'The Interim' Period ...

"A year from now you will wish you had started today."--Author Karen Lamb

Alright, we've got the word out, the idea is taking hold, our supporters are beginning to assemble, there is light at the end of the tunnel ... now what do we do? Should we wait until we find an actual piece of land to call our own before we jump into action? Should we go about our daily lives with no more concern about the future than is exhibited by our uninvolved friends and neighbors? Would that really be a wise decision by the people of a future nation who already claim it will be one of the most advanced in the world? It seems the logical answer is a spirited No. What we certainly do not do is sit on our butts and wait for something good to happen. I have already defined ‘The Interim’ as the period between the moment our movement goes ‘critical’ (enough members to justify and sustain our efforts) and the moment we officially obtain that piece of land to create our new nation. This period is momentous in the birth of Altera.

I'm guessing the above questions didn't actually need to be asked of the people most likely to follow me down this path. You will already be prepared to jump into action, to become involved, to contribute to the cause, but I felt it necessary to shine a light on what others often do when epiphany and destiny strike. They stall. They balk. They question one another. They wait for others to make the first move. They form committees to examine actions which are obvious and necessary. They rationalize why they shouldn't do things one way, or why they should do them another, when in both instances it is the wrong way. They create stumbling blocks for themselves. They create excuses for themselves. They question themselves. They point fingers at one another when things go wrong. They allow outsiders to get in their heads, to undermine them, to cast judgment on them. Why would any intelligent group of people play these games in any serious endeavor? Why would any intelligent group of people be cowed by those around them who just don't get it, or who are too afraid to take the plunge, or who wish to see them fail, or who can't fathom the potential possibilities? The answer is, we wouldn't.

The time between the moment you read this section and the moment we step foot on that critical piece of land which will become our new world is decisive time. If we don't organize, and prepare, and train in any way we can we will be wasting this valuable time, and setting back our schedule by that length of time. There are so many ways we can take advantage of this 'Interim' period it's difficult to even know where to start in listing them. Realize, we are starting a brand new country, and that country will require a location, and a population, and builders. It will require money, and loans, and investors. It will require a government, and leaders, and representatives, and diplomats, and negotiators, and security. It will require laws, and codes, and taxes, and processes, and designs, and plans. It will require methods of transport, and shipping, and food production. It will require banking services, and financial services, and medical services, and postal services, and firefighting services, and law enforcement. The list goes on and on. Why wouldn't we begin designing, and building, and organizing, and preparing for all those things right now?

We must organize, prepare, design, create and train now

The first critical step on this journey is to find one another. The next important step is in organizing our efforts. In order to build our own constructs, in our own philosophy, we will first need to do an amazing amount of research into how things are done by other governments, by other peoples, by other nations, by big business, by towns, cities and states. We will need to make introductions, to set-up contacts, to establish relations. We will need to catalogue our own people's skills, and expertise, and wisdom, and identify who among us is best suited to accomplish which tasks. We will need to find from among us the most effective choices to act as our nation-builders, our diplomats, our ambassadors, our negotiators, our lobbyists, our investigators, our marketing experts, our social media experts, our public faces, our think tank, our public relations people, our security people, our financial experts, on and on.

We will need to establish contacts with everyone from representatives of foreign nations to corporations, and businesses, and industry, and even the National Security Agency, Homeland Security, the U.S. State Department, so we can keep them all apprised of our actions (to avoid government paranoia of our intentions or motives). We will need to establish filming crews, our own media people, our own public relations firm, our own advertising agency. We will need to establish recon and survey teams to scour the world, not only to examine any prospective offers of land from foreign nations, but in case that process fails to bear fruit, to evaluate global locations where we may wish to make our own offers to a foreign government. The lists go on and on ....

Can you already feel the weight of it all? I believe instead of panicking at the overload of tasks which need to be accomplished we instead take advantage of what will be required for our birth and use these opportunities to prepare and train our people in the skills which will be required of them in the future. For example, our budding diplomats can be used to make contact with the U.S. government, with corporate heads in recruiting big business to our land, with international bankers in seeking funds, in recruiting Patriot Industry, in contacting foreign nations about potential locales. Our marketing and sales people can be trained as political lobbyists, as price negotiators, leveraged in material purchases. Our computer and application programmers can begin organizing and writing programs we need now, such as for secure telephone, chat, and email communications, for teleconferencing, for fast and direct communications with our people around the world. Our data processors can begin building our legal codes, our rules, our laws, our libraries. Those with government experience can begin design on the framework for our future government. Those with skills which can benefit another nation (ie. disaster assistance, search and rescue, negotiations, mediation, investigations) can assist in our diplomacy efforts. In accomplishing the tasks for tomorrow we can identify, train, and prepare the Alterans of tomorrow.

If you have skills or expertise which can be demonstrated, and are willing to make those skills available to your new nation, tell me what they are. We can't find ways to take advantage of your skills if we have no idea you possess them or are making them available. If you don't have ideas of your own on how to leverage your skills let the community do the imagining for you (our members, our problem solvers, our think tank). You may be surprised to learn all the different ways you can help.

As a young man, though I pursued the path I wished through life, I allowed life to come to me. Aside from fateful events, life has been pretty good, so that couldn't have been a terrible decision. On the other hand, when I take a moment to consider what I could have accomplished had I gone out and aggressively pursued life, I shudder at the possibilities. As an older man things have changed. I'm now prepared to attack life in accomplishing my goals, and the goals of my people. I'm now prepared to be proactive, to be always on the move, to be always pushing forward. If I can establish in my new people this same hard-core mentality and resolve there will be no stopping us in what we can accomplish. Not just in a short amount of time, but in the coming decades as well. It begins with knowing what tools we have at our disposal (via our people), then taking advantage of those tools in the most effective way possible. You will see examples of this all across our nation-building efforts.

Building our foundation ...

The first important task we must accomplish is in building a foundation from which to communicate with our members across the world. This begins with aspects such as:

Any of our members who have experience in any of the areas above can contribute to the project, even if it's just in an advisory role.

Our administrative structure begins with me ...

As the person with the overall vision it begins with me. There is much to do and after spreading the word organization becomes the next important step on our journey. This organization begins with the people who will work all around me--members of our movement who will assist in all kinds of tasks from simple errands to clerical duties to diplomacy. These folks will essentially be at my disposal, allowing me and the project to move at full speed as our movement proceeds forward. Remember, this blueprint has been in the works since early 2014. I have three years of preparation ready to go full-speed ahead. These positions will include volunteers from among our membership acting in the following key roles:

As we organize our members into project groups the people who have been operating under me, those who I have come to know and trust, will then be branched out to head projects and lead other groups of our members. As members beneath them rise to the top to become trustworthy and dedicated nation-builders those members will then be branched out to head projects and lead groups of other members in the next set of required projects. Like a large growing corporation, as our movement grows, our branching membership evolves to handle it.

Once we are organized and rolling ....

As I outlined early-on in the chapter on the critical concepts which will be necessary for our movement the next step after organization begins with participation by our members, since everything we will do, everything we will need, every task we must accomplish, must be done not by me alone, but by our membership, if we are to go forward and establish a real nation. That single concept is critical to our efforts. Your involvement at any level is important, whether in contributing money, or in providing some type of physical support. We must all do our part if we're to accomplish the impossible.

Constructing a future nation is a major endeavor which brings with it an unbelievable number of tasks, from simple information gathering to designing an entirely new governmental system. To give you an idea I've broken many of these major undertakings down into 'Projects' in specific areas. where teams of our members will take on specific challenges on behalf of our movement. These projects, demonstrated by a list of samples below, will be accomplished by our active members, who will be formed into project teams to accomplish the specific requirements. While it will require people familiar with a given area to manage particular projects, members volunteering to help in any particular area will need no specialized expertise, experience, or familiarity in a given project to be helpful in providing their assistance. There will always be things any one person can do to help our project leaders (Internet research comes to mind as a good example). My recommendation is to offer your help on any project with which you have familiarity, expertise, or experience first (so that we may get the most out of you), then offer to help on projects you might find interesting or enjoyable as a secondary option. Here's an example list of the kinds of things we will be accomplishing during the Interim period, before we even officially obtain the land where our new nation will be constructed.

Newsletter Team

Once we have gone 'critical' we'll need a way to lay out in one place our plans at any given point in time. I intend to release an interactive newsletter for this purpose, likely starting within weeks of our movement going critical. It will be here where we give the overall picture of our progress, present articles on all things important, break down the next important challenges which must be overcome, give updates on our locale search, give ideas on where we're heading in the immediate future, enlist specific help from our people, answer questions, publish nation-building contact information, etc. While I will initially publish the and oversee the newsletter, in fact, we will immediately require the assistance of our members in areas such as the following:

Website Team

I have established the website to take early donations and newsletter subscriptions, as well as for people more inclined to peruse a website than read a book. We will soon establish a second website for our members which will hold everything related to our movement from presenting information to our members to discussion forums, locale search updates, outlines of our current efforts, recent news and accomplishments, fundraising efforts and advisements, donor acknowledgements, member acknowledgements, etc ...

While I have built the initial website we will require actual web people to run both sites to keep them updated for our members from day to day. As our sites grow larger this will require the help of many supporters in all kinds of areas such as:

Exposure, Social Media, and Public Relations Teams

You've heard the phrase Location, Location, Location as the single most important aspect of establishing any business. You must believe me when I tell you that spreading the word of our project is just as important to our own chances of success. Spread the word, Spread the word, Spread the word.

I can not stress enough the importance of our people, our average members, taking it upon themselves to spread the word to their people, and even to qualified strangers when possible. We each have family members, friends, coworkers, social media followers, who might be good candidates for our project. I am determined to reach every one of these people to give them the opportunity to become involved in our movement. I need your help!

Note: What do I mean by spread the word? I'm requesting no more than forwarding an email, typing a single phone text (perhaps sour web address), clicking a 'like' button, or a 'retweet' button. If you're embarrassed or wish to avoid it for some other reason, send us the phone numbers and/or email addresses of your people and we'll do it for you, anonymously if you wish. The point is, in order to build our member collective to the maximum size possible, which increases our strength exponentially, and as quickly as possible, which allows us to go forward right now, we must contact every one of our prospective candidates around the world in one way or another at least once. Your efforts, as inconsequential as you may believe them to be, are critical to our cumulative efforts. Only you know who of your own friends and family are qualified to become Alteran citizens. Take a few moments of your time and make your contacts--right now if possible.

If our members do not help spread the word of our efforts not only will it cost us money (by having to pay to do precisely the same word-spreading via public sources), but it could even endanger the viability of the project by preventing us from achieving even minimal interest just be virtue of people not knowing we exist. I'm willing to spend all I have to help the process, but I'm not a wealthy man. It costs you nothing more than a few clicks of your mouse. If you'd like to see history made, if you'd like to be part of that history, get to clicking.

Since this task is so important we will be creating formal teams who will be responsible to fill the gaps left by our members in this critical area. Drawn completely from our membership this project will be responsible for such things as:

If you wish to assist or have expertise in any of these areas, and particularly in advertising or social media, you're services are critical to our efforts. If you have no special expertise in these areas, but wish to support our efforts, our teams will require your help in many areas on the list above. Just let us know you're available to help.

Aide Research Projects

One very important aspect of our preparation is in research. I have designated this 'Aide Research', where our people, anyone who wishes to contribute a little of their spare time, regardless of their other skills, can use the Internet from home to help us gather data we will require in nearly everything we do. This data accumulation will consist of just about anything you can imagine. Here are a few samples to give you an idea:

We will from the beginning need to accumulate and organize an enormous amount of data and information. The good news is this type of research can be done from the comfort of one's home using no more than a computer, and at any time day or night. This is a good example of how if our members, regardless of their skills or expertise, wish to support our efforts, there is always some way they can help. Without volunteer aides working together on our behalf to gather this information it will take years to accomplish what our own people will be capable of doing in hours or days.

Fundraising Teams

With our coffers beginning at precisely zero our fundraising efforts must begin with what most will consider minor league stuff, but this is an important time, since most early monies raised will be used to further spread the word of our efforts to find more of our people. It should go without saying we will utilize all common fundraising concepts such as political-style fundraising events, member gatherings (ie. meeting/speaking events), social events (ie. dinner banquets), public events (ie. concerts), et cetera. but there are many other concepts we can utilize that may not be readily apparent.

The first concept we'll likely leverage so as not to rely on constantly requesting contributions from our members is to give our members something in return for their contributions, benefiting both our people and our nation in one transaction. As an example, imagine the sale of simple Altera-themed novelty items and clothing from our website store. If you think this is a silly waste of time for people trying to build a nation consider my early example of a single t-shirt, bought by 10k members, instantly raising $100k in one fell swoop. That's the power of a second fundraising concept--the larger our membership the more buying power we possess as a group. These two simple concepts, giving our members something for their money, and taking advantage of the size of our membership, apply to the selling of all manner of fundraising items from simple phone apps to novelty hats and t-shirts to such constructs as auctioning commemorative items (we are actually building a new nation). By getting our people onboard with concepts such as these we can instantly raise money as fast as we can create desirable products for our people. We can exceed even that by creating desirable products for members and non-members alike (just as if we were a retail business).

As our project matures our fundraising efforts will take on more sophistication as well. We will in time create for-profit ventures for our non-profit coffers. I can’t give details of all I have in mind (consider them trade secrets), but consider as an example, our computer programmers writing software which allows us to exchange secure email. Sure, there are email companies the world over, from Yahoo and Google to Microsoft and everything in between, but we read in the news every day on how the inboxes of these free services are easily invaded, how they hand over data to government agencies, how they are constantly hacked for user passwords. Can you really trust any one of them to keep your communications secure into the future? Or more importantly, to tell you the truth when something bad does happen? The U.S. government shut down the only trustworthy email company in the world a few years ago (name deleted). This presents a commercial opportunity, where we need our own secure system anyway (as a budding nation), so why not perfect the system among our own people then open it to the rest of the world as a commercial product to raise money for our coffers? Get the concept? There are many things we must accomplish as a nation—if we can commercialize any of them along the way after perfecting them among our own users then our coffers can benefit.

As you can see from just the few examples above we will have need of our own people's assistance, contacts, and experience in many areas. If you can help in any way, from simply offering fundraising input, advice, and suggestions, to helping us physically execute these types of events, you can help our future nation to succeed.

Locale Search Team

In what will likely be our single most important task, using input from our membership, our advisors, our financial supporters, and in fact, anyone in the outside world who wishes to contribute, this team will be tasked with seeking out and researching potential locales around the world.

Our land, that piece of ground we will one day call home, is out there somewhere. The planet is just too large, with just too much open land, to make this task impossible. Our needs are small, our options many. We just need to identify those options from which will emerge our final product. Since it is by far the toughest part of our journey, this will fall under my personal responsibility, and will be my own primary focus until the site of our future homeland has been officially secured.

Survey/Geology Team

It's possible we will have only a single locale option, but it's also possible, once the world sees what we're trying to build, we will have multiple options from which to choose our future homeland. In each case, the moment a potential locale is offered we will need to send teams to examine the site for ourselves. These teams, composed from our own people and organized well in advance, will be required to perform many types of tasks on a potential locale from testing local environmental conditions to perhaps ensuring their own security in many parts of the world. Since it would be a shame to accept a locale then later find its fresh water is not potable, or its air is full of pollution or toxic from a natural development (ie. volcanic springs), or the soil is contaminated with disposed nuclear waste, some examples of study which will be required from among our membership before we accept any piece of land will include the following:

Financial Benefactor Search

As I've already stated, this project, once it takes hold, will be all about money. While I'd like to assume our members will each step up to do their share I believe somewhere out there is a single large financial benefactor who may single-handedly step forward to build a financial foundation beneath our feet. If this happens, there is no stopping us, making it such a critical component of our approach we will devote an entire project team to finding this man, woman, corporation, or nation. Is it possible you can help in this area?

Diplomatic Corps

These members will step up to act in official diplomacy on behalf of Altera. Have you ever thought you might make a good ambassador, diplomat, negotiator, or mediator? I believe our budding diplomats, all coming from our own membership, will rise to take their place among the diplomats of the world. You don't even necessarily require experience in diplomacy. I don't have even one day of official experience in negotiations, but I would bet good money I would be one of the best hostage negotiators on the planet. You too may have missed your calling, until now. If you've got the skills it's time to take your shot. If you're effective , then you're in, whether you have past experience or not. I am certain we will find gems among our people, who step up and take on roles in our nation-building efforts in areas which they have never experienced before.

We will require diplomats for many purposes:

Our early diplomacy efforts will begin here, in the Interim period. For example, the majority of nations across the world have an ambassador currently stationed here in the United States. There is no reason why we can’t meet with anyone who will give us time. This allows our nation-builders to make contacts, to make friends, to seek a land benefactor, to arrange future communications, to arrange mutually beneficial relations, to set the stage for international acceptance, et cetera. Like most other actions taken on behalf of our new nation it can and should begin here and now.

Security People

As our new nation is formed we will require security, even during the Interim period, in many areas of operations from basics like securing communications among our nation-builders to providing security to our diplomats as they travel the world, scouting for our locale, speaking to locals, making contact with foreign governments, oftentimes in dangerous locations.

All this will require current and former security specialists, ex-military personnel, intelligence people, encryption specialists, software designers, computer programmers, clerical help, members who are experts in all areas of real-world security, travel, and communications. In time we will require people capable of designing, creating, and manning our own police force, our own Secret Service, our own border agents, our own airport security, our own everything. We will require people to make contact with the world's security and law enforcement agencies, to arrange international training programs (of our people from helpful nations), to gather information, to build databases, to accumulate records in our efforts to carry our fair share of the burden in protecting the good people of the world from the bad. Imagine all it takes in the realm of security to maintain a country like the United States, or England, or France, or Germany--we will need most of those same constructs at one level or another even for our small and fledgling country.

'Building A Nation' Campaign Team

Building a new nation on Earth is a big deal, and once the world sees we are the real thing good people around the planet will wish to see us succeed in our efforts for all manner of reasons, from the goodness of their hearts, to being there to witness history first hand, to teaching our young people what can truly be accomplished when good people set their hearts to something positive and life-affirming for the entire planet.

I envision a world-wide campaign I've entitled 'Building a Nation', where any nation, any government, any corporation, any business, any group, any school, any individual person, can contribute to our efforts in any way they wish. To give you an idea of what I'm thinking:

I'd like to see our own teachers and educators put together ideas for this project which can be submitted to active teachers around the U.S.A. and world to give them ideas on how to best take advantage of our unique situation in educating their own students. I'd like to see our corporate people submit ideas on how to approach and mutually benefit large corporations to get them involved. I'd like ot see our people with experience in international relations submit ideas on how to get foreign nations behind us. We will also dedicate entire pages of our website to promoting these ideas and properly praising those educators and other entities around the world who support or contribute to the success of our project. Get involved now, help us to gather exposure, to build our name, to instill in the world's citizens what we will stand for in Altera.

Our Graphic Artists and Fashion Designers

Our new nation will require the work of artists in many areas that might not be readily apparent. I hope to draw from our members in satisfying all of our requirements. If necessary, we can draw on artists and students from around the world in design competitions aimed precisely at our current needs, but to do that will require financial output. Are there not Conservative artists out there who might wish to contribute their own support to our efforts?

Some examples for which we will need creative people:

Our Writers

Like graphic artists we will require writers to emerge from our people for all manner of tasks from writing newsletter articles (to our own people) and magazine articles (to spread our word to outsiders), to letters for diplomacy, for advertising, for making business contacts, for proposals, for wording in legal codes, and on and on. Can you write? Can you donate some of your time to helping us wherever needed?

Visual Communications

As I've said many times this project begins with finding our future people. In today's technological world we have many more options than handing out fliers in the parking lot of sporting events and shopping malls. One of those options is to create visual records of our activities, our goals, our accomplishments, and our history right from the beginning. This begins with filming our exploits to create exposure films for our website, YouTube, online media articles, et cetera, to posting photos on social media cites as others follow our progress. We will have need for photos or video being shot all across the nation and world for various reasons from checking out buildings to establish our central offices to scouting potential locales for our nation. We will need to film TV commercials, to document interviews with our people, with our leaders, with foreign diplomats. We will have need to break down this book into a visual presentation for people who don't have the time to read it. We will have need to document our journey, which will likely become the basis for the first museum in Altera. The list goes on and on. We live in a visual world and need to leverage our options at every opportunity.

In this area alone we will require from our membership videographers, camera people, film editors, writers, photographers, record keepers, people who are available to help out in their home cites, and people available to travel. Do you possess any type of related expertise? Do you have ideas on how we can leverage any type of visual communications for our movement? Are you available for something as simple as driving across your home town and snapping a photograph for us? You can help.

Software Design Projects

Designing computer software is like designing a new nation. The vast majority of design is done before any work (computer coding) ever takes place. Every good programmer knows in order to develop your application with the highest amount of efficiency is to put your plan for it down on paper before ever writing the first line of code. This design process can be from a few scribbles on restaurant napkins to a stack of very detailed plans in color coded notebooks. As a software developer with a commercial product myself I can tell you from experience the more effort which goes into your design process the higher quality your end product. This plays right into our hands in Altera. Not only do we have the Interim period to design the dozens of software developments I already have on the drawing board, but it also gives us the opportunity to get our programmers together, en masse, to hash out what is good and bad, what will work and what won't, and to debate user interface options (the part a user sees, which most people like to be 'pretty'). It also gives our other members, the end-users of most commercial software, a chance to give their own input before the project ever gets started. The power, the potential, in this delay (the Interim) is huge (and a silver lining of sorts), if only we choose to take advantage of it, and have our people (designers, developers, programmers, artists, managers) with enough foresight and patience to step forward to design and construct our applications now.

Considering the importance of what I have in mind in regard to computer software not only benefiting us during the Interim, but in efficiently running our entire city in all manner of ways, I can not overstate the importance of our computer people perking their ears right now. You must believe me, with a personal philosophy that every developer who significantly contributes to a computer project, commercial or governmental, should financially benefit from that project, it will be worth your time and trouble. This includes developers and programmers throughout the world who have no intention of ever becoming Alteran citizens. If you significantly lend to our efforts now, upon our success, you will be rewarded just as our own people will.

By building a new city/nation up from the dust of the earth we will have one very significant advantage--we can build it in any manner we wish. We can change anything we wish from the 'normal' way things are done in the world. We can change the way everything operates, the way everything is connected, the way everything interacts with our citizens. We will increase our speed, our efficiency, our security. This begins with pushing our city into the 21st century from top to bottom from the very start, and we're going to do this by computerizing literally everything. With vast and uncooperative existing infrastructure technologically advanced cities, including those in the United States, can not do this even if they wished to do so. We're going to build our city up from the ground with every type of technology available today. Why wouldn't we? That technology begins with our computer programmers, our software designers, our data programmers and analysts, every vocation required to make the dream a reality. Just to give you an idea of the opportunities which will be available here are just a few examples of the software we will develop just to run the country:

Another class of software our people will develop is a type which will not only help Altera manage it's daily affairs, but which can also be used as a commercial product for sale/trade to entire governments, in assisting them to more efficiently run their own nations. If the applications we create in Altera are the best in the world, then there will be great demand for them. Some examples of the software we will develop as nation-level commercial applications:

From our birth we will be a small nation constantly looking for ways to financially survive in a big world. Without massive financial assistance from a wealthy nation like the United States we will have to go it alone until we actually have a solid tax base on our own soil. I believe we can leverage the effectiveness of our computer people, who will include the best in the world in short order, to also build commercial products which will financially benefit our citizens and village (as well as the programmers themselves). Some general examples of the software we will develop as commercial products (without exposing details) might include:

Like our nation, our software developers will not only create new and desirable products, but in Alteran tradition, we will improve upon everything already in existence in the world today and give our buyers not just quality products, but products they can rely upon not to abuse their safety or trust with such nefarious practices as data mining, user tracking, providing third party access, concealed adware, malware, spyware, on and on. Altera software will be about people. Good, honest practices, to serve and protect good honest people. This will be our reputation, and we will live up to that reputation. The largest benefit of this type of software development is we can begin now, before we even have a homeland, and if just one of our projects is commercially successful during the Interim it will not only provide instant financing benefit to our coffers, but to future software efforts as well.

These lists are just small examples of the potential for our software developers. Imagine the opportunities, both for the benefit of our village and for you. We're not just building a new nation, we are building the next great nation on earth. An advanced, futuristic, forward-thinking nation for the good of not just Alteran citizens, but as an example of what is good and right for all mankind. Don't miss your opportunity to have a hand in actually forging the future of mankind.

Our Financial Experts

We will require, from our own people, financial experts in all manner of areas from fundraising, non-profits, and material purchases to international accounting services, bonds, securities, global finance, and developmental assistance. We will require loans, we will be negotiating and setting interest rates, we will be designing public financial programs, writing financial software, setting up new financial constructs, building relationships with financial institutions around the world, establishing all local and international sources of potential income, determining the specific requirements we will need to satisfy in obtaining money from specific sources, designing the framework which will allow us to not only obtain outside money when the time comes, but to do so quickly and efficiently as our needs arise. Our own experts in these areas will be required to train our future experts, to create contacts, to seek out foreign money, to find us the most advantageous terms, to negotiate loans and processes, to design mutually beneficial agreements with people and institutions. Our needs are broad and wide-ranging, but there's simply no reason why we can't fill these needs from among our own people.

We will need to create a project team to design the entire Alteran banking system. Building our banking system will take experts from many fields, from structural design of the physical entities in Altera, to computer software applications, global Internet transactions, online security, connecting ourselves to the rest of the world, et cetera.

We will require many more teams of financial experts and supporting staff in other areas just like those above. Though we will certainly take advantage of seeking expert assistance and advice from international entities, ideally, our own members will step forward to create the foundation on which to build our entire financial system. The advantage we have is in having notice of what will be required here and now, in the Interim period. By bringing our people together now, and planning now, and designing now, and testing now, and making international contacts now, we can be ready the moment we hit the ground in our new nation.

Transport Process

Okay, so we actually obtain a locale for our new country, then what? If we're to build a sovereign nation in any part of the world, regardless of the end location, the logistics for transport activities will be of critical importance. In the big picture this includes transporting people, cargo, vehicles, equipment, supplies, construction materials, shipping containers, on and on.

In all likelihood we'll be looking at a raw piece of land. That is, a piece of land with no current roads, no railways, no airports, and no port or harbor facilities, perhaps not even any adjoining areas of civilization from which to operate (ie. a large city in a bordering country). We must plan now how we're going to get not only our initial materials on site, but how we're going to continue importing a steady stream of people and materials from around the world once we begin construction. How is this to be done?

In regard to developmental assistance it's critical we go forward without requiring the help of other countries, and certainly without begging other countries to give us money, or materials, or equipment. This will be part of who we are as a people. That does not mean we can't request assistance from other countries in return for something we can offer to them. I believe our early transport efforts begin with the concept of developmental assistance from other countries, not in financial support, but in physical support, by way of helping us out with our initial transport needs in return for training opportunities for their people.

As I pointed out above, a raw piece of land will require an immediate way to insert materials. The most likely early options, in creating an initial physical presence, are by air or sea. I believe we can find friendly nations who will provide assistance in this area while offering them training opportunities for future global circumstances. For example, a friendly nation may take advantage of our circumstances by training their disaster relief teams to parachute in supplies, equipment, construction materials, etc., onto our soil, but instead of disaster relief supplies these will be materials which belong to us. Another nation's military might, in the name of training their own people, help us construct a 'Mulberry Harbor', the WW2 name for a makeshift, man-made, harbor facility put in place by military engineers for quick insertion of men and materials. Instead of providing military access to an attacking nation our Mulberry Harbor will provide temporary port facilities to insert our own people and supplies. Another nation may wish to send their military engineers to train in building roads through primitive areas, or bridges over small rivers, or to erect emergency housing in remote locations, all to the benefit of Altera once they complete their exercises. Another might send their military to help us erect a small tent city, storage areas, basic structures, or basic communications systems to give us contact with the outside world. By viewing our circumstances as an opportunity for other nations we can come up with all kinds of ways where the other (196) nations of the world might offer us assistance in return for training opportunities under real world conditions. Quid pro quo. Do you see the concept?

In regard to here in America we will have immediate need to begin preparing the transport process for our eventual citizens. This will likely come down to a simple process of our people using cargo containers to ship their personal belongings, first across the country, then across the sea. Since we will have need to transport large numbers of people and their belongings we can take advantage of our collective power by designing our own system of transport, as opposed to paying commercial companies to do it for us.

Whatever the method we choose to move our people and their belongings from one place to another we will have one very obvious benefit. The more people we need to move (again, our 'collective' at work) the cheaper it will be for all involved. It's about taking advantage of our numbers in any way possible, and since we have the Interim time to plan, we will plan as efficiently and creatively as possible (also using the power of our collective).

Workers Camp Design and Preparation

Three constructs will be required in our new land before we can do anything else:

All of these constructs will need to be completely designed in fine detail before we ever set down in Altera. We need to figure out everything we will require, everything we will need to construct them, all we will need to survive, all we will need to expand, all we will require for services and accommodations, et cetera. This must all be designed in advance, including, as our membership grows, establishing the actual nation-builders and voluntary workers who will initially construct and populate them.

Redesigning Basic Construction Processes

In true Alteran form we will take current construction processes and make them far more efficient than what you see in the world today. For example, in constructing mass housing. since, as interest in our new world increases, we will have the need for speed in preparing residences for our new citizens. Traditional methods of construction may not allow us to build fast enough to keep up with our incoming citizens. Having family in the home construction field, and evaluating their processes up close, I believe it's possible, using today's technology and the experience of our own construction people, to vastly improve upon design and construction processes in order to make our efforts far more efficient and cost effective. When the time comes, these new programs can be assisted by input from any member of our movement who has any type of construction experience.

Citizenship Application Process

Perhaps one of the most important areas of focus in our early years will be in establishing a base of quality citizens from which to grow our new nation. Contrary to what socialists, progressives, and liberals will have you believe, you don't do this by opening your borders and inviting in all who wish to come. You don't do this by forcing 'diversity' among your citizens. You don't do this by granting individuals rights which are detrimental to the entire village. Those are all actions of illogical people who are incapable of foreseeing the future repercussions of their actions today. Or maybe worse, who are acting with full knowledge their actions will damage their host countries, yet they pursue them anyway. This can be clearly seen all over the world today in nearly every country in existence. It just boggles the mind these nations continue down these self-destructive paths with so much glaring evidence of the damage they're doing staring them directly in the face. This is one of those areas where, despite my not being a religious person, convinces me there is something evil amiss in the world.

So what is the answer? The answer is to closely scrutinize every prospective citizen of your country for damaging personalities, for damaging standards, for damaging ethics (or lack thereof), for damaging ideologies, for damaging practices, for damaging actions. The enablers of these destructive entities in the world today, primarily the global media, will immediately scream foul, labeling us all manner of things from blatant racists to their new favorite word for people who don't agree with their ideology ... 'Nationalist', as if a desire to protect one's own country is somehow evil in spirit and intent. Bizarre logic. Note here, as you read this section, I will not refer to skin color, or current nationality, or religion, or even an individual's politics. It is not about labeling entire cultures or nations as evil, or scrutinizing individuals based on race, or politics, or religion, or opinions. It's about evaluating individual human beings based on their destructive actions and mindset. It's not about typical lawful, productive citizens. It's about easily identifiable predators, and potential terrorists, and career criminals. It's about easily identifiable instigators, and ideologists, and corruption. It's about focusing on the very obvious future problems of the world and simply scratching them from our future, without concern for offending anyone.

In listening to the cries of liberal ideologists in the media pay close attention to their lies, to their subtle deceptions, to their wordplay in how they manipulate you into thinking something that is just not true. You have seen it every day in the 'news' since the election of Donald Trump, as the media attempts every day to connect him to Hitler, to white supremacists, to Russia, to the Anti-Christ, actions that began before the man ever even took office, and based on no more than his stated intention to protect America from the negative aspects of foreign influence. This is brainwashing, and it's brought to you daily media-wide.

More importantly, note the actions being taken by the rest of the world who now find themselves having to respond to the destructive fallout of these liberal actors in the media and today's socialist governments. Mark my words ... as you watch the future unfold, though it is already too late for most nations, including the United States, you will see nation after nation close their borders to outsiders and begin closely scrutinizing the application of every future potential citizen before letting them into their country. Even the leaders of liberal France are now screaming phrases like, "... either inherited or merited." The word 'merited' means if you are deserving of citizenship. This is an attempt to prevent further corruption of their peoples/nation by scrutinizing every individual prospective citizen, precisely how Altera will guarantee the quality of her own citizen foundation from the very start. Is every nation of the world who wishes to protect their village now suddenly racist as well?

Altera, a nation which does not yet physically exist, has a major advantage over the rest of the world. We have no existing foundation of corrupted DNA to fear. We have no existing foundation of socialists, extreme liberals, political activists, religious fanatics, racists, psychotics, ideological conspirators, or even those attempting to escape criminal prosecution. We have an opportunity to cleanse Altera of all these things before even a single citizen ever steps foot on our soil. Why wouldn't any intelligent person support this? Has the media and the education system so brainwashed you you're incapable of believing you don't have to accept violence and crime by your fellow citizens, or corruption in your leaders? Don't you already unconsciously filter your personal life from these types of people? Why would you think omitting them from your nation is somehow unethical, or inhuman, or racist?

The application process for our new nation will be critical in building not just the nation we desire, but the people we desire to be. We will require the input and assistance of all our members to help design and implement the system which will guarantee the quality of our individual citizens, and wholly remove the cancer eating away at every other nation in the world today, before it infects Altera.

Areas where our members can help will include Internet researchers, background investigators, credit experts, social media experts, law enforcement experts, psychologists, and human behavior experts. Maybe more importantly, all if our members can greatly contribute to this process, not by pointing fingers at the dregs of our society, but rather by making an effort to spread the word to the quality people in your lives. Quality people generally associate with quality people. Help us to find our future fellow citizens by passing on the word of our existence to the quality people in your own life. And don't worry, that doesn't make you a Nazi, or a racist, or the Anti-Christ. Learn to use your own mind and not rely on the 'politically correct' views of dangerously illogical people.

Note: If you read this section and your mind has determined, based on my words, that I must some type of racist detrimental to mankind, stop reading. It's precisely your weak-minded mentality which has brought the world to where we are today. More importantly, it's precisely your DNA which must be weeded out of our future gene pool. This project is not for you.

City Design Team

As our date with destiny nears we will need to have in place the complete design of our first city from top to bottom. This not only prepares us for the construction of that city, but allows us to design, and debate, and organize, and make everything efficient in the here and now, before we ever put a single brick in place. This allows us to design not just a cool, new, futuristic, efficient city, but to push pieces around until we get a PERFECT city! It's not enough to smartly build your garbage dump or sewage facilities away from population centers. It's also important to consider big-picture questions like:

The list goes on an on ... and I'm only touching on locating our required physical structures. To complete the list we would have to touch on so many areas of concern it would make your head spin, but taking on this task as a group, now, in our present time, eases the pain in every area imaginable. The number of members required to efficiently complete all these tasks is enormous.

Can you see the value in doing most of the work here, in our current nations, before we even have a land to call our own? Can you see all the ways we can take advantage of the Interim period by hashing over details and making adjustments, again and again, until we get it just right? Ask the best players of civilization games in the world if they ever build a city where at some point they don't yell out, "Damn, I wish I had done this ..." and you will find without exception, they all wish they could have put more time into their planning decisions. Ask any real-life city manager the same question and you'll get the same answer. We have the opportunity to use the hindsight of others, to use the foresight of others, and we likely have at least a couple of years to work it all out.

In the end, if we have done our job, there should be few reasons to curse our lack of preparation, our mistakes in design, our irreversible bad decisions. By using the input of hundreds or thousands of pour people, from actual city planners to just intelligent people with their own ideas, we can not only get it right the first time, but get it as close to man's version of 'perfect' as possible. You, no matter who you are, can help in this area. What? You're not a person who likes to dwell on logistics, and details, and too much advanced thinking because it gives you a headache? Guess what, our membership will have plenty of people who absolutely love to rise to these types of challenges. You need only contribute your own assets, your own thoughts, your own opinions, and they will contribute theirs. In the end we will have built a city, a nation, we can all be proud of, and, if desired, during the entire process, you never even have to leave your favorite chair. All you have to do is support the rest of us in putting forth the effort. That's the beauty, and strength, of our membership, and the beauty, and strength, of taking advantage of the Interim period.

Our Home-Buying Program Design

Once a young nomad who valued my freedom in the world, as I've grown older I've come to believe it's very important for people to own their own homes, all people, including young people just barely out of High School. I intend to design into Altera a way for people to do precisely this, buy their own homes, many far sooner than they would have ever believed possible. Not only does this fulfill my belief in the importance of owning homes, but I also believe those people who own homes in Altera in say, the first ten years of our existence, will hugely benefit from those purchases as property values in Altera skyrocket once the world sees what we are building there. Wouldn't it be great to see our first pioneers amply rewarded for their early commitment to our new nation?

The second and more pressing issue regarding home buying occurs from the moment our first citizens step foot on Alteran soil. How do newly arrived citizens buy homes if we do not yet have big banks, and loan processes, and housing developments, and models from which to choose, and realtors to show them around? It will take many supporters of our movement to design and construct this single project. We will require members with experience in banking, architecture and design, home loans, global credit, pre-approval procedures, housing options, construction, photographers and videographers, graphic map designers, computer programming, web designers, and project managers. The good news is we can design our entire process here, in the Interim. Then the moment we obtain our actual locale, while some of our members are out walking off surveys, laying down flags, and spray-painting little orange lines across the terrain, a second team of our members can begin taking orders for new homes. If not even sooner. The power and efficiency of extreme organization.

Official Documents Design Team

These guys will be responsible for putting together all we will need for citizen ID's, passports, all official government documents, etc., which will be required to run our nation. This project group will be tasked with using the info gathered by our aides from all over the world, combined with other project groups such as our graphics designers, city managers, and government experts, to recommend design and function in everything we do.

Our Codes

Most people don't give it much thought, but the civilized world is essentially run by one type of code or another, regulating everything from standards on machines and equipment to foods and medicines to legal codes affecting how people act on a day to day basis. As the project matures, and before we actually put people on the ground in Altera, we will need to attend to the mundane, but necessary, creation of our own codes. This includes such things as a penal code (our laws), city ordinances, tax codes, construction codes, business codes, zoning codes, etc cetera.

My initial intention is to use existing codes in first world nations on which to base our own codes, removing the need to create these often minutely detailed documents from scratch. For example, being a retired law enforcement officer from California, I am familiar with the California Penal Code. Since California is generally a forward-thinking state the codes are detailed and thorough. From these base codes we can customize our own codes to suit our own government, philosophy, and circumstances. This not only lessens our workload in many areas, but with specialists of our own in every area imaginable, allows our people to work with already familiar codes and guidelines. The same will hold true in other areas such as police patrol operations, emergency services operations, postal operations, construction inspection and permits processes, food and drug requirements, on and on.

Our Education System

I intend to completely redesign and bring into the 21st century the world's idea of 'grade school' in regard to what most countries call kindergarten to 12th grade. This will begin by bringing together all of our own educators and teachers to hash out the basic design, based on what most schools incorporate today, from which we will then adapt our own new curriculum ideas. These new ideas will begin with me, a document already a hundred pages long, but will also come from our parents, our think-tank, and our members. We're even going to redesign the way our schools are physically constructed, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, security for our young people, in guaranteeing our children are not only safe every moment they are out of parental sight, but receive the absolute most effective educations in the world. This will be another area where I am confident in ten years time Altera will become a model for the entire planet.

There's little need to bother you with details here, but understand, nearly ANYONE can help in this area if you so choose. No matter how old you are, no matter where you live, no matter what your station in life, at some point you have raised children, engaged teachers, and/or attended some type of school. I would imagine every person in existence can come up with at least a few ideas on how we can make our education system safer, more efficient, more effective, more engaging, more enjoyable, more everything. Offer your services, respond to questions seeking your input, help us to leverage your experience. I'll wager my reputation here and now you're going to be blown away by the future products of our early efforts.

Our Medical/Healthcare System

Hospitals are busy, they are slow, they are ineffective. They can be frustrating, they can be willfully damaging, and they can be dangerous. Like our educational system, since we have to build it all from scratch anyway, we 're going to redesign the entire hospital experience from the ground up in the Alteran way. This includes futuristic and ultra efficient hospital design and construction, to advanced patient handling and tracking systems (ie. formless visits based on our Citizen Boondoggle), to specialized medical evaluation processes, to maximum speed and efficiency in all manner of services. What makes me think we can do all this when the rest of the hospitals in the world don't do it? It's not that hospitals are incapable of completely upgrading medical practices, it's just these things cost money, and take time, and call for resolve, and must navigate political structures. They don't do it because it takes effort--we're going to show the entire world what can be accomplished with a little hardcore effort.

We will also in time incorporate state-of-the-art technology from updated Lifeflight and ambulance systems to incorporating use of advanced emergency technology response and transport systems (ie. medical drones). I believe in the end we can achieve reasonable blanket healthcare for our entire nation by using ultra-efficient and well-managed systems from the very start to keep our costs down. In addition to this, we will make special deals (nation-size deals) with large pharmaceutical companies, with medical equipment suppliers, with advanced technology companies, to further reduce both our operating costs and expenses for our citizens, while simultaneously increasing the quality of care they receive, as opposed to watching their healthcare and coverage grow gradually worse year by year.

You can see, planning everything which will be required for our new health and medical systems, here, now, during the Interim period, will require the assistance of our members in every area imaginable from architects, engineers, and construction contractors, to medical professionals, medical equipment specialists, interior design experts, computer programmers, software developers, to data-processing and clerical staff. The list goes on an on, and like redesigning out education system nearly every member in our movement should be able to contribute in some way, even if it's just an idea on how to improve on a simple visit to the emergency room. You have life experience to draw on, yes? Then quit thinking you can't help and get involved. We will want to hear your opinions, your suggestions, your complaints, your input, so we can create the best medical system a nation can provide, first for our own citizens, and then, in the Alteran way, to the benefit of the entire world.

Design of our Retirement Security System

Like our medical healthcare system we will design our entire retirement security system from scratch, improving on the current 'social security' programs of the world in any way possible. Also like our medical system design this will require experts in all manner of related fields, which for example might include experts from government social programs, city managers and accountants, to those knowledgeable in the construction and operation of entire retirement communities, to come forth early, during the Interim process, in order that our system be completely designed before we ever step foot in Altera.

Our National Insurance Programs (non-healthcare)

I believe the area of insurance, a staple financial provision in most people's lives, gives us an opportunity if we choose to view it as such. Instead of wasting our efforts in recruiting large corporations to cover our citizen's individual insurance requirements with home, auto, life, and unemployment insurance, we instead create our own insurance industry. This not only allows our fledgling nation to operate as a profitable business, but also allows direct control over how our people are treated, what options they have, what rates they most pay, what security they are provided. Instead of getting insurance through a half dozen different companies our people can handle it all in one place (if they choose). We will of course bring in large corporations as well if they are capable of making citizens costs more competitive, since that would be a good thing for our people as well. The point is, we should not shy away from leveraging every opportunity we have to benefit of both our village and our people.

Design of our insurance industry is another area where we can development the entire program in advance during the Interim period, so we can put it into effect the moment our citizens begin arriving on Alteran soil. To begin developing our own program we will require, here and now, experts in all manner of related fields from agents, actuaries, brokers and claims adjusters, to service representatives, accounting, and loss control experts. There's a reason large insurance companies become large insurance companies. This is a very profitable commercial business, and I don't see why our village and citizens should not be the beneficiaries of that profitability, not a bunch of stock holders in some other nation.

Our Postal System

Most of us in advanced nations have given little thought to all that goes into delivering the mail we receive in our home's mailbox each morning, or take for granted how easy we can drop off a package at a local post office and have it delivered anywhere in the world in a matter of days. How many of us have ever even taken a moment to consider the immense logistics necessary to run such a massive endeavor?

Every civilized nation in the world requires a sophisticated postal system, and we will be no exception. In the early days we will need some type of primitive system in place to allow our first people on the ground in Altera to receive packages and keep contact with family and friends. Later, once citizens begin pouring into our country, we will need to already have in place our formal postal system. Maybe more importantly, the U.S. Postal System is a confused mess on most days, and claim they can neither be efficient, nor profitable, despite postal costs rising nearly every year. In the case of Altera, since we're designing our system from scratch, we should again, like everything else we do, take this opportunity to learn from the mistakes and problems in other countries (including the U.S.), in order to design our system to be more efficient and cost effective from the moment it begins operations.

That process, that design, begins here and now, in the Interim period, and will require the help of our members who have any type of experience in postal systems from simple mail delivery to national transport, collation processes, technical expertise, machine knowledge, et cetera. Like many other areas of focus above nearly any one of our members can contribute to this project just by virtue of having individual experience in dealing with the postal systems of the world. Have you ever had a complaint about your postal service? Give some thought as to how you would have remedied your own complaint had you had the power to do so and pass that information to our project managers for consideration. This is how you improve upon existing constructs, by identifying and overcoming existing issues. That's the power of our people, whether an expert in any particular area or not, in improving our own systems in any way possible far in advance of the day when they might actually affect us.

Can we create a profitable postal system? While I do typically seek areas where we can both improve our systems and see our coffers profit, in this particular case, commercial profit does not sound as important to me as guaranteeing we create a self-supporting system focused on efficiency and speed which positively serves our new citizens.

Citizen Investment Programs

Altera will be a nation, a village, which despite my very clear declaration will not champion all manner of individual rights over the well-being of the village, will truly stand for the benefit of its citizens. Isn't that the whole idea for a village, to create a secure, productive, and prosperous citizen body? This is in opposition to most governments today, who claim to stand 'for the people', but their actions demonstrate their leaders stand for nothing more than remaining in power and pushing hidden agendas, both time and resource-wasting efforts. I still have difficulty deciphering why these people have such a problem with the wealthy, or the powerful men and women in the private sector who literally built the modern world, and continue building it to this day. Wealth is typically a reward for hard work. Attacking wealth and work ethic, especially those supporting the vast majority of our underlying economy, is socialist at best, and destructive at worst. I don't personally have the need for great wealth, but ideally, I'd like to see every citizen in Altera become wealthy, and be rewarded not only for their own risk and hard work, but for being part of what will one day be the greatest nation on earth. Why wouldn't every other nation and people wish the same for their citizens?

As part of my vision to give our citizens exclusive financial opportunities we will develop a program where our citizens may invest directly into actual businesses, tourist attractions, and corporations, similar to the 'crowdfunding' models which have recently become popular investment opportunities for the average citizen. I've already spoken about this in other places in the website/book, so I won't bother with details here, but the concept not only gives our people a chance to invest at all levels, and to be rewarded at all levels, but it also provides our nation-builders with another immediate source of funds when constructing businesses and attractions which will be required to draw tourists to our nation at specific points in time. Dual conceptual benefits, the Alteran way.

We will need to design, test, and perfect these new investment applications to have them ready for use when the time arrives. Among other things, this includes conducting extensive research, developing related software, arranging related financial services, and preparing extensive documentation. You don't have to be a financial expert to assist in this project. Literally every person in our membership can lend input, suggestions, requests, and ideas. Get involved--it's literally for your future benefit.

Projects to Create Immediate Income

I have already compounded a small list of projects outside of normal fundraising concepts which I believe we can use to create immediate income for our coffers. A few examples would be using our website to raise money through advertising, with product placement in our interviews with the media as we grow larger, and by creating actual business entities such as our own software companies and news service. I believe once we have reached a substantial membership ideas like these will come pouring forth from our members. By establishing money-making projects here and now, in the Interim period, we begin supplementing donations to our coffers. As our coffer grow, so does our financial strength, our options, our credibility. Though in the interest of protecting potential business secrets I can't go into more detail here this is a very exciting area which will require the assistance of a large group of our members to make these projects a reality.

Projects to Create Diplomatic Opportunities

I believe all intelligent people on the planet should be somehow contributing to the benefit of mankind and the world. Altera, as a nation filled with intelligent people, will have a duty, at a government level, to pursue this world-improving mentality. I believe a demonstration of Alteran goodwill can begin here, in the Interim, in casting ourselves directly into not world politics, but into world assistance. Using only the power of our membership as we grow larger I believe we can establish entities such as our own:

The efforts of these types of diplomatic entities, which can range across the entire spectrum of professional expertise, will not be intended to help the United States authorities, who already possess high-quality services, but rather to help foreign nations who lack effectiveness in any given area. We will bring our experts together and at our own expense design our own programs, train our own people, then offer our services to nations in need. Alteran services. Not only will this allow us to help people and governments in need, but it will also create political goodwill and diplomatic contacts throughout the world, as well as provide another way to publicly demonstrate the new nation of Altera will be nothing short of a positive influence in the world.

Program: 'Minds Over Misery'

Advanced professional services are just one way we can establish diplomatic relations while also providing assistance to the world. Goodwill services is another, particularly if those services are provided to a potential future neighboring country. I believe using the same type of financial benefactor concept as above we can soon establish at least one team of Alteran representatives to begin assisting the world's less fortunate people even before we are a physical nation. For example, I'd like to send diplomatic teams to help third world villages develop clean water access, and effective sanitation facilities, and proper waste disposal. Notice I specifically did not say 'build' those things.

We've watched liberals building literally everything possible for locals living under distressed conditions and yet to this day these peoples continue to live in day-to-day squalor. Alterans will help people learn to take care of themselves, not only while we're there, but long after we're gone, by using our minds to help them develop their minds. We'll teach them how to lift themselves from poverty, giving them more incentive in maintaining their new levels of prosperity once we're gone. Do you remember your parents offering to pay half of something you desired as a young person? It is the same concept--to get a person vested in their new property. Human nature. When people who don't currently strive to improve their own lives and have everything handed to them they take it for granted, they exhaust their new resources, and they end up right back where they began; just as we're seeing in the United States today. Liberals, particularly the ones who focus on Africa, go on providing this type of support decade after decade because liberals aren't actually trying to fix the world. Liberals are trying to make themselves feel better about themselves, or to look better in the eyes of their peers. If they were actually trying to fix the problem then the tens of billions of dollars already invested in third world nations would have left the world in a lot better shape.

Program: Feeding the poor, here and abroad

In designing this project over the last several years I have spent much time examining why modern nations have homeless and hungry people of any kind. Continually shaking my head and muttering to myself, "There should be no such thing as hunger in today's world," I suddenly fell on an idea to assist the poor all across the world in providing food to their families. This idea, which I will keep to myself for now, would be an ideal project for our members during the Interim, to not only garner public favor for our new people, but to actually give something positive to our current nation, and perhaps the entire world, before we're even an official entity. If this sounds like something to which you would like to contribute we can use all the help we can get. I'll provide more details in the early newsletters.

Why would we use our own resources to help others when we have not yet guaranteed our own financial security?

I don't believe we will need to. I believe we can find wealthy philanthropists, including moderate liberal philanthropists, who though they may not agree with our conservative personal philosophy, might still be willing to financially support our efforts if our efforts are proven to be effective and meet with their own end goals--which is to help people in need, just as I would reserve judgment on their political ideals if it is in the interest of helping others truly in need. Perhaps better, the new administration in Washington might actually agree with me that it is much better to teach people how to take care of themselves than to shower them with temporary fixes. If so, perhaps our new government would be willing to direct some of the yearly aid we provide these nations directly through Alteran organizations.

In any case, we will need our people to search out these opportunities and special donors, to identify circumstances around the world where we can help right now, to plan logistics, to set up travel, to arrange contacts, to scout locations, to act as consultants, to organize locals to act, to educate locals, to arrange transport and import, to arrange materials, and so on.

Why would we go to this much trouble when we're still trying to build our own third world nation?

First, it will demonstrate to the world for what a new Altera will stand, self-dependence and self-responsibility, as well as demonstrate how to go about helping others in the most effective ways possible. Second, to develop goodwill among the other nations of the world, both those in need and those wealthy nations currently throwing away billions of dollars in aid while providing no more than temporary fixes.

Won't we be taking away from our own collective of nation-builders?

The people who will be interested in pursuing this type of activity, the 'bleeding hearts' among our members, will be far more likely to step forward in this type of role, as opposed to pushing our own agenda into the future. Why? Again, human nature. This is okay--even if our members are not actually working to build a new Altera, they are still contributing to the success of our efforts by involving themselves in these types of humanitarian efforts on behalf of Altera. Our membership will possess all different types of personalities, of philosophies on life, of ideological perceptions. They will all have different skills, different desires, different ways in which they can help the project. It's not necessary we all agree on precisely how that help should manifest itself, as long as we're all working toward the same end goal. Though I would not consider myself a 'bleeding heart' there is still something inside me that says we should always try to help those less fortunate than ourselves. The key is in doing so in our own way, and in using our own strengths, and in this case, in a manner which will simultaneously support both Altera and less fortunate people around the world.

On a side note: Let me clarify my statement above about helping others who are less fortunate so as not to be misunderstood. I am not referring to people who have less stuff than me. I am not referring to people who have less money than me. I am not referring to any type of 'inequality' among men or women or gays or one race or another. I am not referring to people who require help because they are lazy, or want things for free, or choose to be homeless, or feel it's okay to criminally prey on others to support themselves, or feel they are somehow deserved of financial and/or material support by their mere presence on the planet. My sympathies are for people born less fortunate, and cursed by nature, not in material wealth, but in physical and mental capacities, which I believe is the primary reason for perpetual poverty throughout the world. Anyone who truly believes we are all created equal lives in self-delusion. My beliefs are in helping people incapable of improving their own circumstances in life without some type of catalyst or intervention. It's not about taking money from the rich and handing it to the poor. It's about teaching the poor simple ways to improve upon their quality of life, to be responsible for themselves, to promote the idea that things can be better if they choose to make them better, to demonstrate dreams can come true, that life does not have to be hard and treacherous, that predators don't have to be accepted as part of society. Simple ideas and concepts most of us in the United States grasp early in life and take for granted. It's about enlightening and lifting up people who likely don't realize they can help themselves to a better quality of life, regardless of their current conditions. It has nothing to do with 'inequality', which is based solely on irrational and dangerous liberal logic.

How can you help now?

I had written an entire section on this question, broken down into a seemingly million ways any one individual can help our cause from the moment we go critical, but found it so full of obvious answers I decided it was better to discuss specifics in our newsletter and discussion forums at the different stages where different types of actions will become necessary. By compartmentalizing our tasks into individual phases/modules it will not only be less intimidating to view the big picture, it will also be easier for our members to see the overall plan as it unfolds.

Though I will likely address one or more phases with each new newsletter, I can give you an idea here of our early needs. Phase one will contain those tasks and people we will need right from the start as we begin to organize our efforts.

*** I intend on initiating our project with a test period to gauge public interest as I attempt to spread the word on my own. If you'd like to just jump right in and get involved now drop me a note at Mail@AlteraProject.Org, or Direct Message me on Twitter @AlteraProject. Be patient in waiting for a response as I also have personal issues which need to be dealt with before we go critical in order to later devote myself entirely to the Project.

Early tasks we will need to accomplish:

Misc. immediate needs:

I'd like to stress that you don't need to have expertise in a particular area in order to become involved in a project group in that area. I learned a long time ago that people having actual interest in a particular task are far more valuable and productive than uninspired people possessing expertise where they have no interest in leveraging that expertise. Intelligent people can always contribute, even on things they don't currently understand. Don't be shy; no one is going to grade your contributions.

Why I can't show you everything ...

It’s important to note we’re talking here about building a real, legitimate nation, not some ‘micronation’ on a ranch in Montana or Utah or Texas. This means that like a normal government we must maintain confidentiality in many areas, we must maintain trade secrets, we must keep some information close to the vest, we must not declare our entire plan publicly, et cetera. This is not because we will be building a secretive society, or because we can’t trust the U.S. government, it is because the success, or the effectiveness, or the requirements for everything we do can and will be affected by how that information is disseminated. Here are a few basic examples in different areas:

As you can now see, though I’m sitting at this moment surrounded by stacks of notebooks outlining in detail every aspect of how I intend to go forward with this project, including major international diplomatic actions, making too much of that data public in order to build excitement in potential members, damages us in many ways. This means at some point I will need you to give your trust, to make an evaluation of me based on what I have already presented to you, and to rely on what your instincts tell you about whether or not I am who I claim to be. In the end, it’s important our members buy-in to the premise, at some point accept my claims of being capable of making this happen, then maintain those beliefs until you have actual reason to believe otherwise. It’s critical we move as a group, plan as a group, support one another as a group, and push forward as a group. If this project is to succeed we must all be in for the long haul, we must all believe in the dream, we must be completely dedicated to its success, and once we get rolling we can’t continually stop to question ourselves or our motivation, despite what the outside world believes, or what is published in a biased 'news' media. You must buy-in fully, and maintain your resolve until given actual reason to believe it can not be done. Imagine the strength of our capabilities if we all grasp this simple concept, and we all dedicate to one another in our beliefs. There can be no stopping us.

Conclusions on 'The Interim'

Can you see the 'Interim' concept? Our nation will not be born on some unknown future date after spending many unfruitful years trying to convince the world we are for real without any growing evidence to prove we are for real. Our nation must be born here, and now, displaying visible evidence of our seriousness and our growing accomplishments for all the world to see. As I stand today, writing these words, alone, and without a single committed future countryman, I have virtually no chance in obtaining the piece of land we will require to build our new nation. With you, and all those like you across the nation and world, the potential for my individual efforts rise exponentially. In the world's eyes we begin as no more than an individual dreamer, which will then become a silly group of anonymous dreamers, until our numbers reach a point where people must take notice. It's during the Interim where this must happen.

This stage of our project, where we may seem silly and appear to be nothing more than another political group of disgruntled citizens with an impossible dream, must be traversed. There's no way to avoid passing through this early, potentially embarrassing stage--it must be done--and there must be those of us willing to make the stand here and now to show the seriousness of our efforts. Understand, we must be one dozen strong before we can be one hundred strong. We must be one hundred strong before we can be one thousand strong. We must be one thousand strong before we can be tens of thousands strong, or hundreds of thousands strong. It must begin with the few, here and now.

Once our movement takes hold the 'embarrassment' factor will evaporate, to be replaced by pride and patriotism, as future members seek to join us, to line up and proudly show their involvement with our movement as forward-thinking human beings. As our numbers grow, and our Interim tasks begin to take shape, we will become the subject of newspaper articles asking if it's possible, of social-media discussions arousing interest. We will eventually gain the support and involvement of former world leaders, of like-minded media personalities and celebrities, of people who matter to society in substance and in thought. Foreign diplomats, always alert to changes in a host nation's equilibrium, will take notice, recognizing this might not be just another attempt at some 'micronation'. They'll send letters home to their leaders--shall we help these people? Can we benefit in the future from assisting them now? Global leaders will begin discussing our potential, our aims, our politics, on the world stage, asking themselves if they can assist in helping these free thinkers find a physical home.

And the answer is, of course they can, if we only demonstrate we are worthy.

We, as a movement, are viable the moment we can prove we are viable, and we need nothing more than the strength of our own people to prove viability. By acting now, in the Interim, by developing now, by building now, with each new member, with each new asset, with each new positive contribution to the world, we become more viable as an actual, budding, legitimate, future nation, and the world will take notice. With thousands, or tens of thousands, or a hundred thousand members we become a force which can not be ignored. With greater numbers and visible accomplishments we become not just viable, but credible. There is no longer a risk to the reputation of astute world leaders in publicly supporting us, in communicating with us, in recognizing our legitimacy, in viewing us favorably, in acknowledging we may indeed be capable of accomplishing something the rest of the world believes impossible. The politician's of other nations, in conversations regarding Altera, will evolve from whispered mocking in local coffee shops to viable discussions in the halls of power on the benefits of assisting a new and developing nation. There is strength in moving forward in the here and now. We must not only push our movement forward, but we must act now.

You can also see, with only a sampling of all there is to consider, we have much to do. It’s important our members, particularly our future prospective citizens, contribute in any way they can, and at any point they can in their current lives. You have seen above a list of many things that need to be addressed.

While it may seem like a lot, what you see here is only a partial list of the tasks required to make the dream a complete success. Do you have skills or expertise I have not yet touched on? Of course you do. There is just no question whatever skill set you possess, whatever experience you have, whatever expertise you have developed over the years, it can be brought to bear in helping us to succeed. Are you a retired FBI or Secret Service Agent, homicide detective, nuclear power expert, power grid worker, or a cellular communications engineer? Guess who needs all those things? A new nation. Are you a fashion designer, a speechwriter, a computer graphics artist, an Internet news blogger, a public spokesperson, a social-media expert, a trash collector, a cable-TV repairman? Guess who needs all those things? A new nation. Get the idea? It just doesn't matter what you do now, what you're good at, where your expertise lies, or what types of experience you possess, I guarantee we can take advantage of it in some way to benefit our new nation.

This project will take the collective effort of all our members to make it a success, but you see, that’s the entire point. I’m not going to build this thing alone—we’re going to build it together, all of us, and in doing so allow ourselves to build precisely the world we wish to live in. This is what guarantees we will end up with all that we dream. If we can’t make our own dreams come true, precisely how we dream them, then what is the point in life?