Achieving Critical Mass

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can possibly go."--T.S. Eliot

Though I believe the demand for the next evolution of America will be extensive we do not need millions of people to make the project a success. We could conceivably succeed with as little as a few thousand people willing to put in the sacrifice and the time, but for myself, in order to dedicate perhaps the next twenty years of my life to the success of this project, it's important the project meet a minimum level of appeal. I believe the project goes critical, where there is no stopping us, at approximately 10k serious, interested families and adult individuals. In my opinion, once that level of appeal has been demonstrated to the world, and once we obtain the locale (the land) for our new nation, and once we show we are financially dedicated to supporting ourselves in this venture, other people will begin joining the project in numbers we may not even be able to manage, particularly as festering conditions in the United States continue to become more visible despite the media's obvious attempt at concealing them. If I didn't believe this to be true I would not have dedicated the last three years of my life to designing the plan you're currently reading.

If this project, my dream, is not embraced by a substantial number of likeminded people as I believe it will be, then I'll accept my incorrect judgment on the pulse of the nation and retire back to creating make-believe worlds in novels and online games. Perhaps a future generation will rise up and use the concepts of the blueprint laid out here to make the dream a reality. If it turns out I'm correct in my judgment, there is much to be done.

It begins with attitude

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."--Yoko Ono

I believe there are many critical personal concepts our individual members must fully embrace if we are to succeed. They begin with the following:

We are Alteran ...

It doesn't matter that we just met one another, or if we've even yet met at all. It doesn't' t matter that we, future Alterans, have no land yet to call our own, no government, no leaders, no international recognition. It doesn't matter that we have mountains to climb before our new nation is physically born into existence. Once we have agreed upon a similar view of the world, and aligned ourselves in similar philosophy, and committed ourselves to the same end goal, you and I are bonded as one. And together we are bonded with every other individual in this country, and the world, who commits to the same set of culture and standards and ideals. We are bonded as one nation, overlaying the current nations of the world. We are Alteran. It's important that you not only realize this the moment you embrace the concepts in this book, but that you immediately alter your outlook and lifestyle to reflect your new philosophy on life. You are no longer one of the faceless people supporting the actions of your local government, or the barbarous actions of the predators feasting on society. You are no longer part of the herd, the fence-sitters, the indecisive, the sightless, the irrational. You are no longer part of the politically correct, or to be held responsible for the actions of those tearing down the nation around you. You have separated yourself from the blame, from the excuses, from the cover-ups, and from the deceptions. You have separated yourself from the cancer. We are now different. We are Alteran, you and I. We lack only the physical location to call our home.

All for One, One for All

This project is so massive it has taken an entire website/book just to present you the idea and a summarized plan, and still you will doubt the potential for eventual success. It can not succeed without each one of our people putting their faith in me, in all of our eventual nation-builders, and in each one of our future fellow citizens. We must trust each other, and lean on each other, and give to each other all that we can give. This should be a given, and I believe it will be a given among many of my readers, but I felt it needed to be said in our modern self-centered society of 'selfie' fever, where young people are too concerned what everyone else thinks about them, and seem to care more about how good they appear to their friends from day to day than developing any real substance as human beings. People without any real substance will be no more than human obstacles on the path we will need to follow.

Share the Sacrifice, Share the Rewards

There will be great need of sacrifice by our people, all of them. Many will be capable of providing money, and materials, and skills, and experience, and expertise, and leadership. Others will provide contacts, and business advantages, and industrial benefits. Still others can provide advice, and time, and labor. The project is so big, and so impossibly difficult, the trick will be in leveraging all of these things to their limits in any area where any one of us can contribute. While I would never expect anyone to sacrifice more than he or she can it will be critical that all our members sacrifice all they can as we take this journey together.

On the upside, the reward for people who get in early will be immense. Those of us who buy the first homes, establish the first businesses, construct the first factories, erect the first corporations, will be handsomely rewarded in many ways.

Share the sacrifice, share the rewards. Our early home buyers, our early business owners, our early builders, our early investors. The cost and risk for any early settler should be easily offset by the long-range financial gains if you trust in the concept. I believe in addition to the personal satisfaction of making the dream a reality there will be plenty of eventual financial reward for everyone involved.

Put me All-in ...

If we are to succeed we can't just go forward in a haphazard or lazy manner. We can't just throw beer parties, and wear cool t-shirts with Alteran logos, and paste our cars and trucks with Alteran-themed bumper stickers. That is a recipe for stating you are different, and fed up, and ready to discuss change, but it's not a recipe for truly creating something new, and elegant, and beautiful. Our actions must arise from actual substance. We will be Alterans, a separate breed of individuals, regardless of from which country we currently hail. We should have no need for public demonstrations, or shallow glory, or symbolic gestures without any true substance. We are for real. We need to act as if we are for real. That doesn't mean we can't party, or wear cool t-shirts, or display our pride (in fact, I insist we do all those things). It just means we must not believe if we do only those things it will be nearly enough. This is a major endeavor, which will take a Herculean effort, not just by one man, but by thousands of men and women. The entire world will laugh us off, tease our efforts, point at the impossibilities, envy our progress, attack our values, mock our failures, attempt to destroy our morale, just so they can say they predicted we would fail. This is about a necessary and critical change in political and cultural philosophy, and a dramatic change in each of our lives. It is about creating something the world has never before seen.

If we succeed it will be history in the making. Planetary history. Evolutionary history. We need to not only instantly become Alteran, but to act Alteran, from the way we carry ourselves down to our inner core. There should be no need for bragging, or arrogance, or displays of self-importance, without true substance down inside your soul. Yes, you will be special. You should carry yourself with pride, and stand tall above those who choose to remain on their current path, but more importantly, be sure to dedicate yourself to the project, not to the idea of the project. It isn't about being perceived as being cool or special or different. It's about actually being cool and special and different.

No Alteran Ever Stands Alone

One of our challenges as individuals in the early days, regardless of whether any one of us hail from the United States, or halfway across the world, is to work without the support of other Alterans directly around us. Those of us not fortunate enough to embrace Altera alongside family members and friends will be individuals separated from our new brothers and sisters by distance and space. What begins as powerful morale in an individual working alone can easily degrade into depression and hopelessness. This will result in questioning one's actions, "Why am I bothering? Is this all for nothing? Am I all alone in this?" This is human nature. It's much easier to keep your morale high if you have other people of high morale working all around you. It's much easier to perform at a higher level in front of people who appreciate and celebrate your actions. Why do you think sport's teams have home field advantages? It's much easier to get excited about your performance, to give your all, when you receive instant gratification when you do well.

Alterans will need to eliminate this weakness of human character in the time before we can all come together in one location. It's important each one of us, as individuals, adopts an attitude of personal strength and resolve against feeling alone in the world as we each do our share to make the dream a reality. We must each move and act as if every other one of us is somewhere nearby working on some other project. We have the benefit of being special people, with above-average intelligence, and determination, and tenacity. That's a start. We also have the benefit of being blessed with modern technology, from the Internet to text messaging, instant email exchange, overnight postal deliveries, and video-conferencing. We can make a call and speak to someone nearly anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. We can be in a city a thousand miles away by nightfall, or travel to anywhere on the entire planet in less than twenty four hours. We have the tools to act and perform as if we are working together on one large job site, and this is precisely the perception we must instill in ourselves. It doesn't matter that you and I are separated by distance and space. All that matters is that we not wait, not fret, not feel alone in our pursuit of the future, because we will not be alone. This is the only way we may go forward at full steam, until that fateful day when we all stand together on our own soil and look each other in the eye for maybe the first time ever.

We already have assets and we already have strengths

Just by rallying the requisite 10k subscribers to our cause we will immediately have assets which can be leveraged from the moment we commit to our endeavor.

What you should be doing right now

If you're onboard with the Project, or likely to be onboard in the future, just like the nation-builders who will act on your behalf, there's little reason why you can't begin your own personal preparations here, in your current country, right now. Some suggestions as food for thought:

A final word on 'Critical Mass'

I do realize there is a distinct difference between 10k curious supporters and 10k prospective citizens who have given their personal assurances they're serious about moving to a new place called 'Altera'. While 10k newsletter Subscribers may not indicate imminent success every future action must begin with the acceptance of a new idea. I believe if we get 10k people to actually sign up as supporters of our new movement it is a clear indication our dream will have both mass appeal and the ability to take root. It will then just be a matter of spreading our word to the masses, something, at our 10k critical mass, I will relentlessly push in every way imaginable until the dream becomes a reality.

The Interim