Early Concepts Critical To Our Success

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."--Christopher Reeve

I know most readers will need to hear, here and now, how I can dream such an audacious dream and expect to convince others it's possible, or fulfill it with some modicum of reality. In the interest of keeping you reading until I can present you the complete plan let's take a quick look at a few of the base concepts which will lay the foundation for the success of our project.

Concept: The 'Land Benefactor'

To answer what will surely be the primary question by most readers, the plan for obtaining our land is a simple one. The intent is not to buy land for our new nation in a typical real-estate transaction and then somehow convince the country where this land is located to allow us to annex it in order to create a sovereign nation there. I believe, once we demonstrate true credibility, we will be offered land from a friendly foreign nation acting as a benefactor on our behalf, likely in exchange for something of value to them. Many countries of the world today have large swaths of open land, and in most cases the local governments of these countries face troublesome local conditions and/or are third-world in nature. This opens up political options for an entity which will be capable of offering first-world benefits. This means obtaining what I have termed our 'Locale' will not likely be a financial transaction, but rather a political transaction, which brings along with it both legal annexing of said land to our possession, and immediate international recognition of our new nation by the benefactor nation, which will lay the groundwork for acceptance by the entire world. You can find more detailed information in the section titled 'Finding Our Locale'.

Concept: We must become experts at adapting, right from the start

As I wrapped up what I thought would be the completed book for this project at the end of 2016, having spent three years working nearly exclusively on the project, I was ready to literally get to work on our new nation and begin knocking on international doors. I just needed a few hardcore people alongside me to get us off and running. While opening social media accounts to be used in our future I had the opportunity to chat with a few people to gain an outsider's perception of what I intended to do, and how I intended to go about it. I was immediately struck with a few realizations:

As you can see, I was faced with the need to make immediate changes to the plan before I ever even began spreading the word. In this spirit, we will need the ability to adapt to anything that comes our way, from start to finish. You can't see a better example of that than the bulleted list above. This is a critical concept which must be embraced by our supporters from the start. It will not always go as planned, but facing difficult or unexpected circumstances does not mean defeat. It means only the need for adaptation, of which we will become experts.

Concept: It begins not with our Land, but with our Movement

The next major concept to be leveraged in building our new nation is not what most people would consider, even if they conceived the idea of building a new nation. Most would suggest, "We need a piece of land first, otherwise no one will take us serious." While that may be true, and I could certainly try to arrange for our land in advance, trying to arrange for a qualified piece of land, with say hundreds to potentially thousands of square miles, with no population to fill that land would be an extremely difficult task. The land necessary for a legitimate nation will not be measured in acres or hectares, but rather in square miles, and it will not likely be available for purchase as a basic financial transaction. The land necessary for what we will require will be provided at nation-level. The upside to obtaining our land from an international benefactor is we are not likely to have to pay for the land itself (short of perhaps legal expenses in preparing it for official transfer). The challenge is that no foreign nation is going to consider providing land to any group who is not completely legitimate in their physical presence, their intentions, and their purpose.

Since reality dictates no foreign leader will likely consider acting as a land benefactor without our showing at least physical viability as an entity, then we might as well look for the advantages in not getting our locale up front; let's call it 'searching for a silver lining.' With the near certainty of knowing negotiation for our land would be postponed until we could prove viability as a group I specifically designed the process for creating our new nation to take advantage of this delay. If we can assume our land will eventually materialize, then we have many advantages by not taking possession of it until we're ready. Take for example:

By first creating a substantial movement of individual members in support of the idea, visible to all the world, and demonstrating our successes one after another in gaining credibility from moment to moment, the future for our potential citizens is less uncertain. Before you need to make a single important decision in your own life you will already see a string of successes demonstrating the dream is indeed real. Maybe better, before impacting your own life in any major way you can wait as long as you wish to be absolutely certain your decisions are good ones. Does it get any safer than that? This is one of the silver linings in waiting until we have an actual movement before trying to obtain the land required to satisfy our movement.

Concept: This is NOT an Army of One

Most people's likely first impression on hearing my suggestion for building a new nation is that some disgruntled guy over in Smalltown, U.S.A., thinks he can build another one of those 'sovereign' countries of his own. This couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, I believe we, you and me, and every other interested person of like mind, as a group, can build a new and sovereign nation on Earth. This is not about an ego trip from some politically disgruntled citizen. I am personally doing no more than suggesting it's time for a project of this type and laying out a design for how it can be done. I am capable of leading the way, but I can not succeed without other people of resolve, and determination, and confidence, and character, just like me.

To be clear, I'm not asking you to give me some money and have confidence in what I can do for you. I'm advising how this can be done if me, and you, and thousands of other people just like us, are willing to get involved and use our collective strength to make the dream a reality. This doesn't mean every one of our supporters must dive in head first. What it means is, we, as a group, must create and sustain the project, from the little guys currently at their minimum-wage jobs, to the pretty people who will be the faces of our new nation, to our volunteer workers, to the business owners here in the States, to the wealthy people who will one day wish to call our village home.

By taking on this project, this challenge, as a group, a team, where all of our members contribute to our success, the question is no longer whether or not I am personally capable of such a thing--the question becomes are we, hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands of intelligent and motivated people, capable of such a thing. And the answer is, of course we are. How do you think every other nation in the world began it's existence? Some little group of people came together and said, "Hey, let's build a village here." That village became a town, then a city, then a country. That country become a people, with a very distinct culture all their own. Every nation in existence today, every people on Earth, began in precisely the same manner. Though our modern society in America hasn't seen such a thing in hundreds of years the only question you need to ask is, in a world where we as Americans claim to be the most advanced people on the planet, at the cutting edge of everything, "Why not us?" If we can't do it, then who can?

Concept: We must act not as individuals, but as a group

Whether in sports or real life an individual's mentality often affects the chances for success or failure. The proper mentality is about having your mind in the right place to provide maximum efficiency, maximum effectiveness, maximum value. Like America's group of forefathers, as our supporters come together we must view our movement not as a group of motivated individuals, but rather as a collective of hardcore teammates, all pushing forward with the same objectives, and desires, and end goal. By viewing our efforts as a challenge in the face of all who say it is impossible we become more than individuals doing tasks, or making contributions, or providing support. We become a championship caliber team all focused on precisely the same objective, sacrificing where necessary, giving where necessary, performing where necessary, adapting where necessary, all moving in synchronization with one another as our efforts power forward.

We have another modern benefit to assist us in efficiently working together. Communications technology today, regardless of where we live in the world, allows us to act as if we're all working from the same building, and this is precisely how we should embrace one another as a group, as if our coworkers (the other members of our movement) are in the room next door. Operating like any productive corporation we can obtain from our teamwork maximum levels of efficiency and production in all areas.

Concept: We are all small parts of a great machine

Take a look at a sampling of our prospective members. Bill is a welder in Utah. Sadie is a waitress in Florida. Tom is a car salesman in Texas. Bella is a bartender in California. The four of them live in different states, work different hours, admire different movie stars, listen to different music, look up to different role models, and posses different religious views. They are all critical assets to our project going forward.

Upon leaving high school I entered the working world as a restaurant dishwasher. Along the way to joining law enforcement I worked jobs at a pool hall, as a busboy, serving beer and wine at a pizza parlor. I also started a small business in loss prevention, helping business owners identify employees who were stealing from them. In time I joined the Sheriff's Department and before going to street patrol spent ten years working in the Sacramento County jails. Since then I have studied philosophy, human behavior, mediation, negotiation, police and fire investigations. I've done a lot of writing, learned computer programming, designed commercial computer software, written artificial intelligence to play poker, learned all there is to know about head injuries, spent years in physical therapy, lived full time on a sailboat, and traveled the country from coast to coast. If this is the resume of the next member who signs up for our movement can you see all the potential ways and all the areas this person can make a contribution to our cause? Experience, advice, suggestions, warnings, knowledge, understanding, observations, familiarity, ideas, on and on. It is the same with our example members Bill, and Sadie, and Tom, and Bella. It is the same with you.

Your life is laid out in precisely the same manner as mine. You have lived, and worked, and partied, and socialized, and traveled, and pondered, and sweated, and raised children, and attended schools, and negotiated financial transactions, and evaluated insurance options, and gone through loan processes, and consulted with medical professionals, on and on. Can you imagine in your own list how many different ways you might be able to help our efforts to push forward? I can. The power of your individual presence, whether you're an electrician in Nebraska, or a TV personality in Los Angeles, or a banker in New York, is real, and important, and significantly contributes to our movement as a whole.

Take a moment to imagine the power of this concept in a simple example ... You've become disillusioned with your home town and you get this bright idea to build a new settlement deep in the forest down the road. The plan is simple--you will build a private compound, then invite in some friends and neighbors until you have a small population. At some point you will ask the government if you can officially name your settlement a new township. Here we go ...

You buy a small piece of land with a single small home and move in with your spouse and teenage children. Does your real-world family have a pretty good set of skills among family members from which to build your new village? Are they actually capable of making your dream a reality? My guess is most readers would flatly declare 'No', and at best, would not be sure, but ... what if you also have the assistance of your neighbor, the construction worker? Can you see the significant difference just one person will make to your efforts? What if you're also allowed to take your college buddy, who is a professional lumberjack, and his brother, a forklift driver? You've added only three people to your group, but you're likely potential has grown ten fold. What if you also include your business professor from college, the tax-specialist renting your guest house, your local auto mechanic, your dentist, your doctor, your kid's eighth grade teacher, and the truck driver next door? Ten helpers, that's all, with random skills and professions. Have your group capabilities improved? Has your confidence in being able to personally construct your own town improved? Would you agree your chances for success grow with each additional person, regardless of what skills they possess, as your group grows larger?

Now imagine the potential of hundreds of people joining your cause to ensure it's success. Everyone from the people who will build your new homes and push around construction materials to active and retired mayors, and city managers, and police officers, and firemen, and military soldiers, and engineers, and government workers, and corporate leaders.

What if this group of supporters grew to thousands, or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, all with their own personal timeline through life, their own skills, their own expertise, their own professions, their own hobbies, their own experience, their own personal interests? The people coming together to create our new nation will bring to us all the same power and benefits as the fictitious example above, but in massive numbers. With that thought in mind, if we can indeed rally tens of thousands of people to our cause, are you still so willing to claim, "You can't just go out and build your own nation."

Every new supporter joining our movement, every single one, including you, brings to our efforts more of everything. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you live, or how much money is in your wallet right now. Whatever you do, whatever you know, wherever your experience lies, whatever contacts you have, we, as a group, can benefit from it in major ways, not just by your individual presence, but by combining your personal assets with the personal assets of other people just like you.

Can you see the strength of numbers? With every new member, whether rich or poor, our assets are increased from top to bottom, in one form our another. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter how large or small your family, no matter how large or small your circle of friends, you have value to our efforts. Whether you believe it or not, you have assets, and you can bring those assets to bear alongside the rest of us, who also bring our own assets, creating a group who possess capabilities in every area imaginable. With 10k members there will be little we can't accomplish using no more than our own members. At 100k there will be nothing we can't accomplish using only our own members, At a million strong we'll teach the rest of the world what they can accomplish if they only set their own minds to it.

This isn't about having more people to make contributions, or gathering more volunteers to build homes, or leveraging social media for more exposure, or increasing our numbers to look more credible, or having our own architects, or engineers, or diplomats, or people with true leadership qualities. It's about ALL those things. Every new member adds a little multi-use part to our large and growing machine which further adds to our options, expands our overall capabilities, lengthens our overall reach, extends our overall credibility, increases our overall effectiveness, broadens our overall power. Every new member gives us more everything. Don't just sign up and hang out in the back of the room. You can help if you wish to help, in all manner of ways. You have the power to be part of the answer if you only choose to be part of the answer. I ask for no more than you give me the chance to prove it to you.

Concept: The 'Vol' System

The next major concept in accomplishing the tasks we need to accomplish is in our approach to this project using a volunteer system of member production on behalf of our future nation. As a movement, we should have no need to hire attorneys, or caterers, or fundraising people, or Internet researchers, or software designers, or social media people, or marketing people, or lobbyists, or diplomats, and so on. The idea is for our members, when it is convenient or cost-effective for them, to contribute their services and expertise and experience to their future nation under no more motivation than out of a renewed sense of patriotism. As an example one of us might create project exposure on social media, another might do Internet research, another data processing, another become a spokesperson, another act in diplomacy efforts, each of us contributing to the project however we can, and as time in our private lives permits, not for financial incentive, but out of patriotism for our future country.

If this mentality is adopted by all of our members, where we each contribute in whatever ways we can, this single concept alone will save us millions of dollars during the Interim period by reducing the costs of nation-building to no more than the expenses incurred for any specific task (ie. instead of paying professionals to host a fundraising dinner we use our own caterers, and bartenders, and waiters, removing the primary cost of such services, which is labor). This unselfish mentality, if adopted across our entire membership, is what will eventually give us such extreme power in instantly advancing ourselves to a first world nation.

When I outline our efforts throughout this book, and call on our membership to provide services, I’m speaking directly to our members who have an interest in those specific areas, who have experience in those areas, who wish to contribute in those areas (like the catering example above). This applies to every task imaginable from simple Internet research to otherwise expensive attorneys giving their time to make sure everything we do in the United States and beyond is legal and proper.

Concept: The Power of the 'Collective'

Once our people buy into the concept that this is a team effort, and it will take all of our collective effort to make it a reality, the next step is in understanding precisely why the group concept is so crucial. Not only does acting as a group make it possible for success, but acting as a group pushes us way over the top in what team mentality makes possible as a result.

The power of our collective membership begins and ends with our members—numbers mean power, in every area imaginable. Imagine an engine. The larger it gets the more powerful it becomes, the further it will take you, the longer it will last, the faster it will go. Our membership brings with it the same advantages. This is why actions like spreading the word are so critical. The more members we have:

The most visible examples of the benefits of our collective strength begin with money. How about a simple example to make my point. Let’s say we put out a basic t-shirt with a cool graphic on the back that says something like, “Altera; The Next Great Nation on Earth”. We release this shirt for sale to our members, who each buy just one (getting something for their donation—the Alteran way). This little t-shirt sale accomplishes two things; it serves as a simple fundraiser for our coffers and it serves to publicly spread the word of our project (by people wearing them around). Let’s say we profit $10 for every shirt sold. Understand, we do not need to sell a single shirt to an ’outsider’ to raise money. We need only the power of our membership. Now check the difference between a weak membership and a large one, if each member bought just one fundraising t-shirt:

Profit example breakdown

One t-shirt. You see, we aren't some little clothing apparel business trying to get the word out to potential customers, then trying to convince them of how cool they will look in our new shirt. We will already have potential customers, the size of our entire membership, who will not only be happy to get something in return for their next contribution, but who are also motivated to make a purchase based on it's benefit to our mutual long term efforts in building our new nation. One shirt, even if we have no more than our critical 10k members, in a matter of a few clicks by no more than our own people, has the potential to raise $100k. Bink! Just like that ... This is the power of our collective.

This same concept works all across the entire spectrum of nation-building. The larger our membership the greater our power, our efforts, our financial strength, our credibility, our political position, our knowledge base, our experience, our expertise, our options, on and on. More members also means more ideas, more critical input, more donations, more sales of our fundraising items, more advertising revenue. Imagine the difference when a foreign nation comes to consider whether or not to provide us that very special piece of land we will require to call our new home. If you’re one of the leaders of that country, imagine viewing us with 1k members, versus viewing us with 100k members? Which group are you more likely to bless with your support?

The not so obvious benefits of our collective extends to every imaginable area of nation-building. While one man working on behalf of the entire group would struggle with finding the time just to keep contact with everyone, individuals from the group working on behalf of our movement can make things happen much more quickly and efficiently. Let me give you some examples just to get your mind in the right place.

These simple examples give you an idea of the power of our collective, working not as a guy with an idea backed by a few motivated aides, but as a living entity thousands strong, or tens of thousands strong, or a hundred thousand strong. No private corporation in the world (nor many entire nations) have this kind of flexibility and power. The greater the size of our membership the more assets we will have available all across the country (and world), both physical and mental, at any time day or night. While the vast majority of our members will only be capable of contributing in their off hours, or on weekends, or even just a few moments a day, if we can mobilize even a small portion of our members to give even that small amount of time in contributing in whatever way they can the cumulative effort of our collective efforts becomes enormous. Our members contribute only when convenient for them, only when they desire, and only when they are available, without causing any undue strain in their personal lives. No one is committed, no one is coerced, no one is obligated to contribute any more than they're prepared to contribute at any given point in time. Can you see the potential of 10k motivated members? How about 100k? And mark my words, the motivation level of our membership will soar the moment our nation-builders begin to make publicly visible strides. By the time we're all onboard we'll be unstoppable. This is the power of our collective.

My ideas, my plan, my design, are not the strength of this project. The strength of our potential collective is what will make the dream achievable. The larger we grow the greater our inevitable success in every area imaginable. In fact, I'm so certain of the power of our people, as a group, I would bet everything I personally own today if we achieve just 10k serious members/families who fully commit to this project we will be the newest nation on Earth in less than five years. Guaranteed. Underline that sentence, mark my words, quote it back to me as often as you wish five years from now. If our project develops much higher interest, as I hope it will, that time frame could be greatly reduced, also by the power of our collective group as we grow larger.

Concept: 'The Interim' period

'The Interim' is that period of time between the moment our project goes 'critical' (the viability of the project has been demonstrated by enough supporting members), and the moment our people first step foot in our new locale.

Establishing ‘membership’ in our movement creates a nation within a nation—an intangible collective overlaying the physical world, but 'intangible' does not mean inactive, or incapable, or ineffective. It does not mean we can’t begin efforts on all that will be necessary for when our nation is physically born into the world. Take for example obvious constructs such as our own business codes, our legal codes, our construction codes, our tax codes, our government structure, our medical system, our healthcare, our employment structures, et cetera. Should we wait until we’re standing on Alteran soil to address these needs? By preparing now, organizing now, designing now, training now, arranging now, even building now, we not only ready ourselves to hit the ground running, but we actually begin running here and now. The plot of land itself will come, but if we are to give ourselves the fastest start, the best chances for survival, and a highly desirable end-product in a short amount of time, we must prepare for that day now. Fully prepare in any way imaginable. This period, which I have termed 'The Interim', is critical to our success, and will be discussed in more detail in the following chapters.


So you see, these are just a few of the long list of important concepts which we will use to build our new nation. Concepts I believe will guarantee success in our efforts, eventually resulting in the next formal nation on Earth.

Stages of the Project