhibiting exceptional service in other areas, such as in the Senate, but each will likely be ratified by both the current Senate and (possibly) the people themselves (to demonstrate our citizens are all on the same page).

It should go unspoken, but in today's bizarre world I feel the need to say it out loud. Our leaders will never be chosen based on class, or wealth, or caste, or skin color, or family name, or familial relations, or friendship, or nationality, or a pretty smile. They will never be chosen to satisfy or fulfill some sense of justice, or racial imbalance, or to address some perception of 'inequality', or to obtain more 'diversity' in our leadership. And they will certainly never be based on the demands of some outspoken celebrity, journalist, media personality, political entity, or foreign nation. As I said above, this is not a game. Altera will be lead by people with true leadership ability, chosen on merit, and actions, and skills, and character, and substance, and accomplishment. To build and maintain a great nation's leadership in any other manner is ideological self-delusion.

Government checks and balances, personal accountability by our leaders ...

Can you see the pattern emerging? The Senate is populated by citizens. The nation's Guardians anchor the Senate as permanent members. The Prime oversees the Guardians and the Senate. The village oversees the Prime. Full circle. Corrupt, weak, or ineffective leaders can be removed nearly instantaneously and replaced as quickly as new leaders can be trained in the procedures of office. The required safeguards against human abuse of power are in place, with only the details needing to be worked out. The greatest challenge will be in finding Altera's most qualified leaders (notice I specifically did not say 'politicians') as the future unfolds.

The Alteran Constitution

I have little love or regard for politics throughout the world, and I intend to make major changes to the way people are used to seeing things done in our village. It just doesn't make sense for logical people to continue incorporating illogical and self-defeating constructs decade after decade for hundreds of years. This begins with aligning our new population with a generally accepted set of ideals right from the start (the primary tenet of this book); something never before done in history. A group of likeminded people banded together in mind and soul from the beginning, not in creation of some self-defeating perpetual struggle between conflicting ideology and philosophy. That means there will be no need for opposing and eternally bickering political parties spouting spin and nonsense that reduces government to an eternal tug-of-war in values, and doctrine, and law, and power, as you're witnessing in the United States (and many other nations) right now.

The formalities will begin with our Constitution, the first rough draft of which is sitting on my desk as I type these words. There will be major changes when compared to the U.S. Constitution. I know that sentence will make some flag waving 'patriotic' Americans nervous, but do not be afraid of discovery and change. 'Discovery' in keeping an open mind to making our Constitution better than it has ever been. 'Change' in accepting what our minds inform us is a better path, based on reason and logic and experience, not on the arguments of the irrational liberal thinkers in the media and decades of government responsible for taking us down our currently destructive path.

Most folks champion the current U.S. Constitution because they believe in a few major sections, but despise others. Liberals love freedom of the press, free speech, immigration policies, citizen juries, entitlements, trade unions, the right to assembly, and the right not to incriminate one's self (have you ever noticed liberal desires always require disruption). Conservatives generally love the right to bear arms, religious freedom, and restrictions on big government and taxes. Can you see the problem? There are so many opinions and so many views and so many conflicting perceptions by the melting pot that has become America we, as a group, can't even agree on our strongest or most important constitutional tenets. Imagine a liberal living in a liberal world, how long would it take for them to rewrite the U.S. Constitution to suit their own needs? They are already trying to do so in the United States as we speak. It is no different for conservatives. Why would any self-respecting conservative break away from a country rapidly being manipulated to the far left then not rewrite the liberal garbage out of their new Constitution? I would think any logical reader can see the importance of this simple act regardless of which way you lean politically.

Altera is my initial dream, it is my project, and with no one yet sitting here to argue with me I scratched out a document that satisfies my own philosophy, desires, grievances, objections and concerns. Would you have me outline some politically correct B.S. with which I wholeheartedly do not agree? For those among you who's paranoia is already raising it's ugly head, this project is not likely for you. The entire point of this project is too find like-minded people who think like me. People who think like me are not paranoid. It was not people like me who panicked any time the Roman Senate felt threatened by its own military leaders. It was not people like me who backed Stalin, or Lenin, or Hitler, or Mussolini. It is not people like me who are afraid of inanimate objects. It is not people like me who fear our own military troops, or refuse to outfit our police with 'scary looking' military gear, or enact laws that benefit no one except criminals. If you're already made paranoid by the mere thought of changing the 'status quo', or you're already thinking something like, "Oh, so now this guy has the arrogance to think he can not only rewrite the Constitution, but also tell me what to do?" If this is you, trust me when I tell you, you are not meant to walk this path. Your innate paranoia and lack of judgment is already behind your self-defeating destruction in this country. It will not be the foundation for destruction of the next. If instead, your initial response to my suggestion of a completely new Constitution was more along the lines of, "Let's see what you've got!", then we're already likely on the same page.

This budding new document will be of such importance I intend to release it, with a breakdown of my reasoning on each point, to our smartest and most worldly people to get their input, which we will then use to create the first rewrite. We will then release the new copy, with a breakdown of all logic and reasoning we have used until then, to the scrutiny of all our current members for their personal evaluation and input. From there it will be adapted, polished, debated, finalized, and made available to all our prospective citizens before even one person must make the commitment to formerly become an Alteran citizen. This will guarantee one of the most important aspects of this endeavor: The vast majority of those people who establish their homes on our soil and call themselves Alterans will be of one like mind and philosophy. They will have willfully walked through the plethora of filters on which our nation will be established and survived. We may not all get along all the time, or even agree with one another all the time, but we'll be bonded together by an agreed upon philosophical foundation on which to build our new nation right from our birth.

Our Intranet and the voting system

The debate over expense aside, I see every household in Altera connected to one another by an in-country 'Intranet', where you can not only walk to a console on the wall of your home and text your friends, or order a pizza, or call family and see their picture pop up on a little screen like you see in sci-fi movies, but more importantly, this direct connection, backed up by public Intranet terminals which can be accessed by anyone, will not only allow the government to contact every household in the country within seconds (ie. during an emergency), or let teachers directly advise parents of activities or problems, it will also allow any household in the country to contact the government within seconds as well. That applies to anything from an instant emergency call to recording a citizen's vote on a public referendum.

Our country will have a computer database containing information on all Alteran citizens. Since our citizenship is starting from scratch, and each new citizen will need to be recorded before being given full citizenship, why wouldn't we? Would you truly believe any government who claimed to throw away all the information they obtained in this process? The privacy debate aside, this allows Altera many advantages that most nations do not possess, and logic says we should take advantage of them. The good news, in regard to privacy concerns, is I personally believe citizens should be truthfully advised on how this information will be used and where necessary show their support (or rejection) through referendum.

An important example is in allowing our qualified citizens to instantly vote on any number of subjects which might be tossed out by the Prime Citizen, the Guardians, or the Senate. For example, the government may wish to ask the people for their opinion on a specific subject. American politicians would wince at the prospect of actually being forced to ask Americans if they should say, give a billion dollars in aid to a country who supports terrorism, or one who openly hates America. Once they are in office, few elected politicians in the United States have any interest in what citizens truly desire. It's all about staying in office, and keeping citizens as blind as possible is critical to that staying power.

Alteran leadership on the other hand, with an intelligent and involved citizenship, will very much want the opinions of our people on issues which will directly affect our people and our nation. In our example, a billion dollars in aid must come from somewhere, and that somewhere is citizen pocketbooks (as taxes). If a majority of our citizens don't wish to grant a hostile country a billion dollars a year, then why would any logical government who claim to represent citizens do so? The answer is in order to accomplish other hidden objectives, such as to gain intelligence information, or military bases in that country, or the right to fly through their air space, or goodwill by that country's leaders, or permission to kill their citizens, regardless of how many people they've slaughtered. But this is not a true democracy (as the U.S. media claims). When a citizen's opinion no longer matters after the election has ended then you have what? A bunch of political power-brokers running things, and these power-brokers have little interest in whether or not you agree when a billion dollars of someone else's money is thrown at some corrupt or tyrannical leader in another country, as long as it plays to their ideological or political ends. While many Americans might be happy to bury their head in the sand and ignore the system around them, this will not be our way in Altera. Much like Israel or New Zealand or Singapore, our country will be small, and our people will be directly affected by most decisions made by our government. I believe it's important the 'village' (the people) maintain a say, or at least the ability to express an opinion, on pending actions under circumstances that can not be dealt with using leadership reason and logic alone.

Examples: Our nation is running short of money, should we increase income taxes, or the sales tax, or fuel tax, or reduce spending, or lay people off from their government jobs? Should we build a road from point A to point B, or build another school, or improve the neighborhoods we already have? One of our citizens is being held captive in a foreign country, do we risk more of our people to get him back or wait it out? One of our people, working in Africa has come down with the Ebola virus. Do we risk the entire nation to bring her home for treatment, or ...?

Not so easy, right? Not every decision made by government's is simple and straightforward, or good for the people, or would be accepted by the people, despite the fact that in America the politicians making those decisions are supposed to represent the people. As an American, I personally had a major problem with the United States bringing patients sick with the Ebola virus back into the United States from Africa, citizenship-be-damned, without so much as asking for the opinion of the rest of us who were being needlessly endangered. To me, this was a dangerous, short-sighted, and liberal-minded decision (under the Obama administration), and one I have no doubt with which the government knew the majority of the public would not agree with or support. This is why they did not ask. And this country's government has the nerve to insist it is a true 'democracy', acting for the people, without regard to race or status or ideology? Hogwash.

By being able to ask your citizens for a formal vote, or even just an opinion, and get a majority response within a few days is outstanding. If the people are asked their opinion on bringing an Ebola-infected citizen back from Africa for treatment, and the response is an overwhelming majority voting no, then we find another way, perhaps an island military base, or even better, a quarantine camp in Africa run by our own people, where the damage should the virus escape be somewhat limited. What happens if the question is never posed to citizens, and the people never get a chance to express their opinions? The government acts, the people resent them for it (as I do with Ebola), and the government loses both credibility and satisfaction as representative leaders of the people. Why would any logical government do this with so important and life-threatening an issue in a true democracy? They would not.

On a side note: At the end of 2015 it was reported in the British media the Ebola virus can still be observed in a man's sperm up to eight months after the infection has been 'cured'. At the end of 2016 those numbers were again updated to reveal they have found African men with the virus in their semen up to (565) days after the infection was 'cured'. That's a year and a half. Of (446) cases of male victims in recovery (38) were found to still have the virus in their semen a full year after the virus seemed to have disappeared. It was also revealed doctors have had evidence of sexual transmission of the virus (after being 'cured') since March of 2015 (though this disease has the potential to wipe out entire nations, I have never seen a single news article on this critical piece of information--have you?). Researchers studying Ebola survivors have also located the virus in breast milk, vaginal secretions, spinal fluid, and the fluid in a person's eyes. This means long after the virus seems to have been cured every person who was brought back into the United States, and every other country around the world, was/is a potential walking time bomb. You can thank your deposed liberal government for that bit of stress, and its no wonder that information quickly disappeared from the media. I would wager most people in this country have no idea this is scientific fact, and that's the idea ... that's your media, your 'trusted institution' at work, and we wonder how the cancer that infects America has grown so far out of control.

I digress.

Personal freedoms

In Altera, your individual actions will be your own, as long as they do not negatively affect other people. There must be exceptions of course, not due to any personal beliefs of my own, but because human beings are knuckleheads by nature. For example, if you want to jump off a cliff wearing a parachute--good luck to you. If it comes to it I'll compliment your thrill-seeking personality at your funeral. If you want to jump off a building above a freeway full of traffic, well, then we have a safety issue involving other people. Get it? It's not that I mind you jumping off the top of a building, in fact I would likely have tried it myself in days gone by, it's just that in a village setting there are other people to consider. Personal responsibility says if you want to risk your life, it's your business, but if in risking your life you may impact other people around you it becomes village business. Simple as that. That's not too crazy, right? It's not a restriction of your personal freedoms, but rather common sense and respect for the other people sharing your village.

Surveillance and Privacy

This may be the single most difficult area of attention for me in regard to Altera. I have such an incredibly low tolerance for crime and criminals, yet at the same time I am a staunch advocate for personal privacy. It's neither about law enforcement, nor keeping my personal business hidden from the world. It's about principle. It certainly creates a logistical dilemma as I try to hash out a happy medium between the two. My intention is to explain to you (in time) my personal opinions on using technology that will invade some privacy, essentially to fight crime and terrorism, with all accompanying reasoning for my feeling that way. We, all Alteran citizens, will then debate and decide among ourselves, using reason over paranoia, to determine which potential instruments will be acceptable to us as a village, and which will not.


Don't get too worked up over the term 'banishment'. I'm not recommending people be imprisoned, or tortured, or executed, or even politically persecuted. They are simply being advised they are no longer welcome to live in our village. Think on this a moment, what do we do when some belligerent man is raising hell in a movie theater, or bar, or restaurant? We ask them to leave, or ownership calls security to have them removed. This is banishment. Do you socialize with people you don't like? Live with people with whom you don't get along? Buy homes near people you don't trust? In all cases you are banishing people from your life. The world does not come to an end.

Imagine for a moment how beautiful your current country would be if you were given the power to simply advise the traitors, and the suspected terrorists, and the criminals, and the animals, and the instigators, and the bullies, and the predators, and the socialists, and the entitled, and the parasites, to just go live somewhere else. Would you not act on it? Would life not be more beautiful in the morning? Then why wouldn't reasonable people make that happen if they had the opportunity? I'm guessing the only ones who would complain are those not invited to come along, getting an instant taste of what it's like to take responsibility for their own actions.

Living in the village of Altera will be a privilege, not a right. People who violate our major laws or act against our Constitution will be politely asked to go live somewhere else. They will have no right in Altera to do as they please in acting contrary to the good of the village, or to their fellow citizens, or against our base Constitution, and have it overlooked or irrationally justified as some type of morbid freedom of choice/speech. Think on this ... the United States currently has hundreds of people under 'terror watch' and nearly a hundred on the federal 'no fly' list. The suspicion around these people is so great our government follows them around and will not let them get anywhere near a large airplane (think '9/11'). Why are people so dangerous to our nation still U.S. citizens? Why are they allowed to continue living here? Because some liberal tells you they haven't yet done anything illegal? Will those same liberals step forward to take responsibility after one of these suspected terrorists kills another fifty, hundred, or thousand Americans in a single stroke? If this isn't unbelievable enough, the government is pushing legislation to also prevent these same people from buying firearms. Did you understand that last sentence? These people, who are dangerous enough they are already forbidden from flying on our airplanes, or entering our airports, are also currently allowed to buy firearms. How can that possibly be? Is this 'democracy' in action? In an Alteran world, banishment fixes that problem, instantly.

The authorities in nearly every civilized nation on the planet are monitoring known extremists within their borders who they believe pose an imminent threat to their people. Are their passive leaders going to take responsibility for every new act of rape or murder of their citizens by these already identified people? Banishment fixes that problem without a single future victim. The liberal government in France has plans to build a dozen 'de-radicalization' centers all across their country to combat the 'terrorist inclinations' of nearly ten thousand of their own citizens, at a cost of nearly $50 million. Terrorist 'inclinations'. Men and women, ten thousand of them, known to have a penchant for terrorism, and liberal France thinks they can pull these people back into the civilized fold before they kill someone. This is good example of irrational liberal thinking, and again, who will take responsibility for dead French citizens when even one of those known terrorists sets off the next bomb in Paris or Nice or Marseille? Those in power who decided these people can be 'de-radicalized'? Banishment fixes that problem as well, instantly. In fact, if the French were wise they would also banish the 'leaders' who suggested such precarious programs as being a danger to the long term welfare of their nation.

Banishment does not only benefit a nation in regard to potential terrorists. The pimps, the drug dealers, the street gangs; banishment fixes all those problems. The predator who continually gets arrested for one assault or violent crime after another; banishment fixes that problem. The perpetual burglars, the professional car thieves, the lifelong arsonists, the repeat offenders, the parole violators, the home invaders, and the carjackers; banishment fixes all those problems. I was at one time a Release Officer in the Sacramento County Main Jail in California. It would astonish the average citizen to see the 'rap sheets' of the tens of thousands of animals running the streets of every big city, filled with one violent act after another. I can recall a single rap sheet twenty three pages in length, nothing but text, line after line of documented crimes. My partner and I just looked wide-eyed at each other as the printer spewed out page after page across the floor (in the days of continuous paper printing). And we were compelled to release him to the streets, the next innocent victims only hours or days away.

How is this acceptable in an intelligent and peaceful society? How do liberal judges get away with releasing these violent people to the street crime after crime without experiencing their own repercussions? How does the media get away with pushing for the release of violent felons before completion of their legally determined punishment? The answer in all cases is, they won't. Banishment fixes all of these problems. A human animal gets to victimize our people one time, and if he is lucky enough to survive his circumstances with prison time, and successfully completes that prison time, he will be advised to pack his bags the moment he gets out of prison. We're not going to flay anyone, or crucify them on a cross, or bury them in a deep hole with no food or water, we will simply insist they live somewhere else.

Still not convinced this is the proper path? Consider for a moment the sole reason you wish to live in a 'good neighborhood' and have your children attend 'good schools'. You're not trying to get your child a little extra 'good' in life. You're essentially banishing as much of the 'bad' from your child's environment as possible, you're just candy-coating the process to make it sound more socially acceptable. Think of Altera, the entire nation, as the ultimate good neighborhood. In Altera you won't need to evaluate the neighborhood for the bad--running crime statistics, inquiring into the levels of violence at the local schools, determining whether or not street gangs own the night, or whether a crack house exists just down the street. We will have none of those things. You'll be free to look instead for the good--a perfect location, a pretty neighborhood, a convenient school, a nice house. Why? Effective, targeted, and unabated banishment of the cancer, whether it is packaged in black, white, yellow, brown, or green. If you're not interested in such niceties, or feel I'm somehow overstepping my bounds in suggesting such defensive actions in defense of our citizens, no worries, feel free to continue living with those cretins you refuse to banish from your world.

Looking to the future ...

I believe mankind all around the world is currently stifling his own progress in every area imaginable. Less than one tenth of one percent (.001) of the global population today makes any real contribution to our evolution as a species. The rest go about their daily lives with no thought outside their own personal existence, or even worse, spend their time figuring out how to lie, cheat, and steal in their efforts to climb over the top of others for material gain. As a group we fear change, we fear the unknown, we fear the gods, we fear the universe. For a species who thinks so highly of ourselves we completely lack self-esteem and are full of irrational fears and apprehension. Few people can even openly acknowledge the possibility of extra-terrestrial life out there in our vast universe. Even fewer will be able to deal with it should one of those advanced alien races one day stop by to openly say hello. Not only are we failing to advance as a galactic entity, we're failing to advance even as a basic species on this planet. It would take an entire book to break down all we are doing wrong. All that's necessary here, in this book, is an acknowledgement that something needs to change. This must begin with someone. I suggest it begin with Altera. I believe we, future Alterans, can be a model for the future of the entire planet. If we begin and grow our nation from quality seeds, and we raise truly quality children, mankind might actually one day become something more than a hostile, primitive, greedy, entitled, wasteful, warring parasite upon this doomed planet.

It doesn't matter what I personally believe in regard to alien life in the universe, and I'm happy to discuss those beliefs with anyone, anywhere, except here; that's for another time. What matters here is in order to advance our species we will one day need to venture out from our planet on a journey of discovery and exploration. I don't mean hitting a golf ball around on the moon, or remotely guiding a robot on Mars (although that's pretty cool). I mean leaving our star to visit other stars, and eventually other galaxies. If we, mankind, ever wish to take our place among whatever or whomever is actually out there that one action is paramount. In my opinion, this single task is more important than most any other on the entire planet. I don't believe mankind, in its current state today, can solve mankind's problems alone. Not because we aren't capable, but because too many of us are far too primitive, too power-hungry, too greedy, too self-serving, too self-defeating. Continuing to deny these simple and obvious truths even to ourselves, is what will keep us in this unproductive and primitive state of mind. I believe advancing our species into space will accomplish all of the following:

It would take another entire book to explain why I believe all these things to be true, but the point here is to stress how important I believe this issue to be right now. Just as I believe all future Alterans must contribute to building a new nation, I believe the entire world, all countries who can contribute, should be focusing on making man a space-faring species. Not for monetary gain, or national prestige, or for military advancement or domination, but to extend the evolution of mankind. And therein lies the problem. Most global governments today are too suspicious of one another, too militaristic in their goals, too greedy, too power-hungry, too corrupt, too protective of their own technologies, and too determined to look out only for themselves.

My basic philosophy on space travel is very simple. Just like forging the birth of Altera, we should prepare, and we should go. That means whatever it takes; whatever the costs, whatever the risks, whatever the sacrifices. Because the payoff will not only eventually reimburse any monetary costs in achieving this goal, it will contribute to solving the world's current problems. Nearly all of them. Imagine all the death and destruction we could avoid if we could prevent even one small war? The casualties avoided from that single war will completely offset the sacrifices in human life necessary to accomplish our goals in space.

Since I can not control the actions of all mankind, and there will be few global leaders who even take me serious on the Altera Project itself until we prove ourselves, I will focus my energies here into engaging my own people, who I see as leading this planet into that future. If it turns out the galaxy is teeming with advanced alien races then making contact with those races can be the start to who knows what, yes?

I see Altera as a future testing ground for space travel and exploration. Yes, we will have to begin at the bottom of space exploration knowledge and expertise, just as our new nation must do in every other area right now. And yes, like building our new nation, we will have to begin our space program from scratch. But ... I see conservative-minded scientists joining our nation as citizens to become the foundation of our space-exploration efforts, and bringing their knowledge with them. I see space-exploration scientists from countries who wish to be involved with us coming from all over the world to gather in our new nation, and bringing their knowledge with them. I see creative outside-the-box thinkers whose ideas or beliefs may be currently shunned by a close-minded scientific community coming forth to join us (since I myself posses many 'shunned ideas' such as the possibility of creating one's own nation), and bringing their knowledge with them. I see the brightest and most unorthodox problem-solvers in the entire world joining us in the challenge to devise means of travel, colony housing, space transport, storage, fuel creation, and everything else necessary to make the dream a reality, and bringing their knowledge with them. And I see it happening not a hundred years from now, but right now.

While one unimaginable project (creating our own nation) at a time is enough for puny human minds (such as mine) to endeavor, I'll still go one further in the long term fantasy, and say the next unimaginable achievement for Altera is to be one of the first countries on Earth to actually colonize a world outside our own; if not, the first. How's that for audacity? That's one of the reasons I don't worry too much about a new Altera on Earth physically possessing massive land reserves, such as Canada, or Russia, or China, or the United States. We need room for only the first generations of our descendants and we will be going to the stars. Underline that last sentence. This is not the next dream for Altera, but rather the consummation of this dream. I may not see it happen in my lifetime, but I'll spend the remaining portion of my life in pursuit of that goal from the moment our new nation is off and running.

How will all this be accomplished? The concepts are already percolating in my mind, but we must first line up and conquer many other short term goals on the way to completing the long term dream. Luckily, our Alteran scientists will not be nation-building homes and apartment buildings and roads and schools and parks. All they need to begin their research for designs in space colonization, as I have done here for The Altera Project, is a single room with conference tables, and desks, and drawing boards, and coffee pots, and computers, and software, and an Internet connection. That means our scientists can be off and running the moment they have a place to work, and even sooner if they're paying attention to some of the concepts in this book. The culmination of a daring dream may not be as far off as some might think. Hang in there for the ride.

Can you see the vision?

Can you imagine a village devoid of politicians seeking power and fame, where your respected leaders are established on merit, not by money, or fame, or race, or powerful family, or celebrity friends. Where every citizen who desires has a chance to succeed or lead. Where personal responsibility is expected and demanded, not derided. Where hard work is rewarded. Where citizenship is cherished. Where the strong protect the weak. Where the weak have no fear of oppression or bullying. Where the gentle and passive have no fear of violence against them. Where the people who protect your daily life and property are respected and admired, not second-guessed, persecuted, and criminalized for doing their already dangerous jobs. Where personal privacy comes before information gathering. Where personal security is assumed. Where neighbors watch out for one another, not victimize one another. Where the people or their representatives can immediately remove a leader who is tyrannical, or dangerous, or a blatant liar, or presses anti-constitutional ideology on citizens. Where you can trust your friends, and your neighbors, and your coworkers to have your best interests in mind as they go about their daily lives. Where international countries will respect and look up to you as a people, not hate and despise you, despite all the money you lavish on them. Where culture and advancement and a recognition and acknowledgement of man's flaws take us into the future, not treading water for fear of offending someone. Where each person is given the respect they deserve, until they no longer deserve it. A country devoid of activists, and rioters, and instigators, and the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle manipulation by a politically and ideologically motivated press/media. Where you'll actually want to know your fellow citizens, not hide in your home or apartment so the world doesn't find you.

Imagine an education system where your children, all children, are raised to be the alphas and the shepherds of the world for tomorrow, not the victims and the sheep, milling about in a delusional herd. Imagine a country where women can walk the streets alone at night, where you can use a bank machine without peering over your shoulder, where you can leave your car unlocked with the engine running and find it still there when you return. Imagine a country where your children don't have to worry about every stranger who stops to ask them for directions. Imagine looking forward to getting up each day, where nothing is impossible, where you walk tall among the strangers of every foreign country on the planet; not with arrogance, not looking down on people, but with pride to be part of something special, to be Alteran.

Impossible? Then maybe you're reading the wrong book.

The vision is not complicated. Sadly, I don't believe man, with his primitive and violent nature, often irrational logic, politically-correct actions, head-in-the-sand mentality, and conflicting political views, is capable of a truly Utopian society, but I do believe we can make society immensely better than it is now. To think otherwise is to continue wearing those blinders which have held us back until now. Not to try at all is not only defeatist, it is to prove we are not worthy. Why wouldn't any reasonable man or woman try to improve his or her quality of life at every opportunity? For many readers, this will be that opportunity.

Important Early Concepts