Finding Our New Home Locale

"Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world."--Archimedes

There is one downside to evolving into a new nation from the bosom of the existing United States. Short of a miraculous gift from the United States government we will be forsaking the physical land we call America, and what a land it is, nearly four million square miles. You might feel we, as current Americans, deserve a portion of those lands to call our own, particularly if our movement builds to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of current Americans. You may be right, but ... unless the United States government loses it's mind and presents us with a piece of land to call our own, which will certainly never happen should liberals regain the presidency, this is not about revolution. This is about evolution. Part of the Alteran mindset is about being a peaceful people, our nation built on principles of honor and justice. Intelligent and peaceful people do not need to make demands on existing nations to establish the basis for evolution of their nation. Alterans will be capable of creating our own options. We will find another way.

If it were up to me, we'd be going to the stars ...

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we currently had the technological expertise which would allow our citizens to go to space in private ships you'd be reading the same book, but our target locale would more likely be 'somewhere out there' (assuming space isn't teeming with aliens arguing over borders as well). Answer me this, if this project intended to colonize another planet which none of us have ever seen, but maintained all of the same ideals and goals, would you still be expressing interest? If so, then it shouldn't really matter what type of conditions we find in our eventual locale here on this planet. Whatever the conditions, it will be just as if we landed on an alien planet and decided, "Okay, this is where we build." The key will be to simply adapt to our new environment.

I view the search for our new locale much like searching the cosmos for a hospitable planet on which to build our new colony. We have certain minimal needs, but just what environment our new locale will possess, or just what type of weather patterns, or just what types of plants will be there, or just what type of animals will roam the land, are all mysteries until we eventually make a choice. We will then adapt our approach to our new locale as if we have just landed on an alien planet. We'll survey the land, we'll make plans and adjustments, and we'll get to work.

For me personally, if we were leaving the planet to search for another world to host our new colony the specifics of the planet we were seeking, other than some general considerations (air, water, fertile land, hospitable climate), would be the furthest thing from my mind. That said, I know many people will worry about this question more than others. Will it be cold, or hot, or watery, or jungle, or desert? All I can tell you is we will examine all options available to us to find a plot of land that falls within certain acceptable parameters (as determined by our serious members), then we'll evaluate that piece of land to determine the reality of our situation. And finally, we'll release a report to our people on exactly where we landed (metaphorically speaking).

Okay, let's talk land ...

"If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good."--Buddha

By far the most difficult task we face is in finding an acceptable place in today's world where we can build our new home. With the exception of Antarctica and the open oceans, all land on planet Earth has been claimed by one existing country or another. The days of sailing your people across an open ocean and claiming an island or new continent are long gone. This means we are generally at the mercy of the existing and formally recognized countries of the world. Fortunately, there are currently (196) of them.

As I've already stated, I believe it's possible we can find a benefactor nation somewhere on Earth who will either appreciate the task we have undertaken, be willing to offer us land in return for some very specific action or other benefit, or who will recognize the future benefits we can provide to them in return for donating to us a small parcel of land to call our own. Unfortunately, the search for this benefactor nation may not be easy. Not because there is little open land on the planet, but because most countries are too busy running their own affairs, or caught up in neighboring squabbles, or entangled in local crime, or paranoid about outsiders, or corrupt, or too small to spare any land even if they wished to do so. Many others hate the United States and will likely initially hate us as a perceived extension of the United States. More countries will just be flat suspicious of a people trying to do such an absurd thing as create their own country. Some, despite possessing massive swaths of open land, will be selfish, some will be standoffish, some will deny our needs due to the color of our skin, some will think we're crazy, some will think we're living in a fantasy of the impossible, and many will not even take us seriously enough to read our mail. It's okay. In all cases, it is their prerogative to feel this way, and it's a natural human response. Do not begrudge them. Like all things in Altera, we will deal with the reality of our situation as it comes to us.

Finding a land benefactor is not our only option, but if we can make it happen, it is by far the best option. Not only will it give us a location to formally call home, but it will give Altera the benefit of already having one serious friend in the international community to call our own, regardless of how large or how small they are as a sovereign nation. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get someone to believe how much you can benefit them tomorrow, when you're asking them to benefit you today. This is a stumbling block with which we must deal, but there's no point getting caught up in the difficulty of the task when that difficulty can not just be wished away. We have more concrete issues about which we can do something about right now, and that's where we should place our energy. There are many issues to consider.

Let's first examine the good news:

Now let's take a look at some of the hurdles we face. There are many reasons why an otherwise potential benefactor country may choose not to give us a hand in establishing our own neighboring homeland. Here are a few:

I have to admit it's a little frustrating knowing in my heart my future countrymen and I will present no outside threat and make the best neighbors possible (especially to a benefactor country), then watch people around the world who don't know us at all so easily cast suspicion and rancor. No worries, their loss.

Aside from potential stumbling blocks there will be many more decisions for us to make as a group.

While most of us would likely prefer a location close to the United States with beautiful forests and lakes and streams and pastures and large flowing rivers (ie. Canada), reality says the likelihood of getting all that is not good. Of course it first depends on how we are accepted by the international community, but we should plan for nothing more than a big patch of open, hot or cold, dirt. This way there will be no disappointment if we end up with a big patch of open, hot or cold, dirt. In the end, I believe there are features of our new land which would be nice, and there are features we will absolutely require for various reasons.

What we will REQUIRE:

What we might DESIRE:

As I said, land provided by a benefactor nation is far and away the best option for which we can hope, but it is not our only option. It will take time to organize our people, to build a financial foundation, to gather our materials, to plan our logistics, to prepare our shipping and transport options. In that time we will continue our search for a benefactor country. The larger we grow as an entity the more the world will take notice. If it appears we are not getting the recognition we require then we will examine other options and put forth ideas and proposals of our own. Since force will never be an option, our overall options currently go something like this:

Wherever our new locale is located one thing will be certain. We will adapt our entire nation to suit our new locale and environment. If necessary we will develop exclusive technology and new types of industry and technical processes to not only make our lives easier and more comfortable, but to make our land more comfortable and more productive, regardless of its location, weather or environment. I believe with modern ingenuity and a little of our forefather's resolve we can exist virtually anywhere in the world. While I too would prefer a beautiful piece of rich, fertile, forested land, I believe, if necessary, we could take a less than perfect plot and adapt to alter weather and terrain, to reroute rivers, to construct lakes and reservoirs, to tunnel deep within or shave the tops off mountains, to build floating or underwater structures. I truly believe we will attract some of the most intelligent people in the world as our future citizens, and from that esteemed group, do anything to which we set our collective minds.

You see, we do have options. This is one reason I don't stress too hard on finding an appropriate locale. If we are not offered one that is acceptable, then we will simply move on to stage two, then three, then four, until we find an appropriate land to make our own. The opportunities are just too great for there not to be at least one clear option for the world to establish another peaceful and productive nation on Earth.

I can already hear one question many people will ask, "Is there a chance the United States will grant us the required land?" There's always a chance, but ask yourself these two questions:

There is no sense in avoiding the simple truth. A miracle aside, the search for our locale will be the most difficult and frustrating phase of our evolution into a better people. The good news is you, as a supporter of our movement, will not be required to do anything to assist in making this happen. We will likely form a small crack diplomatic corps of our qualified members to assist me in this endeavor, and together we will scan the world's options from top to bottom for the fit that best suits our new nation. Dedicate your energy to all the other things we will require from our members, and leave this one issue to me. It was me who stated this entire dream is possible. It seems only fitting I take on the personal responsibility of proving it to the world. I accept that responsibility.

Achieving Critical Mass