Stages Of The Project ...

You've seen a basic description of the dream and passed through a group of initial filters to determine whether or not you're even interested in living in the world I envision. Here you are, still reading. This is a good sign, and likely means you and I are compatible enough in how we see the world to potentially go forward together. Would you like to now see how we're going to do precisely that?

My basic strategy for the project involves a set of stages and a set of concepts, those concepts I have worked out alone (hopefully, with many more to come once our members form an intellectual collective), which can be put to work to obtain all we will need, first to prepare, then to go forward, then to build, then to take our place among the nations of the world. Understand, the chapters which follow are a simple summary of the overall project. It would have been necessary to extend this book by thousands of pages to give you a detailed breakdown of even the most general areas which must be considered. The idea here is to give you a taste of the required mindset, and how easily we can do this if the project receives the support I believe it will.

In summary, the primary stages of our adventure will be as follows:

There it is, that simple. We lay out a plan and we follow that plan one step at a time until we've completed the entire project. Not only do I believe the project will be this simple, I believe once we have begun rolling, and organized our people, and identified our teams of nation-builders, and ironed out the logistics, the initial problems, the future difficulties, we will see the dream come to fruition in a relative 'blink of an eye'.

The simultaneous rise of an entire city

It's important our members realize it's not only about money in achieving success in this project. It's also about attitude and cooperation among our people. While money will take us a long way, citizen cooperation will guarantee our success. Cooperation begins with the proper mindset in what it will take to create our first city, and contributing in any way you can to supporting that mindset. For example, in the Asian tradition of catchy phrases, we'll adopt a concept I call Fast-Rising-City.

Imagine watching a computerized 3D model of a new city rising from open fields of dirt encompassing an otherwise desolate land. Buildings large and small, from residential homes to high-rise structures, all simultaneously rising from the ground within a few seconds, each at most rising within a few seconds of those other structures around them, all reaching toward the sky until construction is complete. Bingo, a new city, not built one structure at a time over decades, but built as one large mass of bubbling construction, in a substantial, short term, architectural project over perhaps just a few or more years. It's important we be able to do this for many more reasons than just a simple desire to 'get it done quickly' (as will be explained below). The base idea is we don't build a single structure here and a structure there, but raise our entire city all at one time. Can't be done? Why not?

Raise your head from this book and think a moment on this--there are simultaneous construction projects going on all over the United States, and the world, at this precise moment in time. Large residential housing developments from Texas to California, from Green Bay to Miami, from Maine to Colorado. High-rise buildings going up all around the planet in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, the Arab world, and all the Scandinavian countries. Commercial buildings, businesses, tourist attractions, and infrastructure, all across every developing nation, all simultaneously creating their own little piece of the global puzzle. It should not be difficult to fathom simply bringing a handful of all those global projects together and placing them within a few miles of one another at the same point in time. It's already being done in the United Arab Emirates as I write these words.

Fun fact: it is said that twenty percent of the world's cranes are currently working to expand the city of Dubai alone. That's pretty incredible. If Altera is to become its own success story I expect in time to see a similar statistic featuring the name of our first city.

Why should we be any less capable? It's not about miracles, it's about simple geography, and timing, and planning, and logistics. Yes, I realize it will take money, and much more, in terms of logistics and organization, but otherwise, why not?

Cooperation of our people creates speed and efficiency. Speed and efficiency are of the essence. As I said, the idea behind 'Fast-Rising-City' is to put our new civilization up fast and efficiently. This, assuming it can be done, has several obvious benefits:

As I said, relatively speaking, I believe we are capable of putting our creation up overnight. That will take money, commitment, and eager participation by all who wish to benefit from an early entry to the country, including not only the first citizens of Altera, but also our first businesses, corporations, and industry, but this can be done.

Colony Construction Plan